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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1900

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 1 September 1900
Mrs. Vandener and daughter Katie returned to the city Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Stewart and Dr. and Mrs. Tombaugh, came out Sunday to hear Mr. Harris' farewell sermon. All returned to Waukegan the same day.

Miss Inez Lawrence of Fargo college, is here visiting her mother.

Miss Lulu Thain, of Waukegan, is out to her brother John's on a visit.

Mrs. Carson and little son, of Chicago, spent a few days at Dr. Taylor's.

Misses Jessie, Belle and Flora Mavor, who have been visiting at their grandfather Strang's returned to the city Wednesday.

Mr. Simmons, of Chicago, was a guest at Mrs. Lawrence's over Sunday.

Charley Barrett, Mort Mavor and Roy Hughes were all guests at Robert Strang's over Sunday.

James Kerr, son and daughter, of Lake Villa, came over Sunday to hear Mr. Harris for the last time.

Dr. Taylor's brother, Harvey Taylor, of Grand Rapids, Mich., is visiting the doctor at present, Harvey Taylor is a veteran of the civil war and saw hard service while in the army. He came to the G. A. R. Reunion in Chicago.

Mrs. Vosburgh, of Minneapolis, is visiting here amongst old friends. She was a sister of the late Dexter Sadler and lived here years ago when the country was new.

Miss Anderson is going to Iowa to spend a few weeks with her neice Mrs. Ensden and family of Marne, Iowa.

E. A. Martin accompanied all his young ladies to the city Wednesday.

Miss McRoberts and Miss Davis of Iowa are visiting Mrs. R. L. Strang.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 8 September 1900
Miss Margaret Lawrence, a teacher in Tabor College, Iowa, returned to Tabor Monday, after visiting here three weeks.

Ed Taylor on his return from Paris a week ago, came home for a few days' visit.

Miss Elsie Leith of North Bend, Nebraska, came on in the G.A.R. excursion to visit among her relatives and friends. She was born and raised in Millburn. Her father's family moved to Nebraska eighteen years ago.

Young John Kerr, of Livingston, Montana, is here visiting with the Kerrs of Lake Villa, and calling on other friends.

We are requested by Mrs. Shepard to say there will be a gold medal contest in the church Monday evening, Sept. 10th.

Mrs. C. B. Cummings has been quite sick since her return from Waukesha last Saturday.

Mr. Pantall returned Wednesday from a three days visit at Norman Adams' in Chicago.

Alice Dodge and her cousin Helen Dodge, have gone to Rochester to attend the academy during the fall and winter terms.

Wm. Bonner Jr., began school teaching in the old famous Hockaday district Monday morning.

Rev. Mr. Harris having resigned his pastorate here, is packing and getting ready to move to Dwight, Ill. They will be much missed in the church, C. E. society and community. They are all musical young people and have been a great help in every way, Ralph is a fine young man and is always willing to help, Miss Florence can lead a meeting in a very able and acceptable manner. We are glad to have Mrs. Jessie Harris Thom remain with us. She has been our organist many years and has the gratitude of all for her faithfulness. We fear it will be a long time before we get such a brilliant, wide awake, man in this pulpit as Mr. Harris.

Wm. Walker of Baird, Stark County, Ohio, came last week to visit his sister, Mrs. Peter Strang.

Jennie Mathews, of Kenosha, is at her brother Herbert's.

A lot of Trotters came out from the city Saturday night and spent Sunday with their mother.

Mrs. Mills is reported very sick.

Dr. Taylor's brother Harvey Taylor, started for home Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Stewart were here to church last Sunday.

Attend the Auction Sale of O. W. Metcalf at Gurnee, Sept. 11.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 14 September 1900
Mrs. Vosburgh, of Minneapolis, who has been visiting here the last three weeks, started for home Tuesday.

E. A. Martin returned Monday from Macatawa Park, Mich.

James Robertson and Henry Duncan, of Lake Forest, visited at Geo. Duncan's Monday.

Walter Lucas went to the city Monday to bring out horses.

Rev. Mr. Barber, of East Troy, Wis., preached here last Sunday morning and evening.

Mrs. Wentworth is expected home from Buzzard's Bay in a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. Joe Jefferson.

Mr. Brash, of Granite Falls, Minn., is a visitor at Wm. Mitchell's. He was an intimate friend of Mrs. Mitchell's father and mother.

Margaret Bredley, of Somers, and her sister, Mrs. Carrie Flett, visited at Geo. Jamieson's, returning Tuesday.

Ina Lawrence starts for Fargo, N. D., Thursday, after a three weeks' visit here. Her mother accompanies her as far as Chicago and will visit Mrs. Brad Tukey a few days.

Mary Strang Duncan visited at Mrs. Spafford's, Monday.

The gold medal contest was very largely attended. Miss Didama, of Antioch, received the prize. We could hear every word Miss Didama said and every word Mrs. Ames said but we would suggest that some of the speakers speak just a little louder and plainer.

Mrs. J. M. Strang is at Macatawa Park, Mich., with Ald. Marvis' family, of Chicago. She is expected home Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Speller, of Pittsburg, are guests at Mrs. Wm. White.

Mesdames Caffee and Wright, of Kenosha, are expected visitors at Mrs. Mathews' Thursday.

from Antioch News20 September 1900
There are no blind pigs in Millburn.

Miss K. L. Smith was in Chicago Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Crane, of Boston, are visiting Miss Carrie Bater.

Wm. H. Strang, from Duck lake, came swimming into town Saturday evening.

The Rev. Milliard, of Chicago, occupied the pulpit Sunday morning and evening.

E. A. Martin, W. F. Wentworth, Geo. B. Stephens and Geo. Garrity were Waukegan visitors Monday.

Sam Fickel, rapid sketch artist and anti-saloon agitator, lectured in the church Tuesday evening. Small audience.

E. A. Martin and Robt L. Strang took in the fair Friday. Said they enjoyed the cake walk on the midway very much.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 21 September 1900
Miss Kathrine Smith has gone to Poinette, Wis., to visit her father's old friends, the Cordiners.

Mr. Brunning, brother-in-law of Mrs. John Bonner, and his daughter, of Iowa, visited Mr. and Mrs. Bonner recently. Clarence came home from the city to see the Iowa relatives.

Lyburn Stewart was home for a short visit last week and attended the Fair.

Mrs. Stephen, a sister of Capt. Pollock and James Pollock, is a visitor at James Pollock's at present.

Will Strang, who has a store at Nippersink, spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. W. B. Stewart.

Mrs. Eliza Hughes has been sick, under the doctor's care for about a week, but is reported gaining.

Mr. Pantall enjoyed a pleasant ride to Waukegan with Supervisor George Stephens in his fine new double carriage.

Miss Oliver returned home to Charleston, Ill., after a long visit here with Miss Libbie Jamison.

Mr. Rose is getting ready to move to Rochester, his future home.

The new blacksmith is coming here. David Young is said to be a fine young man.

Alice Jamieson returned from her visit at Somers this week Monday.

Albert Trotter is at home at present helping John.

Miss Alice Judson, of Evanston, is boarding with Mrs. Trotter.

Quite a large addition is being built on the Masons' building. Mr. Hunting is doing the work.

Much sympathy is felt for Mrs. Wm. Thom, who has recently lost the sight of one eye.

Mrs. Dr. Taylor has been on the sick list the last two weeks. Mrs. Mills is recovering.

Miss Carrie Bater was invited to attend the dressmaking opening at Mandel's store in the city, which she did much to her satisfaction.

Mrs. Janette Mathews has gone to the city to visit with her brother, Dewitt Huntley and family.

Rev. Norman Millard, a former pastor of this church, preached very acceptably last Sunday morning and evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kane, of Boston, spent Sunday with their cousin, Carrie Bater and her mother. Mrs. Kane remains for a longer time, but Mr. Kane returned to Chicago Monday.

We wonder who else will sell out. Wm. Rose, Mr. Luscome, Mr. Roods and David Welch, Sr., have all sold their places. We hear that John Rose and Mr. Mead also want to sell. There seems to be a mania on just now for selling out.

from Antioch News27 September 1900
Miss Gertie Mavor, of Chicago, is visiting Mrs. J. M. Strang.

W. H. Rose and family left Tuesday for their new home at Rochester, Wis.

Mrs. W. F. Wentworth has returned from her two months visit at Buzzards Bay, Mass.

Mrs. John M. Strang returned from two weeks visit at Macataw Park, Mich., Thursday.

Rev. Mr. Barbour, of East Troy, Wis., occupied the pulpit of the church Sunday morning and evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Cain, who were visiting Miss Carrie Bater, returned to their home in Boston Sunday evening.

Mrs. Robt L. Strang, Miss Jessie Strang, John M. Strang and John Wedge were at Walworth county fair at Elkhorn last week.

The F. & A. M. are making quite extensive alterations in extending their lodge room and putting on new room in rear of building.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 28 September 1900
Miss Kittie Smith returned Monday from Poinette, Wis., where she visited Mrs. Cordiner and daughter Helen. Miss Smith brought home some fine specimens of Wisconsin apples, plums, etc.

Miss Belle Watson is staying with Mrs. Eliza Hughes at present. Mrs. Hughes is recovering slowly.

Miss Mary Wright and Mr. and Mrs. Fairgrieves, all of Chicago, came out Saturday and spent Sunday with Mrs. C. B. Cummings, Kittie Smith and their mother, Mrs. Smith. Miss Wright lived in Millburn the first year she came from Scotland, and enjoys coming back to visit.

Report comes from Des Moines, Ia., that Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rossbach have a young son.

David Young, the new blacksmith, has been in his shop here at work every day this week. He says he has plenty of work.

Gertrude Mavor, daughter of Alderman Mavor of Chicago, is visiting at her uncle's, John M. Strang's.

Mrs. J. M. Strang returned last Thursday from Michigan, where she has been the last two weeks with Mrs. Mavor and family.

Mrs. J. Campbell Cory, of Jersey City, is visiting at her father's, James Pollock. Mrs. Stephen Payne is also there on a visit.

Robert Pollock, wife and two children, of Brighton, Iowa, were visitors at James Pollock's a few days. They started on their return home Monday.

Mrs. Julia Dodge Tukey is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fannie Dodge Jamison. She will remain a few weeks before her return to her home in Jersey City.

Wm. Rose and family started for Rochester Tuesday very early. David Young is boarding at Jas. Jamieson's for the present and running the blacksmith shop.

Word comes from Antioch that Mr. and Mrs. Peter Duncan have a little daughter.

Mrs. Bater's Boston cousins started for home Monday night after a long visit here.

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