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Newspaper Clippings for
April, 1901

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily News 2 April 1901
Results in Townships out side of Waukegan
Results in several of the different townships are given below, the vote in each case being unusually large.
At Newport
The Republican ticket elected Newport township was as follows:
Supervisor, G. B. Stephens.
Town Clerk, J. G. Welch.
Assessor, J. A. Hoffman.
Collector, Philip Bensinger.
Commissioner of Highways, James Bartlett.

from Antioch News04 April 1901
The Physical Culture Society comes high, but we must have it.

Mrs. J. M. Strang entertained a large company of friends Thursday evening.

C. B. Cummings, Geo. Gerrity and Mr. Harris were Chicago visitors last week.

Miss Jessie Strang who has been absent several months is expected home this week.

The church furniture is expected to arrive next week on special train from Grand Rapids.

Quite a number of our young people will attend the Easter cotillion at Antioch Monday evening.

William Chope will manage the mail route while W. G. Thom, the contractor, takes his usual spring vacation.

William McCann, who has been absent for the past year, has returned, and is the guest of Mrs. John Cunningham.

Mrs. Norman Adams and children, of Chicago, arrived Sunday evening and are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pantall.

For Sale: A quantity of good seed oats, free from foul seed. Jens Simonson, Millburn, Ill.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily News 6 April 1901
After a vacation of two weeks the schools have reopened.

Mrs. Norman Adams and children visited Mrs. Pantall this week.

The Physical Culture class met with Mrs. Will Stewart last Friday.

Miss Jessie Strang who has been away the past winter is expected home this week.

Among the Chicago visitors this week were Messers. M. Mitchell, E. A. Martin, Mrs. Dr. Jamison and Mrs. I. M. Strang.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Strang entertained thirty young people last Thursday and on Tuesday of this week again entertained another large assembly. All unite in saying they are royal entertainers.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 06 April 1901
Miss Euna Minto of Beloit College had a week's vacation at home and returned to school Wednesday.

George Miller who has been quite sick is able to be up again.

Isabella Dietmeyer and her brother Phillip are home from Lake Forest during the last week, both having had the mumps. The children at home took the mumps from them, also their mother so they have had quite a serious time, Mrs. Dietmeyer being very sick several days. Isabella and Phillip returned to school Wednesday.

Miss Garrity is still in the city not being able to return to her home here as yet.

Mrs. Norman Adams and her daughter Mabel went back to the city Wednesday morning after a few days visit at home.

E. A. Martin went to the city Wednesday with his sister Mrs. Adams.

Mrs. Dr. Jamison and Mrs. John M. Strang went to Chicago Thursday on business.

from Antioch News11 April 1901
Long distance telephone will soon be established here.

Levi R. Dyer, of Chicago, is a guest of Frank Wentworth.

John M. Strang and Ed Martin took in Waukegan Monday.

Mrs. Laura Brigham, of Chicago, is the guest of Mrs. Richard Pantall.

Why don't the Road Commissioners wake up and put the roads in shape?

Mrs. C. B. Cummings returned Saturday after a few days visit to Racine, Wis.

The Easter Services at the church Sunday were very fine and the church crowded.

Mrs. Norman Adams and children have returned to their home at Chicago Lawn.

The Physical Culture Society appeared in new uniforms at their last meeting, which was held at Mrs. Dr. Jamison's.

Rev. Geo. Mitchell, E. A. Martin, Mrs. Dr. Jamison, Mrs. J. M. Strang and Mrs. Wentworth were Chicago visitors last week.

The Debating Society met at the church last Thursday afternoon and adjourned for one week when the subject for debate will be given out.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 11 April 1901
Mr. Dyer of Chicago is a guest at Mr. Wentworth's.

J. M. Strang, Wm. Stewart and E. A. Martin were in Waukegan on business Monday.

Miss Lucy Stafford planned a nice little surprise for her mother on her recent birthday the 3rd of April.

Miss Laura Brigham of Chicago is visiting her aunt Mrs. Pantall.

Mrs. and Mr. John Thain have a young son about a week old; all rejoice with them.

Mrs. George Strang went to Ingleside Thursday to visit her two sons, Will Strang and Eugene and family. Her sons have a large store there.

Mr. Wentworth was in Antioch Wednesday.

Mrs. George Hardie of Waukegan is at her brother John Thain's admiring the new only son.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bain of Lake Villa attended the Easter Sunday service here and kindly assisted in the choir.

Easter services were held in the church and were better than usual. The S. S. Supt. conducted the service. Mr. Dodge is the worthy and honored superintendent. The church was beautifully decorated with flowers, palms, etc. Miss Kittie Smith and Mrs. J. M. Strang always take into the church their finest plants and flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Bairstow made a generous contribution of lovely flowers from the city and Mrs. George Smith of Evanston mother of James Henry Smith, the millionaire always sends a collection of roses and lillies which adds greatly to the beauty of the church

choir were our....organists Mrs. Jessie Ha....and Miss Jessie Strang.....Jamison, Miss Carrie Bater and Mrs. Erma Strang, Ralph...., Mr. Bairstow, Geo. Dodge, Edwin Thom and our favorite .....Alfred Bain of Lak....Forest? The sining and music was beautiful. The infant class....led by Mrs. Dr. Jamieson...everyone. Gussie Thain's....enjoyed by all present....house was well filled. Rev. Mitchell made a short address...for the occasion. All....feeling the uplift of the Easter Sunday service.

Andrew White of Loon Lake and his daughter Miss Cora White were at church Sunday.

loose clipping, source unknown 15 April 1901
At nine o'clock on Monday morning, April 15th, 1901, the spirit of Mrs. Mary Kerr took its flight to its eternal rest.
She was born in Annan, Scotland, June 20, 1817. She was of a family of nine children. Her father died when she was eleven years old, but her mother lived to the ripe old age of 87 years.
The deceased was married to Thomas Kerr in 1841. To this union were born seven children, six girls and one boy, of which five daughters and one son are left to mourn their loss.
Soon after her marriage she and her husband started on their journey to America. They lived in Canada about three years, then came to the vicinity of Lake Villa, where she lived up to the time of her death.
Sister Kerr united with the Presbyterian church of Scotland in early youth and lived a faithful, consistent, and conscientious Christian life until death.
Through her last illness she manifested the true Christian spirit of patience and trust in God. A short time before her death she was heard to say "Jesus doeth all things for the best."
Sister Kerr was of such a character that she will be greatly missed in the vicinity. Her kindness to others, her charity and tender care in times of sickness endeared her to all who knew her. To say that she will be missed at home does not at all express the feelings of the family. Although the children have grown to maturity, and the most of them have left the parental homestead and founded homes of their own, yet they anticipated their visit home with great joy and pleasure because mother was there to greet them and to welcome them.
But the rocker at the window is now empty, her voice which was so often heard in words of cheer, comfort and guidance to the family will be heard no more. She is gone, but while we cannot bring her back we can go to her.
The hymn, Rock of Ages, well expressed her faith and trust in God from youth to old age and death.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily News 16 April 1901
Mr. and Mrs. Pollock were Waukegan visitors last week.

Mr. Wentworth and E. A. Martin were Antioch visitors Wednesday.

Miss Laura Brigham, of Chicago, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Pantall.

Lewis R. Dyer is visiting Mr. Wentworth and enjoying the fine spring weather.

Miss Katherine Smith and Mr. Mitchell were among the Chicago visitors this week.

Mrs. George Garrity is expected home Saturday. Her health being very much improved by her trip to Chicago.

Mr. Thain is the happiest man in Lake County. The reason is the arrival of a nine pound boy last Monday.

Easter morning services were given over to the children, who gave recitations, songs, duets, etc. In the evening Mr. Mitchell preached a fine sermon on "Christ is Risen," and the choir sang several beautiful selections. A large number were in attendance at both services and all admired the beautiful decorations of palms, flowers, etc.

from Antioch News18 April 1901
The Barston's have a fine new turn-out.

The summer boarders have commenced to arrive.

Miss Carrie Bater is off on a vacation this week.

Miss L. Smith was in Chicago last week on business.

W. G. Thom started on his annual tour Friday morning.

Richard Pantall and Miss Adams left for Chicago Monday.

The Pink Teas given by the Physical Culture Club are a great success.

Mrs. George Gerrity arrived home Saturday much improved in health.

Miss Alice Judson and Miss Jamison were visitors to Waukegan last week.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Strang are happy over the large increase in their family on Sunday.

What's the matter with Ed. Martin? A carload of household furniture arrived for him last week. Is he going to surprise us?

The Easter bonnets and hats made their first appearance at church last Sunday - the weather Easter Sunday preventing it.

The question before the Debating Society last Thursday was " Can a Banker Pay 15 per cent Interest and Have the Principal Ready to Pay Over When Called For?" W. G. Thom made a forcible speaker in its favor and was replied to by several others, but the matter was left to the judge who will decide April 25th.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 19 April 1901
Miss Jessie Strang visited in the city with Miss Alice Jamison over Saturday and Sunday and returned Monday evening.

Mrs. Walter Lucas spent last week at Trevor with her mother and father.

Mrs. Geo. Gerrity and her mother came up from Chicago Saturday. Mrs. Gerrity is very much better.

Wm. Chope now drives the mail coach for Wm. Thom.

Mr. Pantall went to the city with little Bae Adam the first of the week and stayed a few days.

Arthur Spafford and his sister Lucy and Maud Hughes visited Waukegan a few days returning Monday.

In the absence of all the Jessies, Miss Vera Worden played the organ for the choir Sunday. Ralph Spafford sang a piece most beautifully.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang and their son John M. went to the city Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Strang will visit their daughter Mrs. Mavor a week or two after which they will go to Somers, Wis., to visit Mrs. Brain and Mrs. Frank Yule.

The subject of street lamps is stirring the enterprising leaders of this suburb, led on by Mr. Mitchell who has not been used to darkness.

Miss Carrie Bater is spending the week at Rosecrans.

Miss Brigham and Mr. Martin dined with Mrs. J. Monteath Strang Thursday.

Laura Brigham returned to the city Friday after a two weeks visit at Mrs. Pantall's.

from Antioch News25 April 1901
Bad weather; not much news.

Miss Carrie Bater returned Saturday quite ill.

The stork is flying and it is expected to alight this week.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Strang were Waukegan visitors Saturday.

John Strang and Rev. George Mitchell were Chicago visitors last week.

Mrs. J. M. Strang entertained a small party of friends at dinner Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner celebrated their 25th anniversary on the 19th of April.

The debating society will meet Thursday afternoon when the celebrated case will be decided.

Mrs. Laura Britton, who has been visiting Mrs. Pantall, returned to Chicago on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang, Sr., left on Wednesday for Chicago to be absent several weeks.

E. A. Martin left Monday morning for Chicago, while there will visit 10, 20, 30 Madison street.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrington, from Iowa, were guests of Mrs. C. B. Cummings Saturday and Sunday.

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