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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1902

from Antioch News2 January 1902
Mrs. Yule spent her Christmas in Waukegan.

Ernest White is home from school for the holidays.

James Pollock was a Milwaukee visitor last week.

Ralph and Arthur Spafford were home for Christmas.

E. A Martin and Mrs. John A. Strang were Waukegan visitors Monday.

Mrs. Norman Adams and daughters returned to Chicago Saturday.

Miss Kitty Vandere, of Chicago, has been visiting friends here the past week.

The creamery company, Robert L. Strang and W. F. Wentworth, had their ice house filled last week.

The church was crowded Thursday evening for the children's Christmas tree. The entertainment was good and all went home happy.

The annual meeting of the Millburn Insurance Company for the election of officers for the ensuing year will be held in Millburn Saturday, Jan. 11, 1902.

Mrs. Robert L. Strang, Mrs. W. F. Wentworth, Miss Jessie Strang, Miss Carrie Bater, Rev. George Mitchell were in Chicago Christmas night to hear the Oratorio of the Messiah given by the Apolo Musical club at the Auditorium.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 3 January 1902
Clarence Stewart son of John Stewart of St. Anthony Park, Minn., is visiting among his numerous relatives here, Stewarts, Bonners and Thains.

Alice Jamieson is out from the city for a holiday vocation.

The various ice houses have been filled the past week with a very good quality of ice.

John Wedge has been sick most of the time since his son's death. Much sympathy is felt for him.

Mrs. Wentworth has been sick several days, but is now on the gain.

John Adams a former Millburn boy rejoiced some of his old friends by a friendly call last Tuesday. Not one of the large Adams family of years ago now live here.

The church held its annual business meeting last Saturday Robert Lincoln Strang was again elected treasurer. The church has a meeting next Monday and the trustees have a meeting in three weeks to report their work.

Alice and Helen Dodge and Vera Worden will go back to Rochester to school next Monday.

Earnest and Earl White will go back to Champaign to school Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grice of Waukegan, were out to John Wedges for New Year.

James Duncan of Chicago, is visiting at Peter Strang's.

Wm. White's family dined with Andrew White's family at Loon Lake New Years day.

Carrie Bater went to Somers, Thursday.

A watch meeting was held in the church Tuesday night after the small woman from Greenland had finished her lecture on Life in Greenland. No one wants to go there to live.

from Antioch News9 January 1902
David Young was a city visitor Monday.

Robert Jamison was home from Chicago Wednesday.

Robert L. Strang transacted business in Waukegan Friday.

The Ladies Aid Society will meet with Mrs. Geo. Strang Thursday.

A very pretty social was given by Mrs. Irma Strang Thursday evening.

The lecture at the church Tuesday evening drew out a large attendance.

E. A. Martin left for Chicago Tuesday morning to be absent several days.

The Rev. Geo. Mitchell has received a new lot of marriage certificates. Next.

Miss Carrie Bater left Thursday morning for Southern Wisconsin to be absent some weeks.

Miss Kittie L. Smith and Clarence Cummings were in Chicago Wednesday and Thursday.

Lloyd White and E. A. Martin attended the masquerade ball at Antioch on New Years eve.

Col. and Mrs. Wm. B. Stewart took in the church entertainment at Waukegan Monday evening.

Mrs. Mary Bater and a few ladies of the village sent their annual Christmas box to the Englewood nursery.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 13 January 1902
Robert Jamieson who is employed by the Telephone company, Chicago, was out home all last week. He went back to the city Sunday night.

Mrs. R. L. Strang gave a party to the young folks last Friday evening.

Janette Rose of Rochester was down to his uncle John Rose's during the holiday vacation.

Helen and Alice Dodge and Vera Worden, also Leslie Bonner all returned to school Monday at Rochester, Wis.

Mr. and Mrs. Charley Humphrey went to California about three weeks ago. Mr. Humphrey had a serious time going. He was sick on the way and when they reached a high altitude he fainted away and is reported quite sick now.

The ladies aid society will meet Thursday at Mrs. George Strang's. Being a central place there is always a large attendance.

E. A. Martin and Robert Strang and wife were all in the city Tuesday.

Harold Minto has gone back to Champaign to college; also Earl White.

Grace Gravlin is attending school in Marengo this winter.

Clarence Bonner has gone to Peoria to school and Gordon to Champaign.

The ladies will serve the usual dinner at the Millburn Insurance meeting Saturday.

John A. Thain's little son James L. Thain is reported sick with the measles.

Mrs. Dr. Jamieson, Mrs. Wm. White and Mrs. Robert L. Strang responded to the invitation to attend the ladies' aid society at Antioch Wednesday.

At a meeting in the church last Monday it was decided to hold a jubilee meeting in this church the last of June to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the organization of the church by Dr. Flavel Bascom (now deceased.) All ministers known to be living who have been called to preach here will be invited to come and take part in festivities which are expected to last three days. Rev. Mr. Bingham, of Daytona, Fla. Rev. Mr. Clark, Watson B. Millard, Norman Millard, James W. Campbell, Rev. Dr. Thain and others will be invited to come and add their testimony to the general fund.

Mr. and Mrs. Tower have returned from a visit in the city.

Miss Carrie Bater returned Thursday from her visit in Kenosha.

As Carrie Bater was absent from the choir last Sunday Gussie and Hazel Thain sang in her place.

The Bairstows were up from Gageslake Sunday to church.

Danforth B. Patterson was born in the town of Westmoreland, Oneida county, N. Y., Dec. 1839 and passed away at his home near Gurnee on the morning of Jan. 2, 1902. He came west in the spring of 1866 and had resided here most of the time since. March 5, 1874, he was married to Miss Ellen Harvey who survives him. He was a kind good husband, a true friend and neighbor and an honest and upright man in all his dealings. He came from a good family who have all gone before him to the land "Where no storms ever beat, where no tears ever fall, and the years of eternity roll."

from Antioch News16 January 1902
Mr. George Kennedy was in Chicago Monday.

The stork is flying around the house up on the hill.

W. G. Thom paid a flying visit to Lake Villa late Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cannon were Waukegan visitors Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Strang were Chicago visitors Monday.


Ralph Spafford returned home from Waukegan, Thursday, quite ill.

Lord Sailsbury has purchased the Smith farm northwest of the village.

A large body of men assisted by the trustees are at work on the parsonage.

Standing room only at the debate of the Literary society Friday night at Masonic hall.

We with others attended the Ladies' Aid society at Antioch Wednesday but arrived to late for the Chicken pie.

At the annual meeting of the Ladies' Aid society held Thursday, the following officers were elected, Mrs. Fannie Bonner, President; Mrs. Elmer Cannon, Vice President; Miss Jennie Strang, Secretary; and Mrs. James Jamison, Treasurer.

The Millburn Mutual Insurance company held their annual meeting for the election of officers and other business Saturday last. The following were elected: Hon. George Stephens, President; John A. Thain, Secretary; W. B. Stewart, Treasurer; Daniel Lee, Southern Director; A. B. Whitmore, Northern Director; Elmer Pollock, Central Director.

The Hon. Frank Fowler was present and made a short speech but did not mention Carter H. I also noticed as being present Mr. Johnson, Editor of the Antioch News.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 22 January 1902
Mrs. Trotter is visiting her daughter Mrs. Alfred Bain at Lake Villa this week.

John Trotter has so far recovered from his long serious sickness as to be able to go out a little.

Rev. Mr. Mitchell went to the city Monday on business

Dr. and Mrs. Taylor dined with Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart attended the concert at the Congregational church in Waukegan Tuesday evening.

The annual meeting of the ladies' aid society was held at Mrs. Geo. Strang's last Thursday. Mrs. James Bonner was chosen president, Mrs. James Jamieson treasurer, and Miss Jessie Strang was chosen secretary.

Miss Emily Wynn came out Thursday with Carrie Bater for her annual visit.

Ward Bain, of Somers, was in Millburn Tuesday trying to find some Strang relatives. He reports having sold his store at Somers.

Jessie Strang visited a few days in the city this week.

John Stephens has been having a serious time with an abscess on his neck.

Rev. Mr. Mitchell officiated at Mr. Dwight Harvey's funeral: also at Mr. Patterson's.

E. A. Martin and Guy Hughes went up to Hickory to the oyster supper Wednesday evening.

Wm. Thom Jr., went to the city Saturday on business.

The Insurance Company held their annual meeting last Saturday. Geo. Stephens was re-elected president, John A. Thain, secretary; Will Stewart, treasurer. The ladies took in some over $20 for dinner.

The A. F. & A. M. will hold their installation and supper Thursday the 23rdof January.

from Antioch News23 January 1902
There were only eight on hand Saturday afternoon.

Miss Jessie Strang was a Chicago visitor Wednesday.

W. B. Stewart is in Waukegan this week on jury duty.

Alfred Spafford, of Denver, Col., arrived home Thursday evening.

Mrs. Robert L. Strang entertained a large party Thursday evening.

Miss Emily Wynn, of Waukegan is a guest of Miss Carrie Bater.

Miss Carrie Bater returned Thursday after a two weeks absence.

Rev. Geo. Mitchell was a Chicago visitor Monday and Tuesday of last week.

The Literary club had another large crowd at the debate Friday evening.

The engagement of Miss Jessie Strang and Rev. Geo. A. Mitchell has been announced.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang have returned home after an absence of two months in the city.

At the meeting of the church society Saturday it was voted to retain Rev. Geo. A. Mitchell for another year.

Mrs. Wm. B. Stewart entertained a party of young people at her home Saturday evening.

I noticed among the audience at the church entertainment in Waukegan Tuesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart and Miss Carrie Bater of Millburn.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 28 January 1902
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang returned Saturday from their long visit with their daughter Mrs. Mavor, of Chicago, and Mrs. Ward Bain of Somers.

Mrs. Walter Palmer went to Lake Villa Saturday to remain for a few days' visit.

Mrs. Erma Strang gave a tea party Thursday evening. Mrs. W. B. Stewart gave a tea party Saturday evening and Mrs. Wentworth gave a tea party Monday evening.

Ralph Spafford is home from Waukegan.

Mr. and Mrs. John Thain, visited in Waukegan last Saturday.

James Jamieson was in Waukegan Monday on business.

At last the old Bain farm that has been so long on the market, is sold. Wm. Thom Jr., is the buyer. He will take possession in March.

Mabel Shaw, of Wadsworth, spent Sunday in Millburn.

Miss Lilly Watson of Antioch, attended church here Sunday with her friend, Maud Hughes.

Mr. Wentworth was called to the city Wednesday by the death of his sister Mrs. Riley, of Lawndale. The funeral Thursday at 11 o'clock, interment at Rose Hill.

A recent letter from Phoenix, Arizona, from Mrs. J. M. Strang reports her health is not improving as she had hoped for in that warm climate.

John Trotter hopes to be able to attend the Masons banquet and installation Thursday evening.

All enjoyed having Carrie Bater back in the choir last Sunday. She will go to Antioch this week.

Emily Wynn returned to Waukegan Tuesday.

Rev. Mr. Mitchell will remain another year with the Millburn church at the same salary.

Mr. Starkweather who has been in Belvidere the last two months returned Wednesday night.

Mrs. Robert Strang Sr., is not able to go out any on account of a very sore foot.

Wm. McGuire of Gurnee has bought George Kennedy's and Edward's farm known as the Mrs. Hill farm. Mr. McGuire was a Millburn boy and all his old friends will be pleased to see him back here as a neighbor.

A. G. Spafford came home last Thursday from Denver, Col., where he has been a year and a half. He and Sumner are in a music store and also have some interest in mining. Miss Emma is giving music lessons there and is quite well.

from Antioch News30 January 1902
William Chope is busy exercising a new 2:10 horse.

The parsonage will be ready about the first of March.

Richard Pantall has been on the sick list for several days.

Miss Jessie Strang was a Waukegan visitor Thursday.

Mr. Starkweather, of Belvidere, was here for a few days last week.

Mrs. Mary Bater had a few guests at dinner Tuesday evening.

C. B. Cummings was a Chicago visitor for several days last week.

Mrs. Wentworth entertained a small party of friends Monday evening.

The hill farm south of the village has been sold to Mr. McGuire of Hickory.

Wm. G. Thom has purchased the Thain farm just west of the village and will move there about March 1st.

There is a rumor that the general store of John M. Strang will soon be opened by a new proprietor.

Mr. W. F. Wentworth was called to the city Tuesday by the death of his sister, Mrs. Wm. H. Riley.

The installation of the officers of the Masonic lodge took place Thursday evening after which the members and invited guests partook of an oyster supper.

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