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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1900

from Antioch News8 February 1900

Died, at her home near Millburn, Ill., on Jan. 12, 1900. Mary G. Smith, aged 84 years, 5 months and 13 days. The deceased was born in Salem, Mass., in 1815, where in 1838 she married George E. Smith who still survives her at the age of 91. Two years after their marriage they came west to the homestead farm which has ever since been their home. Their family of six children are all living, Mrs. D. J. Minto and Annie L. Smith who live in the community, the latter having had the care of her aged parents for some years, Mrs. A. J. White, of Lyons, Neb., Mrs. W. D. Stedman, of Elgin, Ill., George E. Smith, of Denver, Col., and Rev. Thad L. Smith, of Chicago. Until confined by the weakness of her latter years the deceased was continuously active in the work of the Millburn Congregational church. A mark of her Christian zeal is found in her having organized and taught the first Sunday school class in the community some time before the church building or organization were in existence. The work then begun she continued almost without interruption until recent years. Her strong, sterling character, a genuine product of sturdy New England Puritanism, was tempered by a sweet Christian sympathy that ensured her a wide circle of friends who were attentive to her wants to the very last. A large number of friends gathered with the children and grandchildren for the funeral services at the old home on Jan. 15. The past Rev. S. A. Harris conducted the services. The remains were interred in Oakland cemetery.

loose clipping, source unknown 14 February 1900
Married, at Wilmot, Wis., Feb. 14, at the residence of and by the bride's brother, Mr. J. J. McDougall, J. P., Mr. Eugene Clark to Miss Agnes McDougall, both of Antioch township. No cards. At home at Argyle farm Loon Lake, Ill. THE NEWS extends hearty congratulations and best wishes for a long, useful and happy life.

from Antioch News15 February 1900
Willie Mitchell is on the mend.

Miss Florence Harris is on the sick list.

John M. Strang took in the city Monday.

Miss Lucy Trotter is nursing a felon this week.

The merry wedding, wedding bells rang on Wednesday night of this week and two young hearts are happy.

Mrs. N. R. Adams and daughter Mabel, returned to the city Monday night after a few day's visit with friends.

The musical convention under the direction of J. R. Dunham, at the Congregational church, is a grand success and is composed of the best musical talent of Millburn, and all are happy and enthusiastic over the convention. The grand closing concert will be on Monday night, Feb. 19. A rare musical treat is looked for. Admission 25 cents, children 15 cts. All are invited.

from Antioch News22 February 1900
E. A. Martin spent Sunday and Monday in the city.

Mrs. B. F. Yule returned to Somers last Wednesday after a week's visit with relatives and friends here.

The musical convention which has been in secession for the past ten days closed Monday evening with a concert. The convention was one of the best that has been held here. Everyone was well pleased with Prof. Dunham and hope to have him here again in the future.

Next Friday evening at Mrs. Bater's there will be held a measuring social. A program will be given, and games and refreshments will add to the enjoyment. Everyone in attendance will be taxed two cents for every foot of his heighth, and one cent additional for every odd inch. All are cordially invited, Friday evening, February 23.


The undersigned being about to retire from farming will sell at public auction on his premises in Millburn, Thursday, March 15, at 10 o'clock a. m., the following property: 65 head cattle, consisting of 25 new milkers and springers, 30 head of yearling steers, 6 yearling bulls, 4 yearling heifers, 12 head horses, 1 work team weight 2800, bay gelding 5 yrs old weight 1500, 1 span of gray mares 6 years old, driving mare 6 yrs old a full sister of Garnishee record 2:22 1/4, brown mare 8 years old, 2 year old filly half sister to Maggie E, 2 year-old filly sire Gus Voltz, yearling filly sire Edwin N, 1 pony, 100 Shropshire yearling ewes, 4 brood sows, 2 Poland China boars, 40 shoats, 1000 bu oats, 500 bu corn in ear, 15 bu seed corn, 40 bu potatoes, 1 McCormick binder, 1 Deering corn harvester, McCormick mower, new corn planter, 2 truck wagons, 2 set bob sleighs, cutter, surrey, top buggy, road wagon, milk wagon, 2 sulky cultivators, pulverizer, 1 roller, 2 stubble plows, sod plow, 2 set drags, seeder, 2 hay racks, corn sheller, 1 Rock Island hay loader, 10 milk cans, 2 set work harness, set driving harness, 2 single harness, set leather fly nets, 1 new bitting harness, word rack, cauldron kettle, farming tools, consisting of forks, rakes, hoes, spades, shovels, chains, etc. Lunch at noon.
Terms--All sums of $10.00 and under, cash; on all sums over $10.00 a credit of 12 months will be given on good approved bankable notes, with interest at 6 per cent. Two per cent discount for cash. Property to be settled for before removal.
GEO. VOGEL, Auctioneer.

from a loose clipping, source unknown about 27 February 1900
Secret Marriage.
It has just come to light that John Spafford, one of the prominent residents of Antioch, was married in Waukegan a ew weeks ago. The marriage has been kept a secret until now.
On the 27th of February, Mr. Spafford came to Waukegan with Mrs. Lillie Perry, a well known lady, who has been Mr. Spafford's housekeeper for a number of years and who is also well known in the vicinity of Antioch.
A license was secured. Mr. Spafford requested County Clerk Hendee not to publish it and the couple proceeded to Rev. H. G. Leonard's residence, where they were quietly married.
They returned home and none of their friends or relatives have been any the wiser until now.
Mr. and Mrs. Spafford have many friends in the county who will extend best wishes and congratulations.
Mrs. Spafford formerly resided in Toranto, Canada.
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