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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1902

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 3 December 1902
The Rochester Students have returned to their school duties after a weeks vacation at home.

Mr. Arthur Spofford left on Tuesday morning for Joliet, Ill.

Miss Emma and Mr. A. G. Spofford visited in Chicago the first of the week.

Mrs. Trotter returned on Thursday, after a weeks visit with her daughter, Mammie in Chicago.

The Ladies Quartettes sang at the funeral of Mrs. Burns, which occurred at her home on Thursday.

The many friends through out this vicinity of Mr. John J. Pettejohn, formally of Lake Villa now of Waterford, Wis., will be pleased to learn of his election as Supt. of schools of Racine County.

Rev. Mr. Peiroeson of of Chicago occupied the pulpit last Sabbath.

The following persons spent Thanksgiving with friends and relatives in our villages. Miss Helen Dodge, Miss Verna Worden, Mr. Leslie Bonner, Mr. Victor Strang, of Rochester, Wis., Mr. Herbert Todd, Mr. Ed. Jamieson, Miss Alice Jamieson, Mr. Norman Adams and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Taylor and son, of Chicago, Mr. Arthur Spafford of Kenosha, Ft. Wayne, Ind.

The Ladies of the Congregational church will hold a bazaar in the church Friday afternoon and evening Dec. 12. Fancy as well as useful articles of every description for sale, a splendid opportunity to purchase your Xmas presents. Supper served from 5:00 to 8:00. Come and bring your friends.

W. S. Tower and family of Chicago spent Thanksgiving with his brother H. B. Tower of Millburn.

from Antioch News4 December 1902
Arthur Stafford spent Sunday at home.

Mr. Mitchell was seen on our streets Monday.

Mrs. S. Smith is convalesant from a recent illness.

Mr. Pierce occupied the pulpit here last Sunday.

Scot LeVoy moved to his farm south of Millburn, Monday.

Miss Martha Young is visiting her brother, David Young.

George Kennedy's house is completed and ready for use.

Bae Adams is visiting her grand-parents Mr. and Mrs. Pantall.

Jessie Jamieson is employed with Mrs. George Strang for the winter.

Alice and Edwin Jamieson spent Thanksgiving with their parents.

The grader was seen on our streets last week. Joe did pretty good work.

Mrs. Elizabeth Jamieson is visiting relatives in Chicago and Blue Island.

E. A. Martin has in a fine line of Christmas candies. Come and test them.

The Crokinole Club will soon begin the second season of meetings in Young's hall.

Miss Carrie Bater, Mrs. Wentworth and J. A. Strang were Chicago visitors this week.

Be on the lookout for the church bazaar to be held here Dec. 12. All are cordially invited.

Mrs. James Jamieson arrived home last week from Missouri where she has spent the past six weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Taylor and son William spent a few days with their parents last week.

James Pollock and Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Strang took in the fat stock show the first of the week.

Mrs. Lawrence started last week for Tabor, Iowa, where she will spend the winter with her daughter.

Helen Dodge, Vera Worden, Victory Strang and Leslie Bonner spent Thanksgiving at home, returning to Rochester Monday night.

loose clipping, source unknown 9 December 1902
I. R. Webb Who Came to Lake County in 1845
I. R. Webb, of Antioch, died at 12 o'clock Tuesday night; aged 79 years. The deceased was one of the early settlers of Lake county, having located here in 1845. During his long life here he became widely known and he was highly respected as a man and citizen. He leaves as immediate relatives three sons and three daughters: Mary Boylan, of Antioch, R. B. Webb, of Crystal Falls, Mich., George and Chase, known as the firm of Webb Brothers, of Antioch, Mrs. Stevens, of Wisconsin, and Mrs. Emma Hodge, who has been caring for her father at the home. He was an uncle of Chase Webb of Waukegan.
The funeral was held Friday forenoon, with burial at Hickory.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 9 December 1902
E. T. Taylor now teaches in the city visited his father Dr. Taylor a few days returning to the city the first of the week.

Dr. Jamieson was called to Waukegan last Sunday to see Charles Humphrey who was very sick. He is said to be gaining at present.

Dr. Ralph Taylor of Lilly Lake is reported very sick with pneumonia. Hopes are entertained for his recovery.

Alfred Spafford came home Saturday and was in the choir Sunday morning and evening and charmed everyone with his fine singing.

Mrs. Heddle's friends here are glad to hear she is recovering.

Mrs. Mathews returned from Kenosha last Saturday.

Mrs. Ogston, formerly of Wadsworth, was brought here from Ivanhoe and buried Thursday.

Mrs. Oscar Niekirk, of Bay City, Michigan, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thom. The Niekirks have come to Chicago to live.

The Denman family, who have lately come to their new home here were at church Sunday and are making many friends who welcome them as church going people.

from Antioch News11 December 1902
Martha Young has returned to Chicago after two weeks visit here.

Mr. Rodgers occupied our pulpit Sunday.

Mrs. Thomas Anderson and children, from Kansas, are visiting her mother, Mrs. George Strang.

Irene Bain, of Somers, Wis., is visiting at R. L. Strang's.

Mr. Pantall is visiting his daughter in Chicago.

Quite a number from here attended the stock show and all report a good time.

John Roberts visited with James Jamieson's over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan and Dr. and Mrs. Taylor were Waukegan visitors last week.

Mr. George Stephens is slowly recovering from a recent illness.

J. A. Strang and K. L. Smith were Chicago visitors this week.

Miss Marian McDougall is visiting relatives and friends in Chicago.

Alex Thom was calling on old friends and relatives here last week.

The annual church bazaar will be held Friday evening Dec. 12. All are invited to come. Don't forget the date.

from Antioch News18 December 1902
Auction Sale
The undersigned will sell at public auction one mile north of Millburn and one half mile south of Hickory on Saturday, Dec. 20, commencing at 10 o'clock sharp, the following property to wit: Nine head of cattle, Five cows, two of them full-blood Jerseys, three cows due to come in January, one yearling heifer, one heifer calf. One gray mare, 7 years old, one gray horse 10 years old, one brood sow and six shoats. Esterly harvester, Esterly mower, lumber wagon, single buggy, spring wagon, cutter, pair of light bob sleighs, land roller, pulverizer, corn planter, two sets drags, grind stone, caldron kettle, hand feed cutter, hay rack, stone boat, plow, seeder, hog rack, two work benches, post auger, sulkey cultivator, two walking cultivators, portable forge, anvil, pair bellows, blacksmith drill, set of scales, corn sheller, set of work harness, rifle, single harness, lawn mower, kitchen cabinet, heating stove. Lunch at noon. Terms: $10 and under, cash; over that amount a credit of 12 months will be given on good approved notes at 6 per cent per annum. No property to be removed until terms are complied with.
John A. Rose, prop.
H. D. Hughes, auctioneer.
Farm of 41 acres for sale or rent.

Mrs. LeRoy Neff is seriously ill at her home.

Miss Carrie Bater is visiting this week in Russell.

Alfred Spafford, of Kenosha, spent Sunday here.

Mr. Bain occupied our pulpit Sunday, and spoke to a large audience.

Quite a number from here attended Mr. Webb's funeral at Hickory.

George Duncan moved this week into the Anderson house south of Millburn.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Strang, of Marshfield, Wis., are visiting his mother, Mrs. Geo. Strang.

Found--eight pigs on Mrs. Bater's premises, the owner may have the same by paying damages.

Miss Belle Watson was suddenly called to the city, Sunday oweing to the recent illness of her sister, Mrs. John Pollock.

J. A. Strang took several car loads of stock to the city Sunday returning home Monday night well pleased with the proceeds.

There was a barrel of cider shipped from Chicago here last week. All are invited to come and have a drink but be sure and bring your straws with you.

The bazaar Friday evening was largely attended. The proceeds amounted to one hundred and fifteen dollars. All were well pleased and enjoyed themselves immensely.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 22 December 1902
Remember the McClure auction sale, Tuesday, Dec. 23rd.

Roy Hughes of Chicago is home for the winter.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Strang of Marshville, Wis., visited relatives here the last of the week.

Miss Lillie Watson of Antioch, was the guest of Maud Hughes over Sunday.

Miss Ethel Thayer of Antioch visited the Misses Cunningham Friday and attended the bazaar.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. White and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Dodge celebrated their twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh wedding anniversary at Mr. Dodges, Saturday, Dec., 6.

Harold Minto attended the Chicago Union C. E. Rally at the Y. M. C. A. building Chicago Tuesday.

Clarence Murray of Waukegan enjoyed a rabbit hunt at Geo. Stevens, Saturday.

Rev. Bain occupied the pulpit last sabbath.

Mr. Harry Cropley is seriously ill at his home west of the village.

Be prepared to receive a call from Insurance Collector, Lloyd White.

from Antioch News25 December 1902
H. C. Cropley, a highly respected citizen who resided near Millburn, died at his home Monday, Dec. 22. The funeral services were held at the Millburn church, on Wednesday.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 29 December 1902
Miss Maggie Watson has returned from Chicago

The Rochester students are home for the holidays. W.

J. White transacted business in Chicago Saturday.

Walter Ross of Fort Worth, Texas made a short visit at Mrs. Watson's the last of the week.

Earl White, Earnest White and Gordon Bonner of Champaign are spending the holidays at home.

Will Watson of Lake Villa called Monday to see his mother, Mrs. Watson, who has been quite ill the past week.

Miss Erma VanDusen will spend the holidays with her parents of Antioch.

Mrs. C. A. Mathews left last Monday for Kenosha, where she will remain the rest of the winter with Mrs. Brasie and Mrs. Chaffe. T.

W. Rogers occupied the pulpit last Sabbath.

Miss Una Minto of Beloit, Wis. is home for a two weeks visit with her parents at Loon Lake.

Dec. 31, the L. T. G. concert company of Chicago will give a musical and literary entertainment at the church.

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