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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1902

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 2 November 1902
Dr. and Mrs. Tombaugh of Waukegan visited old friends here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Fulton of Waukegan, visited their parents over Sunday.

Mrs. Baters nephew, Mr. Cain of Boston, spent a few days in our village this week.

Mrs. Vandervere and daughters, of Chicago, are the guests of Mrs. C. A. Mathews.

Mr. and Mrs. David Minto attended the wedding of their nephew, Frank Stedman at Rockford, this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang Sr. have gone on their annual visit to Somers and Chicago to remain the rest of the winters.

Mrs. William White is visiting friends and relatives in Waukegan this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth have returned from a short visit in Chicago.

Among those who attended a missionary meeting in Chicago this week were Mrs. Bater, Miss Carrie Bater and Miss Nellie McDougal.

Mrs. Spafford who has been visiting friends in Waukegan, returned home on Monday very ill, but at present writing is much improved.

Among the list of those who now posses telephones are E. A. Martin and William Mitchell.

There will be a society meeting held in the church Wednesday evening, Nov. 6th, for the purpose of calling a new pastor.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 10 November 1902
W. B. Stewart has a phonograph.

N. D. Pratt and family of Chicago were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Strang over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Ames and daughter of Kansas and Miss Ford of Pennsylvania are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ames.

Miss Blanch Yule of Somers, Wis., visited her cousin, Miss Maud Hughes Saturday and Sunday.

John Longfellow of Waukegan was a Sunday visitor.

Emerson Ingalls was seen on our streets Tuesday.

Mrs. Jessie Thom has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Harris in Chicago.

Miss Fowler returned to her home in East Troy, Wis., Tuesday morning after a two weeks visit with her aunt, Mrs. C. B. Cummings.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart gave a dinner party the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gariety gave a dinner party Nov. 3 in honor of "the twins" birthday.

The Halloween party given in Mrs. Spafford's new barn Friday evening was a very pleasant affair. Over thirty were present and all report a most enjoyable time.

Miss Mary Eichinger was taken to the hospital in Chicago Monday to undergo an operation for appendicitis.

Rev. Stewart occupied the pulpit last Sunday.

The Society meeting called for Wednesday evening Nov. 5th, was postponed till Saturday afternoon of this week, Nov. 8. Let everybody come and have a voice in calling our new pastor. Meeting opens 2 p. m.

from Antioch News13 November 1902
The undersigned being about to quit farming will sell at auction, on the farm known as the Josiah Wedge farm 1-2 mile south of Millburn, on Tuesday, November 18, commencing at 10 o'clock sharp the following property to-wit; 23 head of cattle, 10 choice cows, 3 new milckers, balance coming in winter and spring, 10 heifers coming 2 years old, 1 Durham bull coming 2 years old, 2 spring calves, horses, 1 white mare, 10 years old, weight about 1100, 1 chestnut mare 4 years old, good worker, 1 sorrel mare, 3 years old, fine driver, 1 bay colt coming 3 years old, 4 shoats and 6 young pigs. Deering grain binder nearly new, Deering corn binder nearly new, Draw-cut Champion mower, Prairie City seeder, Jones hay rake, spring-tooth cultivator, 2 stubble plows, steel lever harrow, 2 lumber wagons, 1 canopy top surrey; 1 road wagon 1 road cart, 2 sets double work harness, 2 sets single harness, 1 set leather fly nets, 1 8-barrel water tank, 1 iron pump, 1 set bob sleighs, 6 milk cans, 150 feet hay-fork rope, 3 pulleys, forks, shovels, sickle grinder, wheel-barrow and other articles, 1 stack straw, 1 stack corn, 8 acres corn in shock, about 50 tons tame hay and millet in barn, 150 bushels white oats. Lunch served at noon. Usual terms. Walter White auctioneer, Eugene Stickles, prop.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 17 November 1902
The Bell Electric Co., have just placed a long distance telephone at Dr. Jamieson's.

Among the visitors to Chicago this week were Mrs. Pantall, the Misses Annie McCredie and Miss Bonner, Clarence Roek, E. A. Martin, F. W. Wentworth and C. B. Cummings.

Miss Erma Van Duzer spent Saturday and Sunday, with her parents at Antioch.

Mrs. J. L. Hughes attended the eightieth birthday celebration of her mother, Mrs. Robert Strang, Sr., at Somers, Wis., Monday.

Mr. Will Anderson's family of Lake Forest, are visiting relatives here.

Mr. Van Patten is entertaining his niece, Mrs. E. W. Mitchell and child.

Mr. Henry Pollock of Manning, Iowa, with his friend Mr. Kemp, made a short visit at James Pollock's the first of the week.

Thomas Salsbury has purchased the Smart farm one and one-half miles west of Millburn.

The Ladies Missionary Society met Wednesday p. m. with Mrs. Bater.

The Y. P. S. C. E. business meeting was held at the home of Mrs. R. L. Strang, Jr., Friday evening.

Rev. Wilson occupied the pulpit last sabboth.

At the society meeting held Saturday p. m. Rev. R. W. Rogers of Chicago, was given a unanimous call to our church. The ladies met at Mrs. Erma Strang's Tuesday p. m. to sew for the bazaar to be held December twelfth.

Mrs. Trotter is visiting in the city a few days this week.

Mr. Elmer Cannon is entertaining friends from the city.

Mr. John H. Thain of Sturgeon Bay, Wis., died suddenly Oct, 29, 1902. Mr. Thain was well acquainted at Millburn and throughout Lake Co. He was born in Scotland in 1836 and emigrated to the United States in 1845 settling first in Millburn, Lake Co. Removed to Algonia in 1870, where he followed the business of wagon making until 1888, when he removed to his last home. In 1860 at Racine he was wedded to Miss Frances Palmer, who survives as do two brother and one sister, the latter being a resident of Wesley, Ia. The surviving brothers are Rev. Dr. A. R. Thain of Milwaukee and R. S. Thain of Oak Park.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 26 November 1902
Mrs. James Jamieson, who has been in Missouri a month visiting her four brothers, the Meldrum boys, returned home Monday.

Mrs. Smith has been quite sick for a number of days.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. James O'Hara, a son.

Carl Huntley died at Muskegon, Mich., recently. He was a cousin to Mrs Janette Mathews and taught the Grub school here many years.

Dr. Jamison has a long distance telephone in his office now.

Mrs. Lawrence will start for Tabor Iowa, next Wednesday, where she will spend the winter with her daughter.

Mrs. Katie Vandevere is expected out to Mrs. Mathews' Saturday.

Kittie Smith set a fine large bouquet of flowers to the Cook county hospital by Mrs. Vandevere who often goes there and does good to all she can in a very substantial way.

The ladies are hustling their preparations for the bazaar to be held the 12th of December.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 26 November 1902
Miss K. L. Smith and Mrs. Dr. Jamieson attended the Flower Show in Chicago Thursday and Friday.

Mrs. Cunningham and daughter Alice were Chicago visitors Saturday.

E. A. Martin made a short business trip to the city the first of the week.

Mrs. James Jamieson has returned from an extended visit with relatives at Macon, Mo.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Anderson were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Bonner over Sunday.

Mrs. Vendervere returned to her home in Chicago Thursday after spending three weeks with Mrs. C. A. Mathews.

Mrs. S. Smith is reported as being quite ill.

Mr. Eugene Stickels sale occurred Tuesday of this week. Mr. S. J. Levoy is moving on to the farm.

Rev. Stewart, of the Chicago Seminary occupied the pulpit last Sabbath.

Preparations for the church fair December twelfth are progressing rapidly.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 29 November 1902
Mrs. Riley, of Chicago is visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth and will remain over Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Smith is recovering from her recent severe illness.

Mrs. Heddle, of Somers, Wis., visited Mrs. Helen Clark and called on Mesdames Smith and Cummings Monday.

George Stephens raised his large barn last Friday. It is 54x32 feet. There has been from five to ten carpenters on it all last week. It will be done Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Nine days seems a short time to build an immense barn. The Sivers rush business.

Mrs. Smith Bain, of Lake Villa, was here to church Sunday.

Rev. Mr. Rodgers occupied the pulpit morning and evening Sunday.

There will not be the usual reunion at Thanksgiving of the Stewart family this year.

Mrs. Trotter is visiting in the city.

Arthur Kennedy is building another large house on his farm.

Little Vera Miller, who has been sick so long, was taken to the city last week to be operated upon. She is reported to be doing well now.

Vera Worden, Helen Dodge and Alice Jamieson came home on Wednesday.

John Bonner's family dined with the Barstows at Gageslake Thursday.

Ed Taylor, wife and son, of Chicago, were out to his father's for the turkey dinner.

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