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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1900

from Antioch News6 December 1900
James Pollock returned Saturday after a three weeks' trip through Iowa.

Mrs. W. C. Thom is visiting her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Harris, at Dwight, Ill.

Ed Taylor spent Thanksgiving and balance of the week with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Taylor.

Dr. and Mrs. Tombaugh, of Waukegan, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Pantall on Thanksgiving day.

Dr. Maxon and Mr. Blows, of Waukegan, were entertained by Mrs. Robert L. Strang Thanksgiving.

Dr. Maxon's lecture at the church on Thanksgiving night was well attended, two hundred being present. The lecture and stereopticon views very good; only the Doctor was a little on Geysers.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 7 December 1900
Miss Wright, of Marshfield, Wis., is a guest at Mrs. George Strang's.

Mrs. Norman Adams and children returned to the city Monday after visiting a few days at her old home.

Edwin Taylor who is now a law student in the city, was home for Thanksgiving and went out hunting squirrels and such like. He enjoyed it exceedingly.

Mr. Pollock has returned from Iowa. He has been sick with typhoid fever for three or four weeks but seems to be recovering.

Mr. Royer and family moved to Carroll county this week.

Ten families and heads of houses have moved from here since the first of September. We hope the tide will turn soon.

Mrs. Thain is reported better and gaining.

George Kennedy who was so seriously hurt by falling with a staging just before election has so far recovered under the skillful treatment of Dr. Jamison as to be able to ride to Millburn Tuesday.

Mr. William Thom, Sr., went to the city Tuesday to see the fat stock show.

Mr. Starkweather of Belvidere who was our highly esteemed neighbor a few years ago called today on some of his Millburn friends.

Lloyd White, Guy Hughes, and Lewis Gullege all went to the city to see the fat stock show Monday.

Herbert Todd of Chicago, and Dr. and Mrs. Tombaugh of Waukegan dined with Mr. and Mrs. Pantall Thanksgiving.

George Stewart who has been sick for some time has, under the skillful treatment of Dr. Tombaugh, recovered sufficiently to be able to go out to the family reunion Thanksgiving which was held at Peter Stewart's this year. All were delighted to see Mrs. Florence Stewart Gray of Yankton, there.

Miss Carrie Bater and Vivian Bonner made a business trip to the city Saturday.

Miss L. K. Smith was in the city on business Monday.

Thomas Anderson and his little daughter, Maud, of Iola, Kansas made a short visit at Mrs. Strang's this week.

Miss Jessie Strang will go to New Cambria, Missouri next week to attend the wedding of her cousin Maggie Hughes.

Dr. Maxson gave his illustrated lecture on Yellowstone Park Thanksgiving evening which was highly appreciated by all who were present. The apparatus for showing the pictures is perfect, throwing the pictures on the canvass with a strong light and bringing them out so plain and large you seem to be right there looking at the real thing instead of a picture. Every man, woman and child in Lake county and everywhere else ought to see them. We would be glad to see it the second time; it teaches something and is highly entertaining.

from Antioch News13 December 1900
Watch for the Christmas tree.

Miss Carrie Bater and Miss Vivian Bonner were in the city Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cummings took in the fat stock show last week.

E. A. Martin started for Chicago on Wednesday to purchase Christmas presents.

Miss Jessie Strang left Tuesday for a three months visit with friends in southern Indiana and Missouri.

The fair given by the ladies for the benefit of the church was a success, large attendance and all the articles sold.

The musical convention opened Friday evening last and will close Tuesday evening, Dec. 18, with a grand concert under the direction of Prof. Dunham of Chicago.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 15 December 1900
Mrs. Florence Stuart Gray is a visitor at her uncle's Wm. Stewart's.

Miss Jessie Strang started for New Cambria, Mo., Tuesday. She will be away several weeks. She has gone to attend the wedding of her cousin Margaret Hughes to Arthur Phillips of Topeka, Kansas.

E. A. Martin was in the city Wednesday and Thursday.

Prof. Dunham of Chicago is holding a very interesting singing convention here. Prof. Dunham is a musical man through and through. He plays on everything and sings beautifully and can beat anyone we ever heard whistling, so the closing concert will comprise some unique and entertaining exercises which all will appreciate. All who attend will feel well repaid.

The ladies held their Fair, last Thursday and although it was a bad day, and evening, it was a great success. They took in one hundred dollars. E. A. Martin and George Garrity made themselves very useful in putting up the booths and helping the ladies get things in order for the occasion.

We are informed there is to be a Christmas tree and entertainment Christmas eve so all can come and help get the tree ready. Of course, everybody is invited.

Mrs. Robert Strang Sr. and Mrs. Wentworth are both on the sick list.

The Musical Convention under the direction of Prof. Dunham at the Congregational church will close with a grand concert on Monday evening Dec. 17. A new and lively program of vocal and instrumental music will be given. All are invited. Popular prices of admission.

from Antioch News20 December 1900
W. B. Stewart, who has been quite ill, is recovering.

Christmas tree at the church for the children Christmas Eve.

Miss Kittie L. Smith & Co. have a fine display of holiday goods.

Repairs on the parsonage are finished and now awaits the arrival of the new pastor.

Alex Duncan, of Yorktown, South Dakota, is visiting his brother, George Duncan.

Mrs. F. Wentworth left for Chicago on Saturday and will remain during the holidays.

The concert given at the church Monday evening by Prof. Dunham and pupils was well attended.

David Welch and sister, have moved from near Millburn and now occupy their new home, in the Harden addition to this city (Editor's note: Antioch). Dave is now at home with nothing to do but to post the natives on the political issues involved in the last presidential election.

From a loose obituary, source unknown 24 December 1900
Woman Asks Death as a Christmas Present.
Monday, Dec. 24th.
For weeks when the members of her family had asked her what they should buy her for Christmas, Mrs. Robert Smart replied that all she desired for a Christmas present was that God would call her home. That was all she wanted, it was her only and last request and it was granted.
Mrs. Robert Smart Sr., a well known resident of this city died Sunday morning at 3:46 o'clock after a ten months illness from dropsy of the heart.
For nearly a year Mrs. Smart had been in bed and many times during that period had her demise been looked for.
Mrs. Smart was formerly Jemima Marcy and she was born in Columbia county, New York, seventy-four years ago. She came west and March 21st, 1851 in Kenosha Wis., was married to Robert Smart.
Twenty years ago this fall the family moved to Waukegan and it has since been their home. Mrs. Smart was well known as a nurse and had gained quite a reputation in Waukegan and vicinity in that profession.
Seven children survive. They are: William and Amy of Antioch; Adelaide Kendall, Martha Trestrail, Robt. Smart and Mrs. John Bain of Waukegan; Louise Smith of Montana. Mrs. Smart had sixteen grand children.
Funeral from the house Tuesday morning at 10:30, Rev. C. M. Burkholder to officiate. Interment will be made at Millburn at which place her husband was buried.
Deceased was a faithful member of the Congregational church until her illness prevented her attendance.
from Antioch News27 December 1900
Mrs. John M. Strang was a Chicago visitor last week.

James Pollock left Friday for a two week's trip to New York and Boston.

The Christmas tree entertainment at the church Monday evening was a great success. The church was crowded and the presents many for the children. The hit of the evening was E. A. M. as Santa Claus.

At the regular communication of Antioch lodge, No 127, A. F. and A. M., the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Charles Harbaugh, W. M.; John Darby, S. W.; Wm. Oliver, J. W.; E. A. Martin, Sec'y Pt.; Richard Pantall, Treasurer; A. E. Barnsides, S. D.; John Trotter, J. D.; Geo. Gerety, Tyler; John Murray and Alfred Bain, Stewards.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 29 December 1900
Mr. and Mrs. Pantall spent a part of this week at Chicago.

Walter Ross of Fort Worth, Texas, spent Christmas at Mrs. Watson's.

Messrs. Earnest Duddles and Ralph Spafford visited at Ivanhoe this week.

Mrs. Wentworth returned home Wednesday after a week's visit in Chicago.

The remains of Mrs. Smart of Waukegan were brought to Millburn for burial Tuesday.

W. B. Stewart is able to be out again after being confined to the house for the past two weeks.

Miss Lavina Jamieson of Kenosha and Miss Alice and Edwin of Chicago spent Christmas at their home here.

There will be a social at Mrs. Bater's Friday evening, Jan. 4th. There will be various kinds of amusements. A good time is promised. Refreshments will be served. Admission 15 cents.

The Christmas entertainment given in the church Monday evening was all that could be desired. The program was well rendered and the decorations which were beautiful will be left in the church for a short time. Santa Claus came down the chimney and filled the stockings then disappeared in a very commendable manner. The house was well filled and all had a very pleasant time.

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