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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1904

Antioch News1 September 1904
Mabel and Sadie Irving entertained their friend Miss Roll, this week.

Ralph Harris is visiting with his sisters Mrs. Geo. Dodge and Mrs. William Thom.

There was a small huricane at William Thom's a week ago.

Bear in mind the old Maid's Convention August 30.

Quite a few from Millburn attended the Soldiers' Reunion last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Lee are expected home this week.

Junior Endeavor, Saturday afternoon at three o'clock.

C. E. Topic, Sept. 4--"New Courage for New Work." Simeon Ames, leader.

Mrs. A. E. Stewart returned from Highland Park Friday to visit with her daughter, Mrs. C. E. Denman.

Miss Annie McCredie and Edith Van Alstine attended Teachers Institute this week.

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Tower visited Sunday with Mrs. and Mabelle Backus at Grange Hall Corners.

Mr. and Mrs. Zeppie, of Chicago, visited with their daughter, Mrs. George Gerrity, the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Buss, of Rochester, Wis., were down this week visiting with Mrs. Geo. Jamieson.

Mrs. Brigham, of Chicago, who has been visiting for two weeks with her aunt, Mrs. R. Pantall, returned to her home last Wednesday.

Miss Jessie Richardson will leave Thursday for Lily Lake, where she expects to make her home with Mr. Ralph Taylor. She will attend school at St. Charles.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 3 September 1904
Mr. and Mrs. John Buss, of Rochester, Wis., visited with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jamieson.

Mrs. A. E. Stewart returned from Highland Park last Friday to spend the remainder of her time with her daughter, Mrs. Denman.

Miss Jessie Richardson is to leave Thursday for Lily Lake, where she is to make her home with Ralph Taylor. She will attend school at St. Charles.

C. E. Topic. Sept. 4-New courage for new work. Simeon Ames, leader.

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Tower spent Sunday with Mrs. Backus at Grange Hall Corners.

Ralph Harris is visiting with his sisters here.

Bear in mind the Old Maids Convention, Tuesday, Aug. 30.

Miss Annie McCredie and Edith Van alstine attended the Teacher's Institute last week.

Mr. Lee is expected home this week and will fill the pulpit next Sunday.

Miss Sadie and Mabel Irving entertained their friend Miss Roll last week.

Mrs. Brigham, of Chicago, who has been visiting for two weeks with Mrs. R. Pantall, returned to her home last Wednesday.

Mrs. C. E. Denman was a Chicago visitor last Wednesday and Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sipple visited for a week with their daughter, Mrs. Geo. Gerrity.

Antioch News8 September 1904
The Millburn creamery is receiving a coat of paint.

The Dodge school opened Monday with Miss McCredie as teacher.

Mrs. Matthews has returned from a month's visit in Kenosha.

Mr. Roberts, of Chicago, is at Mr. James Jamieson's.

Ed Jamieson is visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Jamieson.

The Jolly Workers will meet with Miss Minnetta Denman, Saturday, Sept. 10.

Victor Rossback and family have returned to Evanston last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Clark spent last Thursday at Lincoln Park.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown, of Chicago, rode out to Mr. Wentworth's last Saturday.

Earl White has gone to Champaign to attend school.

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Kimball have taken rooms at A. K. Bains.

Miss Lawrence left last Wednesday for Iowa.

Mrs. Lee and Harold went to Evanston Monday. Harold will stay and go to school

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cummings and son Clarence have returned to their home in Waukegan.

The Hockaday school opened Monday, Sept. 5, with Miss Anna Dietner, of Dixon, Ill., as teacher.

Victor Strang, Mabelle Bonner and Vera Worden left this week to attend school at the Rochester Academy, Rochester, Wis.

Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Lee have returned from their summer vacation, which they spent at Frankford, Mich.

Guy and Ethel McGuire and Minnetta Denman spent last Thursday at Highland Park and Fort Sheridan.

Mrs. Adams and children from Chicago Lawn, visited with Mrs. Pantall. She returned Sunday and Mr. Pantall went with her.

On Thursday, Sept. 1, Mrs. D. B. Taylor and her daughter, Mrs. Ione Jamieson, left for their home in St. Louis. The Dr. Taylor residence will now be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stewart.

While coming home from the Fair last Thursday in the storm, John Crawford was struck by lightning and knocked from the buggy. His clothes and back were burned quite badly and he was left very weak from the shock.

John Buffam died from injuries received from accidental fall. Mr. Buffam was for many years a resident of Millburn, but of late years has been the leading painting contractor in Racine, Wis. He was 68 years of age and leaves a wife, one sister and two brothers to mourn his loss. They were all well known to the early settlers of Millburn.

Antioch News15 September 1904
John Crawford is still improving.

Miss Eichinger returned last week from a week's visit with friends in Chicago.

Miss Gussie and Hazel Thain departed this week for school at Mt. Carroll, Ill.

Ollie Cleveland has gone to Rochester to attend school.

Mr. Joe Anderson and wife, of Lake Forest, are visiting at J. H. Bonner's.

Miss Carrie Cropley will teach the Sand Lake school this year.

Guy McGuire and Jesse Denman visited with friends in Chicago last week.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stewart have moved to the Dr. Taylor residence.

Mr. M. H. Sage is about to retire from farming, Mr. Armour has rented his farm.

Mrs. C. E. Denman was a Chicago visitor last week.

Mrs. John Thain and Gussie and Hazel Thain were Chicago visitors last Tuesday.

Mabel Bonner has gone to Gurnee to school, she will stay with her Uncle, Peter Stewart.

C. E. Topic, Sept. 18--How the World is Growing Better."

Ralph McGown is attending school at the Hockaday school. He is staying at Dr. Jamieson's.

Mrs. A. E. Stewart started last Tuesday for her home in Washington, D. C., after spending the summer with her daughter, Mrs. C. E. Denman.

Last Sunday the Sunday School elected two new officers for the remainer of the year. Miss Una Minto for Superintendent and George W. Dodge as Assistant Superintendent.

Mr. Hall and daughter, of Oak Park, were out to Millburn Sunday in their automobile; they were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. and Edith Ayers, of the same place.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 17 September 1904
Ole Cleveland is attending school in Rochester.

Miss Mary Eichinger has returned from a week's visit to Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Anderson of Lake Forest are visiting at J. H. Bonner's.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stewart have moved into the Dr. Taylor residence.

Mrs. John Thain, Gussie and Hazel Thain were Chicago visitors last week.

C. E. Topic, Sept. 18-How the world is growing better.

Gussie and Hazel Thain left this week for Mt. Carrol, Ill., where they are to attend school.

Ralph McGoun is attending school at the Hockaday school, he is staying with Dr. Jamieson.

Wm. McCredie had a bee last Monday to draw lumber to build an addition to his barn. Studer's and Allen Dixon are to do the work.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 21 September 1904
Handsome Structure Formally Put into Use This Afternoon.
Rev. W. E. Toll and Rev. S. W. Chidester
Assisted in the Service.
This afternoon the formal opening and dedicatory ceremonies were held in the new Jane McAlister hospital, but they were attended by only a small number of people, one noticeable thing being the absence of men, only three being present besides the two ministers.
Rev. W. E. Toll made the introductory remarks calling upon Rev. S. W. Chidester to deliver the opening prayer.
Mr. Toll said in part: When I was requested to make a few remarks at the opening of the hospital, I asked myself if those loved ones who have passed away can see us here below and know what we are doing. I believe yes. Then how must that dear one, who made this hospital possible, feel when she sees how misfortune has followed this building and how much strife has been encountered. Let this afternoon be the beginning of a work of peace among ourselves and let us strive together to push this work along in the right way and carry onward in the only way in which success can be made of it. The right way is interpreted by some, to make, out of it all for themselves with no interest for others. By others who take up public work to work for their own glory, and the moment that glory becomes tainted to lose all interest.
There is only one right way and that is to work for the good of others. There are plenty of people in this city who can be better interested if this continued strife is ended.
Let us enter from now on with more prayer to God to sustain us in our good purpose. Peace among ourselves work while we can for good and God will bless us.
The president, Mrs. Spring, said: We are greatly indebted to Rev. Toll and Chidester, for their kind remarks and I hope we can all profit by them and make a success of our work.
About forty people were present. The fine new building presents a magnificent work and is in part furnished. One large front room has been beautifully furnished by the Presbyterian church and across the hall a similar one by Chas. Whitney. Arch McArthur has furnished another room. Rugs, tables, etc., were also donated by visitors today. The fine large reception room on the right from the main entrance presents a very attractive appearance. The large men's ward on the first floor to be furnished by Samuel Schwartz is the largest room in the building and will be fitted with ten beds and every thing complete for a men's ward.
Antioch News22 September 1904
The undersigned will sell at Public Auction on the John Rose place, one mile north of Millburn, on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 10 A. M., the following described property, to wit: Six head of cows, coming in the Spring; 1 black mare in foal, 12 years old; 1 bay mare; 1 black horse, coming, 4 years old; 1 yearling colt; 1 suckling colt; 3 brood sows; 12 pigs; 1 wagon; 1 truck wagon; 1 milk wagon; 1 top buggy; 1 road cart; 1 set bob sleighs; 1 McCormick grain binder; 1 Champion mower; 1 pulverizer; 1 seeder, nearly new; 1 hay rake; 1 hay rack; 1 spring tooth cultivator; 1 horse cultivator; 1 Good Enough sulky plow; 1 Bradly walking plow; 1 Deering corn binder; 1 set lever drags; 1 set wooden drags; 1 set double harness; 1 heavy single harness; 1 light single harness; 1 buggy pole; 6 acres corn in shock; 1 grind stone; 1 corn sheller; 1 wood rack; manure planks; 1 wheelbarrow; 4 milk cans; 3 heating stoves; 1 cook stove; ladder, watering trough, wood pump, chickens, ducks, shovels, spade, forks, and other things to numerous to mention. The usual terms will prevail. Free lunch at noon.
Ed. Gillings, Proprietor.
George Vogel, Auctioneer

Miss Alice Jamieson is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jamieson.

Ole Cleveland was home from Rochester from Friday till Sunday.

Clarence Bock returned last Friday from his trip to North Dakota.

Carrie Bater was a Chicago visitor last week.

Geo. Gerrity was a Chicago visitor Friday.

Miss Vivian Bonner has gone to DeKalb to attend school.

Mrs. Frank Lewis' brother and his wife and little child are visiting at her home.

The Jolly Workers will meet with Miss Alice Dodge, Saturday, Sept. 24.

Mr. and Mrs. George Gerrity spent Sunday with Mr. Gerrity's mother in Waukegan.

Several from here attended the Walworth County Fair at Elkhorn, Wis., last Thursday.

C. E. Topic, Sept. 25--"Cheering Facts about Missions from Japan and Korea". Ethel Ames, leader.

Mrs. Wienekie entertained her brother and his wife and niece, of Belvidere, last week.

The Christian Endeavors will give an Autumn Festival in Masons Hall, Friday evening, Sept. 30. Everybody cordially invited.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 23 September 1904
First Patient to be Sent to New Hospital Monday.
What the Furnishings of Each as Donated, Consist of.
The first patient to be taken into the new McAlister hospital will be removed there next Monday and then the new building will formally be in use. From then on other patients will be put into the new building as the accommodations are ready and in a few weeks probably all of the patients now in the old building will be installed in the new one.
The first patient is one sent there by Dr. Knight and he is to have a private room and a special nurse to attend him, it being his privilege of course to have these special accommodations.
The ladies of the hospital association are just now extremely busy putting up beds, etc., and they are getting the building into usable shape as fast as possible.
All of the single rooms have now been furnished, that is persons have promised to take them and furnish them completely.
Those who have taken the rooms to fit our are as follows:
Third floor-Miss Mary Lyon, Royal Neighbors of Gurnee, Mrs. Thos. Hoyne.
Second floor-The doctors and lawyers, Arch McArthur, Mrs. C. E. Smith, Presbyterian church, Charles Whitney.
Each of the rooms fitted out by the above individuals and societies represented by expenditure in furnish will be about $75.00 per room.
Each room is fitted out in every particular and the furnishing was done following requests from the officers as to what was needed. Each room contains, among other things, the following: Bed, commode, mattress, bedding, rubber sheet, rugs, wardrobe, 2 chairs, one rocking chair, one bed table, one stand, toilet set, dozen sheets, two dozen towels, one dozen napkins, one and a half dozen pillow slips, two pair blankets, bed spread.
Thus, each who donated the furnishings for a room, gave in substance the above articles though in some cases the donors even gave more than we asked for.
Thus, while all the single rooms have been furnished, the wards are not yet all taken so far as promises to furnished them is concerned. Samuel Swartz is to furnish one large ward while the largest ward on the third floor is yet "untaken". Some kind and generous person is being wanted for to see if he will not look after this one department.
Then there are three smaller wards yet to be furnished, two of them, however, being considered by two persons who are thinking of giving the furnishings.
While the rates for the hospital have not been formally fixed, it is thought that the rates for accommodations in the wards will not be changed much from the present which is one dollar a day.
The individual or private rooms, however, are to be somewhat higher and will be taken of course only by those who can afford better than the average accommodations. The rates from the private rooms will be from $25 down to $12.50.
At the Arcanum meeting last evening, the members voted to furnish a room at the new hospital at a cost of about $75 to be known as the Arcanum room. This action, in view of the fact that the local lodge had a hospital arrangement with the Chicago lodges in obtaining a room in a Chicago hospital when occasion requires, is considered very commendatory.
Antioch News29 September 1904
The regular monthly song service will be next Sunday evening.

Junior Endeavor Saturday Oct. 1 at 2:00 o'clock.

Miss Dale of Kenosha visited with Maybelle and Sadie Irving last week.

Mrs. R. Pantall has been visiting with her daughter Mrs. Adams of Chicago Lawn.

Bear in mind the Autumn Festival, Friday evening, Sept. 30 at Masonic hall.

Mabelle Irving will entertain the Jolly Workers Club on Saturday Oct. 8.

Miss K. L. Smith, Mr. F. T. Lee and George Gerrity were Chicago visitors last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Strang and Miss Carrie Bater are seeing the sights at the St. Louis fair.

C. E. Topic--Oct. 2, How we are in training to succeed others. Jesse Denman, leader.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 29 September 1904
Mrs. John Fulton, of Waukegan, and little son visited her mother, Mrs. James Pollock last week, returning home on Sunday.

Kittle Smith called on her sister, Mrs. Cunnings in Waukegan last Sunday.

James Smith and his sister, Rosabelle Smith, of Alexandria, Ontario, called on their cousins, Kittie Smith and Mrs. Cummings last week on their way from St. Louis.

Fred Palmer returned from the hospital after having had a successful operation for appendicitis.

Married, in Chicago, Sept., 22, 1904, Miss Edna Stewart and Mr. Alfred E. Pember of North Amherst, Ohio.

Miss Nellie McDougall entertained the ladies Missionary Society Wednesday afternoonn.

Frank Clark has bought a farm in Michigan, thirty miles from Grand Rapids.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stewart attended their daughter Edna's wedding in the city last week Thursday.

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