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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1905

Antioch News7 September 1905
Arthur Miller spent a few days with Wm. White this week.

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Kimball returned from the east last Thursday evening.

The C. E. business meeting will be at Eugene Clark's on Friday evening, Sept. 8.

Miss Emma White of Michigan has been visiting with her cousin, Alice Dodge.

Mrs. A. H. Stewart has been entertaining her niece from Chicago for a week.

Miss Mabel Bonner started to school in Gurnee last week.

Simeon Ames left last Thursday for Nebraska where he intends to spend the winter.

Mr. Charlie Humphrey's mother was buried in the Millburn cemetery last Saturday, Sept. 2.

Ed Martin took his little niece to Denver, Col., last week, returning the same week.

Miss Ruby Hughes and brother Alex. Hughes have been here visiting relatives for a few days.

Whitlock and Olive Johnson of Chicago rode out in an auto Saturday to call on the Trotters and their brother Kepler Johnson.

Mrs. Wm. Mitchell and son of Waukegan came out Thursday to spend a week with her mother.

Mr. Kepler Johnson and his friend Thos. Vent of Chicago spent a few days here this week.

An Ordinance Regulating the Use
and Speed of Automobiles
in the Village of Antioch.
Be it ordained by the President and Board of Trustees of the Village of Antioch, Lake County, Illinois:
Section 1. No automobile, auto car, locomobile or other vehicle propelled by power other than animal or muscular shall be driven along, through, upon or across any street, alley, highway or other public place at a rate of speed exceeding ten (10) miles per hour, within the village of Antioch.
Section 2. Upon meeting any vehicle propelled by animal power, within the corporate limits of the Village of Antioch, the operator or person in charge of any of the vehicles mentioned in Section 1 thereof, shall always turn to the right, and observe the rules of the road as laid down for other vehicles; provided that when it shall appear that any horse or horses, driven or ridden by any person upon any of the streets, alleys, highway or public places as aforesaid, is or are about to become frightened by the approach of any automobile or other vehicle mentioned in Section 1 thereof, it shall be the duty of the persons driving or conducting or being in charge thereof to cause the same to come to a full stop until such horse or horses have passed.
Section 3. Any person or persons violating any of the provisions of this ordinance, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than three dollars ($3.00) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each offense.
Section 4. This ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage and publication.
Passed Sept. 5, A. D. 1905.
Approved Sept. 5, A. D. 1905
Published Sept. 7 A. D. 1905.
Ernest L. Simons, President
Attest: L. M. Hughes, Clerk

Antioch News14 September 1905
Many from here attended the Lake Co. Fair last Thursday and Friday.

Miss Foot entertained her friend, Miss Mayball, for a few days.

Elmer Cannon's mother returned to Antioch last week.

Mrs. Gerrity, of Waukegan, spent a few days with her son George Gerrity.

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rosback and two children returned to Evanston last Monday.

Mrs. Wm. Mitchell and son returned home last week.

Rev. and Mrs. George Mitchell and two children returned to Oak Park last week.

Miss Ethel Ames is visiting with her aunt in Milwaukee.

Miss Edith Van Alstine began teaching Monday at the Hockaday school.

Victor Strang has been entertaining his cousin, Frank Yule, of Somers, Wis.

C.E. topic, Sept. 17--"The Great Surrender". Leslie Cannon, leader.

Miss Vivien Bonner began teaching at the Dodge school Monday, and Vera Worden at the Sand Lake school.

Miss Marie Popp, who has been visiting a few weeks with Mrs. Gerrity, returned home Sunday.

Leslie Cannon, Ole Cleveland, Rubie Cleveland and Helen Safford started last Tuesday to attend school in Rochester, Wis.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 18 September 1905
Miss Foote entertained her friend Miss Mayball for a few days this week.

Ole Cleveland, Leslie Cannon, Earl Crawford, Ruby Cleveland and Helen Safford started to school in Rochester last week.

Miss Marie Popp who has been visiting with Mrs. Geo. Gerrity for a few weeks returned home Sunday.

Miss Carrie Bater has gone to Chicago for a week's visit.

Ethel Ames is visiting with her aunt in Milwaukee.

Frank Yule, of Somers, Wis., has been visiting with his cousin, Victor Strang.

Miss Vivien Bonner began teaching at the Dodge School Monday and Vera Worden began teaching at the Sand Lake school.

Miss Edith Vanalstine is teaching at the Hockaday school

Wm. Finley returned to his home in Lake Forest last Sunday.

Elmer Cannon's mother returned to Antioch last week.

J. H. Bonner went to the hospital in Chicago last Wednesday and he had an operation for a growth on his neck. He returned Saturday.

Antioch News21 September 1905
Miss Carrie Bater has been spending a week in Chicago.

Mrs. Brigham, of Chicago, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Pantall.

Mrs. Richard Pantall is entertaining her brother, Mr. Galloway, of Missouri.

Mrs. Gerrity returned home last Wednesday.

Miss Annie McCredie is teaching school at Deerfield.

Mr. David Young's sister, Mrs. Smith, of Chicago, has been visiting here.

Miss K. L. Smith, of Waukegan, formerly of this place, has been very sick. She is now reported some better.

C. E. topic, Sept. 24--The home mission work of our denomination. Margaret White, leader.

The Cider Mill is ready to receive your apples to be made into cider. A few barrels on hand for customers. W. Palmer.

Antioch News28 September 1905
For Sale
65 to 70 cords of wood, racked up in cord-wood piles, situated on the Spring Valley farm near Wadsworth, Ill. For price and particulars address or call on O. A. Nelsen, Wadsworth, Ill., care Spring Valley farm.

Clarence Bonner was home from Peoria for a few days this week.

Miss K. L. Smith, of Waukegan, is getting along nicely.

Mrs. A. E. Stewart went to Highland Park Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman spent Saturday and Sunday in Highland Park.

Mrs. Geo. Dodge's mother, Mrs. Harris, returned to her home last Thursday.

Mr. Starkweather, of Rockford, is here again.

Mr. Low, of Waukegan, was here last week visiting with friends.

Miss Carrie Bater has returned from her visit to Chicago.

Miss Emma White of Michigan, is visiting with her uncle William White.

Mrs. Esty, of Lamb's Corners, spent last week with her daughter, Mrs. William McGuire.

C. E. topic, Oct. 1--"The Joys of Church Membership." To be led by lookout committee.

William, Gordon and Leslie Bonner and Jessie Denman attended the Walworth county fair at Elkhorn, Wis., last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Harris and son Harold drove to Geneva, Wis., last Wednesday to visit with Mrs. Harris' father. They went to the Elkhorn fair and returned home Saturday.

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