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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1900

from Antioch News2 August 1900
Daniel Hunt and family have moved to this city (Antioch) from Millburn and are occupying the Horan house recently purchased by Charles Thorn in the Harden addition.

In the race last Saturday between horses owned by Gideon Thayer and George Huber, at the trotting ground, Mr. Thayer's horse took the last two heats: time 2:41. This is pretty good time for a three-year-old. It is rumored that Mr. Huber's horse trotted the last heat on its pedigree.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 4 August 1900
Miss Lois Hardie, of Waukegan, is visiting Miss Jessie Strang.

Emily Wynn is visiting Carrie Bater this week.

George Stevens has a fine new surry.

Mrs. Vandevere is out to Mrs. Mathews for a few weeks.

Mrs. Julia Dodge Tukey, of Jersey City, is visiting her sister Mrs. Geo. Jamieson. Her youngest son Roy came with her.

Edna Stewart spent part of her vacation at her father's and then went to Lilly Lake to visit her brother, Dr. Ralph Taylor and wife.

May Dodge is visiting at her uncle Bonner's.

Zacob Miller, of Sand Lake who recently sold his farm has moved to the farm known as the Ben Gardiner place near his son, George. Mr. Miller had lived on his Sand Lake farm over fifty years.

The different Cannon families, Baters, some Bonners, etc., 16 to 1 made a pleasure trip to Lincoln Park and spent the day recently. There was sixteen in the company all told.

Mrs. H. A. Jamieson and son Philip have gone to Detroit to visit her husband's people.

There was a very pleasant picnic held Tuesday by a baker's dozen of the select few at Grass Lake. Boat rides and an excellent picnic dinner occupied the time.

Mrs. Bater and Miss Carrie intend to go to Taylorville, Ill., next week to visit lawyer James Taylor's family.

Mamie Knight returned from Libertyville Wednesday.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 10 August 1900
Dr. and Mrs. Tombaugh, of Waukegan, attended church here Sunday and dined with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stewart.

Sarah Nichols, of Forest Glen, is visiting among her cousins the different White families.

John Eyehinger's barn was raised last Friday. Frank Yule and Fred Heddle are the builders.

Mrs. Wm. Mitchell went to the city Wednesday to visit Miss Katie Vandevere.

Wm. Bonner Sr. has been very sick since last Saturday. He is reported improving however.

Mrs. Elizabeth Tower has gone to the city on a visit. Master Horace is out to his uncle's during vacation.

Frank Jameson, of Chicago, and family spent a week here at their uncle James Jamison's.

James Robertson and wife and son, of Lake Forest, visited at George Duncan's recently.

Bert and Freeda Winnskee and their grandfather Levoy returned last week from a visit with their uncle Scott and Mamie Levoy at Norah, Ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Adams and children are spending the week at Mr. Pantall's.

Edwin Taylor now sends his letters home from the mountains of Switzerland.

Harry Adams, of Green Bay, is a guest at James Jamieson's.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mavor came out from the city Saturday to attend her father's eighty-fifth birthday party.

Wednesday, August 8, being Mr. Robert Strang's Sr., birthday all the sons and daughters and their husbands and wifes to the number of twelve, and grand daughters gathered at the family mansion and held a very enjoyable celebration. Mr. Strang has good eyesight and good hearing and enjoys life better than most people of his age. He received as a birthday gift a beautiful couch, on which to recline when so inclined. There was a sumptous dinner and music, etc., and all had a most delightful time.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 20 August 1900
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stewart went to Chicago Thursday to see Mrs. George Strang off to Iola, Kansas, to visit with Mrs. Cora Strang Anderson and family a few weeks.

Mr. and Mr. George Stephens visited at Libertyville last Saturday.

Alderman Wm. Mavor and wife, returned home Monday after a week's visit with the family of Robert Strang, Sr.

Mrs. Bater and daughter Miss Carrie have gone to Taylorville, Ill., to visit Mrs. Bater's brother, James Taylor and family.

Wm. Bonner has entirely recovered from his recent severe illness.

Miss Belle Mavor is a guest at her uncle, John Strang.

Another picnic is planned to the lotus beds for Thursday, making three this month.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thom have a son a week old.

Mrs. Norman Adams and Mrs. Pantall visited last Friday in Waukegan with Dr. and Mrs. Tombaugh.

Robert Jamieson has gone to the city to work.

Andrew Strang, of Arkansas, has returned to help the farmers out with their threshing. He has a new engine for his steam threshing machine and is already busy at work with it.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 24 August 1900
Bradford Tukey and family, of Berwin, visited their aunt, Mrs. George Jamieson, a few days the first of the week.

Erastus Thayer, youngest son of Gideon Thayer, has sold his farm and goes to Lake Villa to live. The Thayer family came here over sixty years ago. Now there will not be a representative of the family left.

Miss Ina Lawrence, a teacher in Fargo College, N. D. , will take advantage of the G. A. R. excursion and come and visit her mother and other friends here.

Mr. Wentworth returned Wednesday evening from a few days' visit in the city.

____________ of Evanston, visited at Mrs. Trotter's a few days, returning home Tuesday.

Jessie Strang and Alice Jameson have gone to Geneva Lake.

Margaret Watson has been spending some time with her sister, Mrs. Captain Pollock, of Waukegan.

Mrs. Pantall went to Chicago Lawn Monday with little Bae Adams.

Miss M. I. Lawrence, of Tabor City, is here on her vacation.

Mrs. Julia Tukey, of Jersey City, having visited among friends here a few weeks, has gone on to Rockford to visit her son William and wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Strang and Mrs. Dr. Jameson attended the Soldiers' Reunion at Grayslake Wednesday.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette 30 August 1900
Supt. Marvin Compiles Voluminous Document.
Facts and Figures Pertaining to
Lake County's Educational Institutions.

County Superintendent of Schools M. W. Marvin has compiled his annual report of the schools of the county by townships and will in a few days forward the report to Springfield, as is by law required. The report is a voluminous affair, covering many pages. It is compiled by townships and gives the general and financial statistics of each.

Many of the figures are interesting to the general public and the GAZETTE herewith presents the more important portions of the report to its readers. The figures that follow are applicable only to the school year beginning July 1, 1899 and ending June 30, 1900.
The number of male minors in the county is 6880, female 6825. Total 13705. The number of children between the ages of 6 and 21 years is 8917; 4567 males and 4350 females. The report shows 13 minors in the county who are unable to read or write.
The number of graded schools in the county is 22; ungraded schools 94. Total 116. The number of months the graded schools were in session was 207.5; ungraded 736.5. The number of male pupils enrolled in graded schools was 2041; females, 1950. The number of male pupils enrolled in ungraded schools, 1268; females, 1207. Total number of pupils enrolled, in both graded and ungraded schools, 6466. The number of male teachers in graded schools, 19; female teachers, 79; male teachers in ungraded schools 23; female teachers, 81. Total teachers in graded and ungraded schools, 202. There are two public high schools in the county, one at Highland Park and one at Waukegan. High schools have been inaugurated at Libertyville and Lake Forest.

There are 115 school houses in the county, 92 frame and 23 brick. One was built during the year, two miles west of Highland Park. 49 districts have libraries of 5564 volumes, 888 being purchased during the year.

There are 13 private schools in the county having an enrolled attendance of 819; 425 males and 394 females, with 16 male and 31 female teachers.

The highest monthly wages paid any male teacher is $180; the lowest, $30. The highest monthly wages paid any female teacher is $90, the lowest $18. The amount paid to male teachers during the year was $22,684.79; amount paid to female teachers, $57,978.36. Total, $80,663.15. Average monthly wages: male, $64.45; female, $44.43.

Amount district tax levy for support of schools, $113,714.88. Estimated value of school property, $310,529. Estimated value of school libraries, $4628. Estimated value of school apparatus, $9,282. Amount of bonded school debt, $69,850. Amount of special district taxes received, $92,281.16. The amount of tuition paid was $1,314.41. $4,576.73 was spent for repairs and improvements; $1268.53 for school furniture; $1050.88 for school apparatus; and $616.26 for library books. Fuel and incidental expenses represented an outlay of $19,666.99 and the total expenses of all the schools in the county for the year was $130,788.54.

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