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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1903

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 1 January 1903
Mrs. Jane McAllister, Surprises Community
by Munificent Donation
Had the Cheering Notice Sent Last Night
to President, Mrs. Spring
Money is Ready Upon Being Asked for.
Mrs. Jane McAllister has given the Lake County Hospital Association $20,000 for a new hospital.
The give comes as a surprise to the community as well as to the ladies of the Association, who, through the generosity of the benefactress has been generally realized through her numerous gifts to the churches etc., did this noble act unbeknown to any of her most intimate friends.
Mrs. Edward Spring, president of the association received notice last evening from Elam Clarke, counsel for Mrs. McAlister announcing that she had instructed him to so notify the ladies. No Strings On Gift
The gift comes without any strings excepting that the new building must be built upon the present lot owned by the association.
In the note the writer said that the money is to be available as soon as required.
The hospital ladies are so taken by surprise that when asked as to what would be done, etc., they said that they would first have to recover their composure before outlining plans of procedure.
Already the munificent gift has made things decidedly brighter in many respects for the ladies who have toiled so for years to keep the institution going. This morning Mrs. Spring was told that a new concern which is to locate here will endow a bed and it is believed that others, such as churches, individuals and societies, with a grand building in use will be more liberal in their support along this line.
from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 5 January 1903
Mr. A. H. Spafford spent Christmas at home and remained over Sunday.

Mr. Clarence Bonner, of Peoria, is visiting relatives.

Miss Helen Dodge spent Christmas with relatives in Chicago and attended the "Messiah."

Robert Jamieson and family of Chicago were guests of James Jamieson Christmas.

The Trotter family held their annual Xmas reunion. Miss Mamie Trotter was able to be home after a two months illness in the Chicago German-American hospital.

Guy Hughes is visiting relatives in Comers, Wis.

Lloyd White is able to be out after a two weeks illness.

Miss Libbie Jamieson arrived home Wednesday from Blue Island.

Mrs. Tom Anderson returned to her home Iola, Kan., Monday after an extended visit here.

The Ladies Aid Society met Wednesday at Mrs. Bater's.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hughes was the scene of a pleasant gathering Saturday evening in honor of Messrs. Cox and Albright of Woodstock, Ill.

Our central telephone office is about to have sixteen more phones added to the list from the south side district.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 6 January 1903
Of the Millburn Mutual Insurance Co.
The annual meeting of the Millburn Mutual Insurance Company was held at Millburn, Saturday, Jan. 10.
In the absence of President G. B. Stephens, the meeting was called to order by Secretary J. A. Thain and George H. Kennedy of Hickory, was elected President pro tem.
Secretary Thain's annual report shows that during the year 487 policies were written by the company, with an aggregate insurance of $708,850.00. 223 were new risks and 264 renewals, the number of policies now in force being an increase of 53 over those in force one year ago.
29 losses were adjusted during the year, the aggregate fire loss being $2,672.35.
Of the losses 23 were by lightning, one of the buildings struck being rodded.
After the adoption of the Secretary's report an adjournment for dinner was taken and all repaired to the dining room where the Ladies Aid of the Congregational church had prepared a substantial feast of chicken pie, baked beans and brown bread, escalloped potato and pumpkin pies.
After dinner a delegation was elected to the Bi-annual meeting of the Illinois Mutual Insurance Companies at Springfield in February, E. P. Dodge being chosen. Resolutions on the death of Ira A. Webb were adopted.
The election of officers resulted in the unanimous choice of the following: President, W. B. White; Secretary, J. A. Thain; Treasurer, R. L. Strang; Directors, Northern District, Elmer Pollock; Southern District, Daniel Lee; Central District, O. B. Whitemore.
The officers elected are capable progressive men and the management of the company is an always in good hands. The re- election of J. A. Thain for the eleventh consecutive time is a merited compliment to an efficient officer. After extending a vote of thanks to the retiring president, G. B. Stephens, the meeting adjourned.

from Antioch News8 January 1903
Mr. Gallagher's children have the measles.

Sumner Spafford is home from Colorado.

Mr. Herbert Mathews is reported on the sick last.

Miss Jessie Richardson visited last week in Chicago.

The Masons have their installation and oyster supper, tonight.

Mrs. Horace Tower is visiting friends and relatives in Chicago and vicinity.

Miss Alice Haggarty is back to Mrs. Pollock's after spending her vacation at home.

The young people have all returned to school after spending the holidays at their homes.

The Millburn Insurance Company will hold its annual meeting at Young's hall, Jan. 10.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 13 January 1903
Dr. Jameson entertained his brother one day last week.

Edd Taylor of Chicago was home for a hunting trip during the holidays.

The Rochester, Champaign and Beloit students have returned to their school duties.

S. M. Spofford of Denver, Colo., is visiting at the home of his mother.

Mrs. Horace Gerry of Waukegan called on friends and relatives here Saturday.

John Thain and R. L. Strang transacted business in Chicago the first of the week.

Mrs. Dr. Taylor and Jessie Richardson have returned from a weeks visit with relatives in Chicago.

Lloyd White has gone to Waukegan to assist undertaker Bower.

Mrs. Pantall is visiting her daughter Mrs. Adams of Chicago.

Miss K. L. Smith and nephew Clarence Cummings spent Friday and Saturday of last week in the city.

The Christian Endeavor business meeting was held Friday evening with Miss Annie McCredie.

Rev. Hadden of Chicago occupied the pulpit last Sabbath.

Born, to Rev. and Mrs. G. A. Mitchell (nee Jessie Strang) of Grossdale, Ill., a son, Dec. 30th.

The Masons held their annual installation services and banquet in the Masons hall Friday evening.

The annual meeting of the Millburn Mutual Insurance Company will be held in Young's hall at Millburn on Saturday Jan. 10, at 10:30 a. m. Dinner will be served by the ladies in the Mason's hall.

Tuesday morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ellen Clark at Millburn occurred the death of Alex Sutherland, one of Millburn's oldest residents at the age of seventy-four. Funeral services Thursday morning at 11 o'clock.

from Antioch News15 January 1903
New President and Treasurer Elected
and Other Routine Business Transacted
and a Good Attendance.
The annual meeting of the Millburn Mutual Insurance Company was held at Millburn, Saturday, Jan. 10. 1903, and despite the very cold day there was a large attendance of stockholders and friends of the company present.
The meeting was called to order by President Stevens, who, on account of sickness and against the advice of his physician in being present, retired from the meeting and appointed George Kennedy to act in his place.
The Secretary of the Company then read his report showing the condition of the company and the amount of business done for the past year. The increase of policies for 1902 were 53, while the losses amounted to $2,672.35. The assessment was $2.10 on the $1,000. There were 29 losses adjusted, 23 of them being caused by lightning. The treasurer's report was then read which showed the company to be in a flourishing condition, with a balance in the treasury, after all claims were paid, of $823.64. There were 223 new policies written during the year and amount of insurance was $708,850.
This being the year when it is customary for the company to send a delegate to represent the company at the annual meeting of Mutual Insurance companies at Springfield, and E. P. Dodge was selected as such representative.
At about noon the meeting adjourned for dinner which was served by the ladies of the Congregational church, and as usual the tables were loaded with all the good things for the inner man, to which all did ample justice. The ladies of Millburn are noted for the excellent dinners, which has spread for and wide and many attend solely for the purpose of eating chicken pie and many other good things.
After dinner the meeting again assembled and the election of officers for the ensuing year were balloted for and resulted as follows: Wm White, President; John A. Thain, Secretary; John L. Strang, Treasurer.

John A. Strang is a Chicago visitor.

Mrs. Pantall visited last week in Chicago.

Mr. Babcock occupied our pulpit on Sunday.

The Insurance meeting was largely attended.

Lloyd White is in Waukegan assisting undertaker Bower.

George Jamieson and Herbert Mathews are reported on the sick list.

Erma Van Duzer returned Sunday after a three weeks visit at home.

Jennette Rose of Rochester, Wis., was calling on friends here Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Rose move this week to their future home in Waukegan.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stewart, of Chicago, are visiting a few days at Mrs. Smith's.

Mr. and Mrs. George Strang have returned to their home at Marshfield, Wis.

Auction Sale
The undersigned will sell at public auction on what is known as the H. C. Cropley farm, situated 1 1/2 miles south west of Millburn, on Friday, Jan. 23, commencing at one o'clock sharp, the following described property: four head of horses, 40 tons of hay, 600 bushel of oats and some seed corn, one set double harness, nearly new, one single harness, one wide tire wagon, one narrow tire wagon, one high wagon, one pair bobs, one Champion grain binder, one mower, one corn planter, one corn sheller, set of drags, one pulverizer, one seeder, hay rake, two riding cultivators, two walking cultivators, one potato hiller, 500 chickens, one corn grinder, plows, churn, butter worker, grindstone, buzz saw with frame complete, and other articles. Usual terms. Mrs. Myra Cropley, prop. H. D. Hughes, auctioneer.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 19 January 1903
Sumner Spafford who has lately returned from Colorado, visited a few days with his mother and sisters.

George I. Strang and wife who have spent a month visiting friends here, have returned to their home in Marshfield, Wis.

Mrs. Andrew Strang has returned recently from Arkansas.

Guy Hughes visited a week with his cousins at Somers, recently.

John Rose will go to Waukegan to live. His farm is rented to Ed. Gillings who will soon take possession.

Mrs. Ellen Pollock is reported gaining slowly. She was prostrated with a paralytic stroke about six weeks ago.

Herbert Mathews has been on the sick list two weeks, Scot Levoy is reported sick.

Mrs. Eugene Clark has been under the doctor's care the last ten days.

Died Tuesday Jan. 6th, 1903, at the home of daughter Mrs. Helen Clark, Alexander Sutherland in his 73rd year. He was born and raised in Scotland, and came to Millburn with his family thirty years ago. He leaves four daughters, Helen, Elizabeth, Isabelle and Mary Ann. His only son Alexander, went to South America seven or eight years ago and has not been heard from for years. The deceased was an honest friendly man who had many warm friends.

Mrs. Pantall visited at Chicago Lawn all last week.

Ernest White will not go back to school this winter, Loyd is in Waukegan for a couple of weeks.

The Odum family of nine, have returned from Tennessee where they moved two months ago. No place like northern Illinois.

The butter factory ice house is being filled with a good quality of ice.

Mrs. Myra Cropley whose husband died recently, will have a sale at her place Jan. 23rd, beginning at one o'clock.

George Stone and family recently from Tennessee, have moved into the John Williamson house.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 19 January 1903
Mrs. Dr. Palmer returned home on Friday from a two weeks visit with relatives at Milton, Wis.

J. T. Morrill attended the funeral of his nephew Mr. Northup at Beloit, Wis. On Friday.

Rev. Stephens gave a very interesting sermon on the "Life of Christian" Sunday. Ten new members were received into the church.

At the church on Monday evening Jan 19, Olif Kraser a native Esquimo 26 years old and 40 inches high, will give a lecture, her theme "Greenland or the frozen north". Admission 25c, children 15.

Miss Lucy Wright, formerly of this place and Mr. Lamb of Chicago were married at the home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Smith Wright at Burlington, Wis., on Wed. Jan. 14, Rev. Stevens of this place officiating. The young couple will reside in Chicago. Mr. Lamb is a traveling salesman for the Pittsburg Glass Co.

Mr. Buckman sold his stock of hardware stock to Mr. Robinson on Saturday and Monday Mr. Robins sold the stock to Mr. Mathew of Antioch who will go in business here. Mr. Buckman has a position in Chicago but will reside here.

Herbert Mathews and Scott Levoy are on the sick list.

A. G. Spafford was home over Sunday.

Guy Hughes is visiting relatives at Iowa City, Iowa.

Mrs. C. B. Cummings is entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Stewart of Chicago.

Mrs. Eugene Clark is reported quite ill at present writing.

Roy Hughes and E. A. Martin transacted business in Chicago the first of the week.

Miss Erma Van Duser has returned from a two weeks visit with her parents at Antioch.

The ice house at the factory was filled Wednesday.

Rev. Babcook, of Chicago, occupied the pulpit last Sabbath.

Mr. Odom and family have returned from Tennessee and will occupy the home formerly owned by Herbert Mathews.

A good attendance was present at the Insurance meeting held here Saturday. The following officers were elected for this year. President, W. J. White: Secretary, John Thain: Treasurer, R. L. Strang.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 26 January 1903
Rev. Mr. Rogers who was called to the First Congregational church at Millburn will not accept the call made nearly three months ago.

Rev. Mr. Millard of Chicago preached here last Sunday morning and evening.

Our sick folks are all recovering. Scott Levoy is out again. Herbert Mathews is improving and Mrs. Clarke is much better.

Chris Nelson of Chicago, was a visitor at Elmer Cannons last week.

Mrs. Hughes and Maud have gone to the city to visit Mrs. Mavor and her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang.

Mr. Starkweather called on some of his friends here last week. He was selling pianos.

John Rose will move to Waukegan this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cannon were in the city Wednesday.

Sumner Spafford was in Millburn last Sunday and attended church.

Mrs. Smith's health is very poor this winter.

Mrs. Thomas Riley has bills out for a sale. It is reported she is going to move to Waukegan. Waukegan seems to be the objective point of most people.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang are visiting their daughter Mrs. Mavor. The have been away three months and are much missed especially in the church.

Charley Humphery has sold his farm and is going to Waukegan to live, so they go.

Mr. White was in Waukegan Tuesday to see Loyd, who has been there the last two week on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mitchell have a young son whom they have named Dewitt Strang Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell lives at LaGrange and preaches at Grass Dale.

E. A. Martin and Mr. Wentworth went to the city on business Wednesday.

from Antioch News29 January 1903
Wedding bells.

Mrs. Smith is reported quite sick.

Herbert Mathews is again able to be out.

Mr. Prentiss occupied our pulpit Sunday.

W. B. Stewart is entertaining a severe cold.

Lucy Spafford is visiting this week in Chicago.

James Pollock transacted business in Waukegan this week.

Waterbury Brothers have their sale bills out, don't fail to attend.

Miss Alice Jamieson, of Chicago, spent Sunday with her parents here.

Mrs. Gerity visited a few days with her father in Chicago returning home Sunday.

Miss Elva Gullidge, of Antioch, is staying with Mrs. Eugene Clark during her recent illness.

The Ladies Aid society will meet with Mrs. Geo. Strang on Tuesday afternoon, Jan., 29.

George Duncan has rented the Riley farm east of Millburn, where he will soon move.

There will be a Christian Endeavor rally in the Congregational church at Waukegan Friday evening, Jan. 30. All are invited to attend.

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