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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1902

from Antioch News04 September 1902
E. A. Martin left for Chicago, Thursday morning.

Robert Jamison, of Chicago, was home labor day, Monday.

Rev. George A. Mitchell will preach his farewell sermon next Sunday morning.

Dr. and Mrs. Drobnick, of Waukegan, were guests of Mrs. and Miss Bater Sunday.

Mrs. R. Pantall and Miss Mabel Adams returned Saturday from a visit at Waukesha.

The boys beat us, all right, at the last caucus, but look out for the one next spring.

The Ladies Aid society was entertained by Mrs. Barstow at Gages Lake Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Norman Adams and family left on Saturday morning for their home in Chicago Lawn.

Miss Libbie Jamison returned home on Saturday evening after a two weeks visit at Chicago.

John M. Strang, Robert L. Strang and Victor Strang were in Chicago for a few days last week.

John Galligher gave a very pleasant social Thursday afternoon, but we raised the barn all right.

The grand opera company will leave here Friday for Bristol where they will sing on Saturday.

Mrs. Killen and family, who have been visiting her sister, Mrs. McCann, returned to Chicago Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cannon left Thursday evening for a few days visit with friends in Woodstock.

The genial U. S. mail carrier, William Chope, took a coach load of ladies to Grayslake Thursday afternoon.

Rev. Mr. Stevens, of Grayslake, occupied the pulpit at the Congregational church Sunday morning and evening.

Miss Ina Lawrence, who has been visiting her mother for some weeks, returned to her home in South Dakota Monday morning.

Don't forget the concert here (ed. note: Bristol) Saturday night. Prof. Starkweather and his Millburn troupe have gone to a great deal of trouble and expense to make this the hit of the season, and the people of Bristol and vicinity should show their appreciation by attending.

There will be a concert at Bristol hall (ed. note: Bristol) Saturday, Sept. 6, consisting of miscellaneous selections and the cantata of the "Flower Queen" by a chorus of 30 voices, all in costume. Excellent music and a fine floral display, by singers of Millburn and vicinity, under the direction of Prof. L. B. Starkweather of Belvidere. Tickets 25 and 15 cents.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 4 September 1902
Messrs. J. M. and R. L. Strang and Victor were Chicago visitors Wednesday.

Mrs. J. H. Bonner arrived home on Thursday after a two weeks visit with her mother at St. Paul.

Mrs. W. B. Stewart is visiting relatives and friends in Kansas.

Miss Mary Ross, the guest of Miss Jessie Jamison, returned Monday to her home in Aubrey, Wis.

Miss Florence Millerd returned to Chicago this week.

Mrs. W. G. Thom has been entertaining company from Chicago.

The cantata given here last Tuesday and Wednesday evenings was a success in every respect. The costumes were very elaborate, decorations fine and the entertainment all that could be asked for. The amount taken in from the two evenings' entertainment was $83. The cantata will be repeated at Bristol, Wis., Sept. 6th and at Grayslake in the new opera house Tuesday evening, Sept. 9th.

Moonlight thrashing party at Jno. Cunningham's Friday.

Miss Lily Watson of Antioch is a guest of Miss Maude Hughes.

Jno M., Robt. and Victory Strang were Chicago visitors Wednesday.

from Antioch News11 September 1902
And the picnic season is over.

John Hughes is quite ill in Chicago.

Mrs. George Strang, who has been quite ill is much better.

Prof. Starkweather, of Belvidere, was seen on our streets Monday.

Nearly all the summer boarders from the city have left for their homes.

Millburn was almost deserted Thursday all going to the fair at Libertyville.

Lloyd White returned Saturday evening after spending ten days at Chicago.

C. B. Cummings returned on Saturday evening from a weeks visit in Chicago.

Rev. George A. Mitchell preached his farewell sermon Sunday. There was a very large attendance.

Mrs. Lampson, mother of Mrs. Herbert Mathews, passed away Thursday morning, aged 79 years. Mrs. Lampson was one of the oldest residents of the village. Funeral services were held Sunday morning at Millburn Congregation church.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 15 September 1902
With the death of Mrs. Phoebe Lamson at Millburn on September 4th, there passed one of the very oldest residents of the locality she, having resided thereabouts for 59 years. Deceased was 78 years of age and left one child, Mrs. H. R. Matthews with whom she had resided for a few years. Funeral was held Sunday at 2 o'clock, burial at Millburn.

from Antioch News18 September 1902
The cider mill is doing a rushing business.

It is said we are to have a long distance telephone here this week.

There are a few boarders left which the cold weather does not effect.

Miss Carrie Bater has been visiting friends in Kenosha the past week.

Rev. and Mrs. Geo. A. Mitchell left Saturday for Chicago, their future home.

Mrs. Jeane Stewart returned Wednesday after a six weeks visit in Iowa and Kansas.

Mr. George Strang, of Marshfield, Wis., visited his mother, Mrs. Geo. Strang, last week.

Richard Griggs, of Baraboo, Wis., was the guest of Wm. B. Stewart Saturday and Sunday.

John M. Strang, E. A. Martin and Dr. Homer E. Jamison were Chicago visitors last week.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cummings returned Saturday morning from a weeks visit in Milwaukee.

E. A. Martin, Ralph Spafford and Alfred Spafford chaperoned a party to Dowieville Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Dr. Tombaugh and Roy Tombaugh of Waukegan, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Pantall on Friday.

The fire at Wadsworth Saturday morning partly destroyed the warehouse of Mr. James Pollock of this village.

Rev. Mr. Wade, of Amboy, Ill., occupied the pulpit of the Congregational church Sunday morning and evening.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Strang and Mrs. Dr. Jamison took in the Wisconsin state fair at Milwaukee, Thursday and Friday.

There were several parties from the big department stores in Chicago here last week trying to rent the big store of Wm. McCann at Loon Lake, but up to date it has not been deciphered which one is to have it.

from Antioch News25 September 1902
E. A. Martin was an Antioch visitor Wednesday.

Mr. John M. Strang was a Kenosha visitor on Wednesday.

Miss Carrie Bater returned Thursday after a ten days visit in Kenosha.

Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth left for Chicago Wednesday evening to be absent a few days.

Warren Wentworth Brown returned to Chicago last week after a long visit to Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth.

John M. Strang, E. A. Martin, R. L. Strang and C. B. Cummings took in the Walworth county fair at Elkhorn Thursday.

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