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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1905

Antioch News5 October 1905
George Safford of Bowmanville spent Sunday at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Adams visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. Pantall.

Mr. A. W. Safford has his brother visiting with him.

Miss K. L. Smith of Waukegan who has been quite sick is again able to be up.

Mrs. Jesse Denman and her sister, Miss Kealy of Lincoln, Ill., are visiting with their son and nephew, Mr. C. E. Denman.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Denman and two children of Ravenswood visited over Sunday with Mr. C. E. Denman and and family.

Mr. LeVoy returned home last Wednesday after a months visit with relatives at Belvidere.

The C. E. Business meeting will be held at the home of Mr. David White on Friday evening, Oct. 6.

A few of the young people surprised Leslie Bonner on his eighteenth birthday, Saturday evening, September 30.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 8 October 1905
Mr. Safford was a Chicago visitor last week.

Miss Carrie Bater is visiting in Chicago.

Miss Lennie VeNeil, of Chicago, was here last week visiting with A. H. Stewart.

E. P. Dodge visited over Sunday with his daughter in Rochester, Wis.

Clarence Bock has gone on a trip to Canada.

The C. E. society elected the following officers, at the business meeting last Friday evening: President, Jesse Denman; Vice President, Alice Dodge. Secretary, Lucy Spafford; treasurer, Vivien Bonner; organists, Vera Worden and Lucy Spafford.

Miss Belle Watson's sister, of Chicago is here visiting.

Mr. and Mrs. Denman drove to Wauconda last Monday.

On Thursday, October 5, occurred the marriage of Mr. James Thom, of Millburn to Miss Blanche Yule, of Sommers, Wis.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 9 October 1905
George Safford, of Bowmanville, spent Sunday at home with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Denman and children of Ravenswood, were visiting at C. E. Denman's last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Safford, of Chicago, are visiting their brother, Rev. A. W. Safford.

Mr. and Mrs. Adams spent last Sunday at Mr. Richard Pantall's.

Mr. LeVay has returned home.

The C. E. business meeting will be held at Mr. David White's, Loon Lake, on Friday evening Oct. 6. The officers for the coming six months were elected at this meeting.

Antioch News12 October 1905
Miss Carrie Bater is visiting in Chicago.

Miss Lennie VeNell of Chicago spent a week with Mrs. A. H. Stewart.

Miss Cora Hook spent a few days with her cousin, Ethel McGuire.

Miss Bell Watson's sister of Chicago is visiting with her.

Mr. and Mrs. Westlake of Antioch were here Sunday.

Mr. Safford was a Chicago visitor last week.

Rev. George Mitchell of Oak Park spent last Saturday at Eugene Clark's.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark are moving on the K. L. Smith farm.

Clarence Bock has gone on a trip to Canada.

At the C. E. business meeting last Friday evening the following officers were elected: President, Jesse Denman; Vice President, Alice Dodge; Secretary, Lucy Spafford; Treasurer, Vivian Bonner; Organists, Vera Worden and Lucy Spafford.

Antioch News19 October 1905
L. J. White was home over Sunday.

Clarence Bock has returned from his trip to Canada.

Miss Ethel McGuire was a Chicago visitor this week.

Mr. Clarence Bonner of Peoria is home on a two weeks vacation.

Fred Trotter of Evanston spent a few days at Alfred Bain's recently.

Mrs. E. Lawrence will return on Friday to Tabor, Iowa, to spend the winter.

Mrs. C. E. Denman and Minetta Denman were Chicago visitors Turesday.

C. T. Heydecker of Waukegan attended the Masonic meeting here last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bairstow of Wheaton spent a few days at John Bonner's the latter part of the week.

Mr. Pratt and a party of friends from Evanston were here on a hunting trip this week.

Mrs. Bater, Carrie Bater, Nellie McDougal and A. W. Spafford attended the Sunday School convention at Highland Park last week.

Antioch News26 October 1905
On the first day of November 1905, at the old John Strang farm just east of the village of Millburn the following described property: 4 cows with calves, 6 soon to be new milch cows, 13 milking cows, 11 steers coming 3, 7 heifers coming 3, 1 short horn bull calf, 13 spring calves, 1 8-year old draft horse, 2 sows with pigs, 4 hogs 1-year old, 12 spring pigs, 17 acres corn in shock, 26 bushels of wheat, about 700 bushels of oats, 1 standard scale, 1 hay fork and rope, 1 light double harness, 1 single harness, 1 runabout buggy, 1 buggy pole, 1 heating stove, 1 cook stove, 1 light robe, and one heavy robe. Sale begins at 10:00 sharp. Usual terms.
George A. Mitchell, prop.
Geo. Vogel, auctioneer.

Listen for wedding bells this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thom have returned from their visit out west.

George Gerrity was a Chicago visitor Saturday.

Mrs. E. Lawrence left last Friday to spend the winter in Iowa.

Miss Pearl Cleveland has gone to Rochester to attend school.

Mrs. Jamieson and Vida were Chicago visitors Saturday.

C. E. Topic, Foreign mission work of our denomination. Glara Spafford, leader.

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Tower attended the funeral of Mrs. G. P. Rose of Warren last Sunday.

Misses Alice Dodge and Vera Worden attended the wedding of their cousin Harold Minto at Union Grove, Wis.

Mrs. J. A. Strang has gone to visit with Mrs. Anderson in Kansas. She will return in about two weeks accompanied by Mrs. Geo. Strang who is there now.

The Millburn Missionary society was invited to the home of the president Miss Nellie McDougal on Wednesday afternoon, this was a scotch meeting and a scotch supper was served.

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