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Newspaper Clippings for
April, 1902

from Antioch News3 April 1902
The small-pox scare is over.

The parsonage is finally finished.

The church was very nicely decorated for Easter.

Another couple is soon to leave for Oklahoma, "thats what".

And there were a great many new bonnets and hats to be seen.

Richard Pantall was in Chicago on business a few days last week.

Your correspondent was in Chicago two weeks therefore no items.

Herb Mathews returned Saturday from a trip through Wisconsin.

The dancing club meets Tuesday evenings at the Masonic hall.

E. A. Martin and Roy Hughes were Chicago visitors Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Strang have left Arizona and are now in California.

The lumber yard to be opened here by C. B. Cummings will soon be ready.

Mrs. Mathews who has been in California the past winter is soon expected home.

Rev. and Mrs. George. A. Mitchell returned from their wedding tour Friday evening.

Miss Maud Hughes who has been visiting in Chicago returned home Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cummings and Miss Carrie Bater were Chicago visitors last week.

The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lucas last week and left a fine boy.

The Ping Pong club will meet Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at Young's hall.

Edward Scoville, of Hickory, committed suicide Friday morning, no cause for it is known.

Wm. B. Stewart has been appointed administrator of the estate of the late Jane Anderson.

Mrs. Archibald Brown and son Warren, of Chicago, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth, on Thursday.

The Pilgrim Gold Mining company was organized here last week with Peter Strang as president, E. Dodge secretary and treasurer and Louis R. Dyer consulting engineer.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 09 April 1902
Mr. Ingalls was out to his farm last Saturday.

Criss VanPatten has returned from Iowa, where he has been for several weeks.

Rev. and Mrs. Mitchell got home last Friday. They are now busy moving into the parsonage.

John Bonner has fully recovered from his recent long sickness of several weeks.

Frank Lucas and his sisters Susie and Anna went to Hickory, Saturday afternoon to Mr. Scoville's funeral.

Easter services were held in this church, all the children did very well. The singing was much enjoyed by all especially Gussie and Hazel Thain's and little Dorothy Barstow in her fine recitation. There were beautiful flowers sent to Miss Kittie Smith by the Evanston Smiths which are always taken into the church for Easter every year. So Mrs. Smith is "ever remembered by what she has done."

John Cunningham is quite seriously sick with heart trouble.

from Antioch News10 April 1902
Mrs. Trotter gave a candy pull Friday evening.

Mrs. Dr. Taylor is visiting her son at Lilly Lake.

There is some talk of a summer hotel being built here.

The first meeting of the ping pong club was well attended.

Mr. Lewis R. Dyer left Thursday for a short visit to Chicago.

Wm Stewart and Mrs. Geo. Strang were Waukegan visitors Friday.

Mr. William White transacted business in Waukegan Wednesday.

Miss Carrie Bater returned Saturday from a weeks visit at Gurnee.

The debates at the Literary club are very interesting and attract large crowds.

Mrs. R. Pantall returned Monday evening after a short visit to Chicago Lawn.

Mrs. Richard Pantall entertained a party of ten for dinner Thursday evening.

Herb Mathews has gone into the painting business, his outside work is very good.

Mrs. Wm. Mavor, of Chicago, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang, Friday.

The base ball season is about to open. The Millburn club is open for challenge from any club in Lake County.

Mr. Goodham, of Waukegan, will lecture at the Millburn Congregational church the evening of April 22. Subject My Trip Around the World.

Mr. W. G. Thom and Mr. Albert Spafford were appointed a committee for a meeting Saturday evening, which did not take place owing to the small attendance.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 15 April 1902
Dr. and Mrs. Taylor went to the city last Friday to visit their son Edwin Taylor and family. Mrs. Taylor went out to Lilly Lake Saturday to visit her son Dr. Ralph Taylor. She returned home Monday evening.

Miss Kittie Smith made a business trip to the city Tuesday.

Carrie Bater goes to Kenosha Thursday for two weeks.

Criss Neilson is sick at Mr. Elmer Cannons.

Ed Martin and Will Stewart were in Waukegan Wednesday.

Mrs. Geo. Strang visited her sister Mrs. Miller Wednesday.

Mr. Ocker lost a valuable horse last Saturday, one of his fine carriage horses.

Leverett H. Gorham will give a talk on his travels six years around the world. Mr. Gorham has been in several interesting and historic places, India, Egypt and Europe, was at the Paris and Buffalo Expositions etc., all are invited to hear him Tuesday April 22nd, at 8 o'clock.

Miss Mavor of Chicago, came up Friday to bid her mother and father "good by" before starting to California. She started Monday morning for Los Angeles where her brother John M. Strang and wife are now stopping. Mrs. John M. Strang reports her health as quite good.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Nickirk have a little daughter.

Mrs. Ocker of Spring Valley farm, went to Polo, Ills., for a weeks visit with her parents. She and her little son returned home Monday.

Mrs. Pantall returned from Mrs. N. R. Adams at Chicago Lawn Monday.

Rev. Mr. Mitchell will hold a memorial service in the church next Sunday morning for Miss Jane Anderson.

from Antioch News17 April 1902
E. A. Martin took a trip to Chicago on Tuesday.

Miss Carrie Bater is visiting in Kenosha this week.

No challenge has yet been received by our base ball club.

H. H. Harris returned Monday from a short visit to Chicago.

Rev. and Mrs. Geo. A. Mitchell were Chicago visitors last week.

Mrs. Irma Strang was visiting for several days in Antioch last week.

Mrs. W. F. Wentworth left for Chicago Monday morning for a week's visit.

E. A. Martin and Col. Wm. B. Stewart transacted business in Waukegan on Wednesday.

John A. Thain returned Thursday evening from a week's trip through Central Illinois.

The beer was stored in a house on South street, but the person who had the key lost it. "That's what."

Memorial services were given at the Congregational church Sunday morning for Miss Jane Anderson.

Mr. Jamison, of Libertyville, who has been visiting his son, Dr. H. E. Jamison, returned home Thursday.

The meeting called for last Thursday night was again a failure. Why not appoint another committee?

The reception of the guests from Wadsworth was quite shabby. But they managed to get home all right.

from Antioch News24 April 1902
Fowler Farm's magnificent prize winning stallion makes a stand at Millburn, (Simonson-Thayer) farm, Monday, April 28, and every two weeks thereafter.

The prospect for the new hotel is rather slim.

The Physical Culture club will soon be reorganized.

Mrs. Wentworth returned from Chicago Saturday evening.

John Strang and Jas. Pollock were Chicago visitors last week.

Mrs. Ward Bain is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang.

Alfred Bain, of Lake Villa, was here for a day or two last week.

The stock in the Pilgrim Gold Mining company is selling fast.

Mr. Arthur Spafford, of Chicago, spent Sunday here with his family.

Miss Carrie Bater returned home Saturday evening after a weeks absence.

The beer was all gone so the meeting Saturday night had to be postponed.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cummings and Clareirce took the train for Chicago Monday.

Rev. Mr. Scott, of Chicago, occupied the pulpit of the Congregational church Sunday morning.

Roy Hughes, of Chicago visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes, Saturday and Sunday.

The lecture, "My Trip Around the World" by Mr. Gorham at the church Tuesday evening was largely attended.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 28 April 1902
Mr. Sutherland has been quite sick the last week under the doctor's care.

Miss Mitchell from Kenosha, came Monday to visit her brother Rev. Geo. Mitchell. She started this week for California, to join her aunt Miss Geo. Yule.

W. B. Stewart went to Ingleside, Fox Lake, Monday and brought Mrs. Geo. Strang home from a week's visit with her sons Will and Eugene.

Carrie Bater got home last Saturday and all were pleased to see her in the choir Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Stewart called at Will Stewart's Tuesday.

Mrs. Stephen Payne from Kalmazoo, Mich., visited at her brother James Pollock's, last week. She went to Ivanhoe the first of the week to visit friends there.

Rev. Dr. Scott spoke here last Sunday morning in the interest of the Bible Society. He showed that Chicago is one of the worst places in the world on the one hand, and one of the best places on the other hand. He preached a fine sermon in the evening.

Mr. Pollock and Mr. Pantall went to Waukegan Monday to attend Mr. Hutchinson's funeral, also Mr. and Mrs. George Stephens.

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