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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1903

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 11 August 1903
Miss Ina Lawrence of Fargo College, is here spending her vacation with her mother and sister.

Mrs. Mathews is keeping house for Mr. and Mrs. White, while they are away on their trip west.

Mr. and Mrs. White have gone to Denver and other points to visit for a couple of weeks.

Mrs. Oscar Niekirk came out from the city Saturday to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thorn and the aoys.

Miss Kittie Smith and her nephew Clarence Cummings went to East Troy, Wis., last Saturday to visit Miss Jennie Fowler.

Mr. Edwin Taylor and wife and son were out to the Doctor's over Sunday.

Peter Duncan and his little girl both have the whooping cough, also little Lester Mitchell.

Wednesday morning Mrs. Joanna Hughes was summoned home by the serious illness of her little grandson Frank Purves Hughes. She went to Evanston from here and would start very soon for Topeka, Kansas. Her son and daughter both live there.

Leone Strang has gone on a visit to his cousins at Somers, Wis.

All at Millburn church Sunday morning were much pleased when Mr. Lee gave notice that N. D. Pratt would be present in the evening and assist in the song service and also give a short address. Mr. Pratt came and all were delighted with his singing and the excellent talk that he gave. He also brought a loving message from our beloved friend and fellow laborer in church work, G. L. Stewart. His message to Mr. Pratt referring to active church work in years that are past touched all hearts. You could almost hear his voice as Mr. Pratt read his beautiful letter. Though disabled now, he has not out lived his usefullness. His noble life and words would inspire others to more devoted efforts. Mr. Pratt was given a message of sympathy to Mr. Stewart by a rising vote of the large congregation present. All are glad that Mr. Pratt has promised to come again.

The song service Sunday night was very fine indeed, Rev. Mr. Lee excells in conducting them. They are held every first Sunday in the month.

Word came last Monday of the death of Mrs. D. P. Millen of Corina, Col., so recently of Waukegan. Mrs. Millen died suddenly of heart failure Monday July 27th, 1903. She was a sister of R. Pantall of Millburn, also of Mrs. George Peterson of Chicago.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 15 August 1903
Phillip Dietmeyer, Well Known Farmer Becomes Melancholy
One of the saddest cases to come before the County court for hearing to determine the sanity of the principal took place this morning when Phillip Dietmeyer, one of the best known farmers in Lake county, who has for years resided in the township of Newport, was given a trial upon request of his relatives, who had kept from it as long as possible, but who finally saw that it was the only course left.
Fearing that he was going to lose all of his property and that he would encounter great troubles, Mr. DietMeyer had brooded over his affairs for many months and his melancholy continued to grow worse each day.
Quit Talking
Last April the man practically ceased talking, not only to his friends but also to his family. He seldom has uttered a word since then no matter how hard his associates have tried to get him to.
On different occasions the unfortunate man endeavored to kill himself by shooting and was prevented from so doing only by the timely interference of his family.
His case is a pitiful one, for when he was arraigned in court, the well known man, whose condition has created general sorrow in his neighborhood, said that he did not care what was done with him, it was all the same to him.
Mr. Dietmeyer did not meet with any particular financial reverses which might have caused his melancholy, and accordingly it is hard to attribute the direct cause for his condition, excepting that it resulted from a general worry over his affairs.
Mr. Dietmeyer is 58 years of age and has a family of several children and his wife. He is a brother to the Dietmeyers of this city and his many friends will deeply regret to hear of his misfortune. He was found to be insane and was this afternoon taken to Elgin.
from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 17 August 1903
Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth returned last Friday from Buzzards Bay, where they spent the summer with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jefferson and Mr. and Mrs. Grover Cleveland.

Rev. and Mrs. Lee have gone away on their summer vacation.

The ladies's aid society met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Dr. Jamison.

Rev. George Mitchell, wife and son Donald, of Groesdall, are guests at Geo. Jamieson's.

E. A. Martin was in the city Monday.

Died Friday, Aug. 7th, at Topeka, Kansas, little Frank Purves Hughes, son of Geo. Hughes and grandson of Mrs. Joanna Trotter Hughes.

Mr. and Mrs. Lockie and two children returned to the city Monday after a visit at A. H. Stewart's. Mrs. Lockie was formerly Agnes Corris of Millburn.

Mrs. Bater and Carrie have gone to the city for a few days visit.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Strang were in the city Monday.

C. A. Nelson who has recently returned from Boston where he has been for a year, is visiting his sister Mrs. James Nelson at "Fairview Farm;" also Mrs. W. E. Hope, a cousin of Mrs. Nelson's from Florida, is visiting her.

Mrs. Ione Jamieson and son Brice of St. Louis, are visitors at her father's , Dr. Taylor's.

Mrs. Jessie Thom, who has been sick the last four weeks, is reported better. Her sister Florence Dodge is taking care of her.

Will and Janey Stewart came down to Waukegan to call on their brother George Monday.

from Antioch News20 August 1903
W. F. Geer, of Crystal Lake, the veteran lightning rod man, was in town (Ed. note: Antioch) Tuesday, and informs us that he has rodded the house of Supervisor Geo. B. Stevens, at Millburn, and Ex-Supervisor Geo. H. Kennedy at Hickory. Mr. Greer has been in the lightning rod business for upward of thirty years.
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