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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1900

from Antioch News1 November 1900
Mrs. Jadson, of Chicago, is a guest of Miss Trotter.

Mrs. Wm. Mavor, of Chicago, is at Mrs. Robert Strang's.

Robert Jamison was home from Chicago Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Dr. Jamison and Vida returned from Chicago Thursday.

Mrs. Matthews will leave soon for California where she will spend the winter.

The dedication of the new Masonic Temple will probably take place about Christmas.

Mrs. Richard Pantall returned home on Monday after spending several days in Chicago.

The republican rally Tuesday evening was a big success. Good speaking and fine singing.

Will Wendell and Miss Emily Jones, of Waukegan, were the guests of Miss Carrie Bater Sunday.

Dr. Homer E. Jamison attended the prosperity dinner of the Marquet club at the Coliseum in Chicago last Wednesday.

John M. Strang is making improvements on his house and store, putting on a new roof, painting and other work.

Election returns will be received Tuesday evening in the lower room of masonic hall. Good music and supper will be furnished for the occasion.

The Rev. Mr. Bowdish, of Chicago, occupied the pulpit Sunday morning and evening. We understand he will remain until January 1st.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 3 November 1900
Mrs. Dr. Jamison and little Vida returned home Thursday from the city after an absence of two anxious weeks spent in having the little girl treated for a dog bite.

David Welch had his sale last week and will soon move to his new home in Antioch.

Mrs. C. A. Mathews will start Nov. 7th for California to remain about a year with her cousin who was formerly Lorette Huntley. Mrs. Mathews' destination is Los Angeles. Martin Hastings also lives there.

Mrs. Pantall returned Thursday from a week's visit in the city.

There is to be a supper given in the Free Mason Hall next Tuesday night to all who wish to hear the election returns early. The ladies will serve a good supper to all who wish to come and have a good time.

from Antioch News8 November 1900
Mrs. W. H. Kiley who was visiting Mrs. Wentworth returned to her home in Chicago Friday.

Mrs. Wm. Mavor returned to Chicago Saturday.

The Chicago visitors last week were: Mrs. James Jamison, Geo. G. Crisby and E. A. Martin.

Mrs. J. M. and Mrs. Robert Strang left for Chicago Monday.

Miss K. L. Smith leaves Thursday to visit the flower show at Chicago.

W. B. Stewart and Mrs. George Strang returned from Kansas Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B.. Cummings took in the horse show at Chicago last week.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 9 November 1900
Mrs. Chas. Matthews is to start for California Wednesday, Nov. 7th.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cummings are in Chicago attending the horse show.

Supervisor A. Tiffany and Herman Bock of Antioch, drove over to the rally Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Geo Strang and W. B. Stewart who are visiting in Kansas are expected home Saturday of this week.

Prof. Dunham who conducted a very successful music class here last winter, was seen on our street this week.

Mrs. Wm. Mavor, wife of Ald. Mavor of the 32nd ward of Chicago, is visiting her aged parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang of Millburn.

Miss Emma Jones, who has been visiting with Millburn friends and relatives returned to her home in Waukegan Wednesday morning.

Election returns by telephone and telegraph at Forester hall Nov. 6th. A program is being arranged for the occasion and supper will be served by the ladies. Everybody come.

The Republican rally Tuesday evening was a very successful one. The various issues of the campaign were discussed in a very able and impartial manner by the speakers who were S. D. Talcott, Rep. nominee for States Atty., L. O. Brockway, candidate for Circuit Clerk; Hon. G. R. Lyon, member of the State Legislature;Hon. Chas. Whitney and Col. A. F. Cobb of Chicago. A pleasing feature of the meeting was the singing of the Appollo quartet which met with a very appreciative audience who showed the hard-working boys no mercy, as they were forced to respond to many encores.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 16 November 1900
Mrs. Gerrity went to the city Friday and returned Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Randall of Englewood, visited at Elmer Cannon's a few days last week.

Mrs. Thain is still quite sick, only able to sit up a little while at a time.

The Ladies' aid society meets Thursday with Mrs. A. H. Stewart. They meet from ten till four so that all can get home before dark. They have dinner now instead of supper.

Friday Mrs. Lawrence will start for Tabor, Iowa, to spend the winter with her daughter Margaret, who is one of the professors in Tabor College.

______ ready for the election news. Our enterprising citizen, Dr. Jamison, very generously moved his telephone from his drug store to the Foresters' Hall. Ed. Martin stood at the telephone and received the returns, and announced the facts every few minutes to the excited audience. Every fresh victory was a signal for applause. The ladies provided an excellent supper, about a hundred partook of it. The ladies cleared twenty dollars to go to the fund for renovating the parsonage.

The ladies are having the parsonage nicely papered and painted inside. The men are doing the foundation and roof, but saddest of all, our minister is a student in the seminary and is not married.

Mrs. Mathews started Wednesday, the seventh, for California in company with Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Vose.

Mrs. James Pollock has been sick since last Monday. She is improving slowly, however, at the present time.

Miss Hanna Smith had a sale of her personal property, a horse and buggy and cows etc., Monday of this week. She will go to the city to spend some time with her brother Rev. Thaddeus Smith and wife.

Mrs. Mathews' handsome cottage ready furnished is for rent while she is in California. Mr. White has charge of it.

Lost--Sunday night between Wadsworth and Milburn, a single Paisley shawl. If the finder will send it to Wadsworth or Millburn P. O., they will receive a reward.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 23 November 1900
Mrs. George Strang, of Marshfield, Wis., is visiting in Millburn.

Mr. Ingalls was out to his farm a few days, and returned to the city Monday. He owns the Scotch Smith farm.

Mr. Pollock has gone to Iowa where his sons Robert and Henry are in business.

The infant child of Wm. Lewin was buried here Monday afternoon.

Alice Jamieson is employed at present in the office of Bradford Tukey in the city.

There will be an entertainment in the church Thanksgiving evening to which everybody is invited.

The ladies will hold a fair and supper in the church Dec. 6.

Dr. Jamison's father from Libertyville came up Saturday and visited a few days with him, returning when the storm was over.

Mrs. John Murrie, of Rosecrans, has been spending a few weeks with her daughter, Mrs. John Bonner.

Will Strang, of Fox Lake, returned a few days ago from his animal hunting trip north. He brought home some fine "trophies" from the field, having two fine deer to treat his friends with. It was our privilege to sample some of the venison which we think excels all other meat in quality.

Mrs. Geo. Strang Sr., invited a few friends Saturday to dine with Mrs. John Murrie and Mrs. Bonner at her home. Mrs. Murrie and her husband were old and intimate friends of the Strang and Wedge families years ago when the country was new.

Mrs. Pollock has so far recovered from her recent illness as to be able to be up some.

Mr. Hunting is gaining slowly from his injury received in the fall.

Mrs. Lawrence went to Tabor last week for the winter.

Mrs. Eliza Hughes was recovered from her long sickness and was down to see her mother Mrs. Robt. Strang, one day recently.

from the Waukegan Daily Sun 24 November 1900
Edward Mead is reported quite ill.

Fred Leet of Somers spent Sunday here.

Look out for the fair to be held here Dec. 6.

Don't fail to attend the entertainment here Thanksgiving night.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lewin was buried in Millburn cemetery Monday.

Word has been received from Mrs. Matthews. She reports a safe arrival and pleasant trip.

Messrs. J. M. Strang, C. B. Cummings and Miss K. L. Smith were among the Chicago visitors this week.

The ladies of the Congregational church are arranging for a fair to be held Dec. 6. Articles of every description both useful and ornamental will be on sale. A good supper and a pleasant evening is assured. Don't forget the date and don't fail to come.

from Antioch News29 November 1900
At his home, near Millburn, October 30, 1900, occurred the death of George E. Smith, aged 91 years, 9 months and 6 days. His wife, Mercy G., with whom he passed more than 61 years of wedded life, died January 12, of the present year. They were natives of Salem, Mass., but had been residents of this place for many years, having come to Illinois August, 1839, and soon after setttled on the farm where they ever since resided until called away to their better home above.
Mr. Smith leaves a family of two sons and four daughters, George E. Smith, of Denver, Col.; Rev. T. L. Smith, of Chicago; Mrs. A. J. White of Lyons, Neb.; Mrs. W. D. Sledman, of Elgin, Ill.; Miss H. L. Smith and Mrs. D. J. Minto, of the community.
On the day of the funeral the following poem (Editor's note: poem omitted), written by a dear friend, was handed to one of the family as they turned away from Oakland cemetery where the dear parents are laid to rest. For this poem the family tender heartfelt thanks, as well as for the many acts of helpfulness and tokens of sympathy rendered by loving friends and neighbors in their time of sorrow, and for the many deeds of kindness bestowed in past times of trial and grief.
Miss Jessie Strang has returned from the city.

W. H. Rose, of Rochester, was on our streets Sunday.

Edward Mead who has been quite ill is much better.

Don't forget the Fair and Bazaar Dec. 6th, afternoon and evening.

Mrs. W. H. Rose, of Rochester, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Newton Levoy.

Prof. Dunham, of Chicago, is expected here next week to form a class in singing.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Adams, of Chicago, will spend Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Pantall.

Mr. Robers, who had been manager of Fahrney farms, left Tuesday with his family for their new home at Lanark, Ill.

The Millburn visitors to Chicago past week Geo. Garity, C. B. Cummings, Miss K. A. Smith and E. A. Martin.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 30 November 1900

Dr. Jamison and Ed Martin were in the city Monday.

Helen and Alice Dodge are home from Rochester Academy for Thanksgiving.

Miss Kittie Smith and Mrs. Aggie Cummings celebrated their mother's birthday by inviting some of her old and intimate friends to dine with her on the 22nd of November which was her 75th birthday. Mrs. Smith is one of the early settlers of Millburn having lived here nearly fifty years. She and her husband were from the land of "Ian McLaren".

Don't forget the fair and festival to be given by the ladies in the church Thursday the 6th of Dec.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thom, Jr., held Thanksgiving in Chicago with their aunt, after which Jessie and little Harry will go to Dwight, Ill., to visit her people, Rev. Mr. Harris and family. Wm. Thom, Jr., will go to the Fat Stock Show where he will appear in livery and have charge of some fine horses from Mr. Galbraith's great stock farm from Janesville, Wis. He got orders to send in his measure for his uniform Monday.

We are sorry to hear Mrs. Thain is reported much worse the last few days.

Erastus Coy Thayer and family moved from their home on the old Gideon Thayer place to Lake Villa Wednesday. He is the last representative of one of the largest and oldest families of this place. His oldest brother Eli was in the 96th Regt. of Illinois volunteers and died in Libby Prison.

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