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Newspaper Clippings for
April, 1905

Antioch News6 April 1905
The annual township election held at the village hall on Tuesday was not largely attended, there being no opposition no doubt accounted for the light vote polled, still it was larger than a year ago at which time there being only 46 votes cast, while this year there were 55:
For Supervisor--E. L. Simons, 53.
For Clerk--W. S. Rinear, 54.
For Assessor--Herman Bock, 53.
For Collector--P. Dibble, 53.
For Commissioner of Highways--Alex. McDougall, 53.
For Justices of the Peace--J. C. James, Jr., 52; B. Overton, 52.
For Constables--Frank Hooper, 52; Will Hucker, 52.

Bruce Stephens was home from Waukegan over Sunday.

Robert Jamieson, of Chicago, has been visiting at home.

James Thom was home last week for his spring vacation.

Mrs. Mary Yule has returned to her daughter, Mrs. Gerry, of Waukegan.

Mrs. H. B. Tower came home last Friday.

The funeral of Mrs. William Van Patten was last Tuesday, interment at Kenosha.

The C. E. business meeting will meet Mrs. Bater on Friday evening, April 7.

Mr. Leslie Cannon has been visiting with Mrs. Bater.

The regular monthly missionary meeting will be at Mrs. Robert Strang's on Wednesday, April 5.

Mrs. Smith, of Waukegan, as been very sick the past week. We are glad to hear that she is better.

Clarence Bock, who went to Libertyville for a few months, is back to Millburn again.

C. E. Topic, April 9, 1905--"What does Christ's life show us about the Father?" Ralph Miller, leader.

Mr. and Mrs. Barstow and daughter Dorothy, of Wheaton, Ill., have been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner for a few days.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 6 April 1905
E. A. Martin was a Chicago visitor Monday

Leslie Cain, of New York City, spent Sunday with her aunt Mrs. Bater.

Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Bairstow, of Wheaton, Ill., spent a few days with Millburn friends and attended church on Sunday.

Mr. Wentworth returned on Monday after a ten day stay in Chicago.

School began Monday after a two weeks' vacation with Edith VanAlstyne as teacher.

B. F. Yule and force of men are at A. H. Stewart's making alterations and adding to the house he recently purchased. The next work will be the remodeling of the church.

Mrs. Mary Yule returned to her home last week, having spent the winter in Waukegan.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jamieson, of Chicago, are visiting here.

Antioch News13 April 1905
Mrs. Elizabeth Tower is very sick.

Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Shepard, of Gurnee, spent last Saturday at Wm. McGuire's.

Mr. Wheaton, of Bowmanville, spent Sunday at Saffords.

E. Gerry has bought the R. B. Griggs farm of one hundred acres.

Mrs. Will Tower was here visiting with H. B. Tower from Friday till Monday.

Mrs. Libbie Padgett has returned to her home in Indiana.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jamieson returned to Chicago this week

Mrs. A. W. Safford was a Chicago visitor Friday.

Mr. Frank Shepard has moved his family into the house on the Griggs farm.

C. E. topic April 16--"Glorifying God in our recreations." Minnetta Denman, leader.

Work began Tuesday for remodeling and repairing the church. The services will be held in Mason's Hall.

Mrs. Geo. Strang, of Marshfield is visiting with her sister Mrs. John Wedge and Mrs. George Strang.

Wm. McGuire has sold twenty acres to G. H. Harris, of Chicago. Mr. Harris will move there soon.

Mrs. Wentworth returned this week from a two week's visit with her daughter Mrs. Brown, of Chicago. Her grandson returned with her.

Last Thursday while driving into the barn with a wagon Herbert Matthew's was thrown from the wagon, his head struck the top of the barn door throwing him to the ground and breaking his collar bone and two ribs. Mr. Matthews is getting along nicely.

At the C. E. business meeting last Friday evening the following officers were elected for the ensuing six months: President, Clarence Bock; vice-president, Minnetta Denman; secretary, Lucy Spafford; treasurer, Jesse Denman, organist, Lucy Spafford.

Antioch News20 April 1905
Emma Spafford spent two days, in Chicago last week.

Mrs. John Eichinger has returned from Chicago.

Mrs. Elizabeth Tower was reported some better the first of the week.

Mrs. Safford spent Thursday and Friday in Chicago.

Mr. G. H. Harris went to Chicago last Saturday.

Mrs. Teressa Gerrity spent a few days with her son George Gerrity last week.

R. L. Hughes, of Chicago, spent Sunday at home.

Mr. Richard Trotter spent last week with relatives here.

Mrs. Richard Pantall spent last week with her daughter Mrs. Adams, of Chicago Lawn.

At the school meeting last Saturday two new directors were elected from this vicinity, G. W. Dodge, for the Dodge school and C. E. Denman for the Hockaday school.

Mr. Henry Bater and daughter, of Waukegan, spent Saturday and Sunday at Mrs. Baters and Elmer Cannon.

C. E. topic, April 23--"The power of his resurrection". Easter meeting. Mable Irving, leader.

The services were held morning and evening at the hall. There was a large attendance at both services.

The executive committee of the C. E. met with Miss Clara Safford last Friday evening.

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