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Newspaper Clippings for
July, 1902

from Antioch News03 July 1902
Geo. Stewart is improving slowly.

E. A. Martin left for Chicago Monday.

The chimes of the church bell are out of order.

Geo. Kennedy and R. Pantall took in Dowieville Tuesday.

Arthur Spafford has returned home from Denver, Col.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cummings were Chicago visitors Saturday.

Miss Robinson, of Kenosha, is visiting Mrs. Geo. Jamison.

Mr. and Mrs. George Gerity were visitors at Waukegan last Friday and Saturday.

Col. C. B. Clayton, R. H. I., of Chicago, is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth.

Mrs. Cain and Miss Carrie Bater visited in Waukegan Friday and Saturday.

Mrs. Hardy, of Waukegan, was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Thain last week.

from Antioch News10 July 1902
Mr. Bert Trotter, of Chicago, was home for the fourth.

Miss Alice Jamison, of Chicago, was home for the fourth.

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Brown of Chicago, visited Mrs. Wentworth on Thursday.

Miss Kittie L. Smith with a party of Chicago friends visited Zion City Sunday.

Mr. Roberts, of Chicago, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. James Jamison over the fourth.

Mr. E. A. Martin took a large party to Paddocks lake and in the evening attended the dance at Antioch.

Mr. Frank Strang and bride, of Marshfield, Wis, visited their grandmother Mrs. George Strang last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorman, Miss Gorman and Mr. Crawford, of Chicago, visited Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman, Miss Adams and Ray Adams, of Chicago, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Pantall.

What with picnics at Grayslake and Paddocks lake Millburn looked like "Goldsmith's Deserted Village" on the fourth.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Taylor, of Chicago, and Mr. and Mrs. Jamison, of St. Louis, were guests of Dr. and Mrs. Taylor a few days last week.

Mr. John A Thain, Doc. Strang and Scott Levan had great luck at Hastings lake Wednesday, bringing home about 200 fish some of them very large black bass.

We are going to have a musical and literary entertainment in the church Tuesday evening, July 15, given by Mrs. Talmage, assisted by Miss Gurnee and Miss Mabel Partridge.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 10 July 1902
Alice Jamieson was home from the city a few days recently.

Mrs. Thomas Anderson and children are expected from Kansas this week. She will spend the summer with her mother Mrs. George Strang and visit among friends.

Lawyer C. W. Roth of Sheldon, Iowa, called on Robert and John Strang and Mr. Pantall Monday. Mr. Roth is a successful lawyer in Sheldon, Iowa, he is also engaged entensively in real estate. He is a son of Joseph Roth a soldier in the civil war, a member of Capt. Blodgett's Co., 96th Regt. Ill., Volunteers.

Mrs. George Strang has just brought home a fine new surrey.

Mrs. Wm. Stewart has a beautiful new upright Chickering piano.

Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart attended church here Sunday.

Mrs. Wm. Kerr and Mrs. John Hughes of Lake Villa attended church here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Strang and son Victor were in the city on business Monday.

W. B. Stewart, Loyd White and R. L. Strang all have new top buggies.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 14 July 1902
Frank Strang and his young wife visited relatives and friends here last week. Frank is a fine young man and always gets a warm welcome here. The young people were a little too free with their rice at his wedding. They had to go and have a doctor remove some rice from one ear. Be careful how you throw rice around so freely.

The next day after our beloved President McKinley died, the flag was raised at half mast in a terrific wind which soon snapped the halliards. There could be no more waving of "Old Glory" until the stupendous undertaking of lowering the 72 ft. pole and replacing the rope and replacing it again was accomplished. This tremendous task was successfully performed last Thursday afternoon by Gary Yocum and his windmill machinry, asssisted by such wise and able men as Al. Stewart, George Stephens, Scott Levoy, Geo. Kennedy, Lloyd White, Ed Martin, Mr. Pantall, Ernest White and others without anyone being hurt or killed. The senior flag raiser was up at four o'clock in the morning and drew the beautiful emblem of liberty to the top of the flag staff, so that the fine young gentlemen and their best girl going away to celebrate might see The Star Spangled banner still wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Charles Mathews and family visited friends here and spent the Fourth. They returned to Kenosha Monday.

Mary Calavah of Yipsalanti, Mich., came Wednesday to visit Mrs. Geo. Strang.

The McDougalls held a family party at the Oakes the Fourth. There was twenty three in all present and a most enjoyable time.

H. A. Jameson came from St. Louis and joined his family at Dr. Taylors to visit a few days and spend the Fourth. He sang most beautifully in choir Sunday night. He went back to St. Louis Wednesday. Mrs. Jameson and Philip will remain a while longer.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stewart and Miss Robinson, of Chicago, came out Friday and visited a few days with Mrs. Smith, Miss Kittie and Mr. and Mrs. Cummings and Clarence. Sunday they all went to Zion city.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Adams and two daughters came out to their old home to spend the Fourth. Mr. Adams returned to the city Sunday night, the others stayed a few days for a visit.

Clarence Bonner came from Peoria to spend the Fourth and visit a few days.

A fine elocutional and musical entertainment will be given here Tuesday, the 15th of July, by Mrs. Charlotte M. Talmage, assisted by Miss Clara Gurnee and Miss Lillian Partridge. Mrs. Talmage come highly recommended. She is a lady of rare elecutionary talent. She is highly educated in her art, having studied in France and this country of the best elocutionists. All who have heard her were highly delighted with her.

Miss Gurnee is a fine violinist and will be assisted by Miss Partridge, a fine pianoist. All should improve this opportunity to heard these artists in elecution and music.

from a Waukegan paper 15 July 1902
Caused By Mr. Stewart's Resignation
From Board of Review.
There is a vacancy in the Board of Review, caused by the resignation of George L. Stewart from that body. The resignation is made necessary by Mr. Stewart's long continued illness. He is still at Millburn where he was stricken down while presiding at the sixtieth anniversary exercises of the Millburn Congregational church, and it being evident that he will be unable to attend to the duties incumbent upon a member of the review board, he has tendered his resignation to Judge Jones of the County Court.
Judge Jones has not yet made an appointment to fill the vacancy.

from Antioch News24 July 1902
There were several excursions to Druce's lake last week.

Mrs. Vandeveen, of Chicago, is a guest of Mrs. Mathews.

Warren Wentworth Brown left for Chicago Wednesday.

Miss Kittie L. Smith was a Chicago visitor for several days last week.

Arthur Spafford and Mr. Longfellow returned from Chicago Saturday.

Mrs. Norman Adams and Miss Bay Adams returned to Chicago Saturday.

The new hotel, Shuban street and McCann avenue, is doing a fine business.

Mrs. James Bonner entertained the Ladies Aid society Thursday afternoon.

E. A. Martin and Guy Hughes took in the dance at Antioch Wednesday evening.

The picnic season here has been postponed on account of bad roads and weather.

Wm. Chope, Miss Carrie Bater and Miss Florence Cain attended services at Zion on Monday.

The hotels and boarding houses here are doing a fine business in spite of the bad weather.

Mr. Jamison who has been the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Taylor returned to St. Louis Wednesday.

Miss Vinnie Jamison, of Kenosha, who has been visiting friends here, returned home Wednesday.

James Pollock left Monday morning on a business trip to Belvidere and other points in Illinois.

The department store being built by Wm. McCann at Loon Lake will soon be ready for business.

Col. Charles B. Clayton who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth will leave for Salt Lake Saturday.

The many friends of George Stewart will be pleased to learn that he is much better and gaining strength rapidly.

The entertainment given by Miss Talmadge, Miss Partridge and Miss Garnel at the church Saturday was a great success.

The grand ball given by Mr. Hoffman for the dedication of his new barn Thursday evening was a grand affair. Music was furnished by the orchestra that made Milwaukee famous.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 25 July 1902
Miss Clara Patterson, of Lockport has been visiting the last two weeks with numerous friends here.

Mrs. Elmer Cannon, Carrie Bater and their cousin, Mrs. Cane, of Boston, went to the city Wednesday for a visit.

The ladies' aid society met last Thursday with Mrs. Jas. H. Bonner.

Mrs. Florence Gray, of Yankton, is visiting her aunt and cousin at Lake Villa.

Rev. Mr. Mitchell did not preach at Druces Lake on account of the rain.

Henry Edmonds is building a nice barn on the Gerry farm which he owns. Frank Yule is doing the work.

Will Stewart and E. A. Martin were in the city Tuesday. Of course they were caught in the rain.

Miss Edith Stewart, daughter of John Stewart, of St. Anthony Falls, Minn., is here visiting her Stewart relatives.

Miss Annie Walker, a niece of Mrs. Peter Strang, is here from Duluth, Minn.

Mrs. Ione Taylor Jameson and son started for Detroit Wednesday to visit her husband's people.

When the church history was written up it was not known that a single one of the charter members was living. It is now learned that Mrs. Merrill Pearson, of Bloomington, is still living and bright and well at the advanced age of eighty-eight years, and would have been glad to have come with her daughter Lydia to the church anniversary. Since the death of Mrs. Lydia Stewart no communication has been held with the Pearson family, so all knowledge of them had been lost. Seeing an account of the sixtieth anniversary in the Advance, Mrs. Lydia Pearson Sherman wrote a letter to G. L. Stewart telling how glad they would have been to come. Much regret is felt that an effort was not made to find them, as it would have been a great joy to have had a charter member here after sixty years' standing of the church. The letter to Mr. Stewart was read in the church last Sunday. Many of their intimate friends are still living and would have given them a warm welcome. It was a last opportunity of seeing and hearing this dear friend of former days.

from Antioch News31 July 1902
James Pollock returned Saturday after a trip through central Illinois.

A large number of our people attended the picnic at Hickory last Thursday.

Miss Edith Stewart, of St. Paul, is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart.

Watch out for the Cantata of Roses to be given at the church in the near future.

Mr. Richard Pantall returned from Chicago Sunday after a few days absence.

W. B. Stewart, E. A. Martin and C. B. Cummings were Chicago visitors last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cannon, Mrs. Bater and Mrs. Cain were Waukegan visitors Friday.

Col. C. B. Clayton postponed his trip to Salt Lake one week on account of the weather.

Miss Carrie Bater and Mrs. Florence Cain were visitors to Jackson Park, Chicago, Wednesday.

Mrs. Wentworth entertained a small party Thursday evening in honor of Mrs. Cain of Dorchester, Mass.

Mr. George Stewart has improved so much that he will be taken to his home in Waukegan Tuesday or Wednesday.

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