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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1899

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 3 November 1899
Mr. Thom, Wm. White and Lloyd White went to the city Monday.

Miss Jessie Strang has gone to Elizabeth, Ill., to visit Mr. and Mrs. Scott Levoy.

Mrs. Bater, Mrs. Mathews and Florence Harris were sent as delegates to the Sunday School Convention at Highland Park.

Mr. Harris gave a good account Sunday of the convention held at Highland Park.

Mrs. Norman Adams and children are out from the city for a few days' visit at the old home.

Robert Minto, youngest son of John Minto, of San Francisco, Cal., called on some of his father's old friends last week. He went to California in 1885. He reports his father well and living in San Francisco.

Robert Minto started for San Francisco last Wednesday, accompanied by his cousin, James Webb.

The ladies' aid society will meet with Mrs. Alexander Stewart Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Henry Rose, who has been visiting Mrs. Thomas, went to the city Monday to meet Mrs. Hellowell, who has just returned from Europe.

Mrs. George Duncan and Libbie Jamieson visited in the city recently.

George Jamieson's new house will soon be ready for plastering.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang returned from a long visit in the city last Saturday.

Mrs. McAllister, Emma Jones, Rev. Mr. Chidester and Mr. Baggett, all of Waukegan, dined with Mrs. Geo. Strang, last Saturday.

Mrs. Samuel Taylor started for her home in California Wednesday. Carrie Bater accompanied her to Chicago.

E. A. Martin was in the city Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Kittie Smith was in the city on business Monday.

from a loose clipping, source unknown 4 November 1899
Tuesday evening the parsonage was the scene of a joyous gathering when a number of relatives and friends gathered to witness the marriage of Pastor Harris' elder daughter, Jessie Amy to William G. Thom. Promptly at six o'clock to the strains of the wedding march played by Mrs. R. L. Strang, the bridal couple appeared, proceeded by Miss Florence Harris and Edwin Thom. Pastor Harris performed the ceremony assisted by Rev. Edward Harris, brother of the bride. After congratulations a bountiful supper was served, and the happy couple departed amid a shower of rice for Lake Villa where they took the train for Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Thom will reside in the house recently vacated by A. K. Bain. All unite in wishing them a prosperous and happy journey through the life thus auspiciously begun.
from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 11 November 1899
Lloyd White has gone to Valparaiso, Ind., to attend school during the winter.

Mrs. James Jamieson and Miss Jessie returned Monday from a week's visit in the city.

Lyburn Ross and Edna Stewart ________ home over Sunday.

Mr. Wentworth has got settled in the commodious house formerly owned by George Stewart.

Our pianist, Miss Jessie Strang, and also our organist, Jessie Harris, were both absent from church last Sunday. Miss Emma Spafford played the organ and Ralph Spafford sang a solo beautifully.

Mr. and Mrs. William Rose have a new baby. He will most likely succeed his father in the blacksmith shop.

Edward Harris, pastor at Humbolt, Iowa, and Ralph Harris, of Beloit College, came to their sister Jessie's wedding.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 17 November 1899
Mrs. J. M. Strang was in the city on business Monday.

Ray Tombaugh, who is attending school at Lake Forest, came up Saturday to call on friends here. He returned to Lake Forest Sunday evening.

Mrs. Bater is visiting her old friend Mrs. Robson in Kenosha this week.

E. A. Martin was in the city Sunday and Monday.

Don't miss the concert Thanksgiving evening. It is sure to be fine. When was a war song concert more appropriate than now, when we are in the midst of war. Many new and original attractions will be on the program besides a gift of real value is given with every ticket sold.

Jessie Strang returned from Elizabeth, Illinois, last week, after a few weeks' visit with Mamie Thain Levoy.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grice, of Waukegan, called at John Strang's last Sunday.

John Thain was in the city the first of the week.

Miss Cordiner, of Poinette, Wis., visited Kittie Smith and her mother, the first of the week.

John Chope's new house is nearing completion. It is all plastered and will soon be done.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thorn have returned from their wedding and are now settled in their new home.

Albert Trotter was out from the city over Sunday.

from a loose clipping, source unknown 19 November 1899
On Wednesday the remains of Wm. Hockaday, one of Millburn's old settlers, were brought here from Waukegan for burial. The services were in charge of Rev. Leonard, of the Waukegan Methodist Church, and Undertaker H. H. Griffin. The bereaved ones have the sympathy of all in their double affliction, Mr. Hockaday's daughter, Mrs. Babcock, having been laid to rest two weeks ago.
from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 20 November 1899
(Passed Away Sunday Afternoon.)
Of Lake County Gone to His Last Home.
Sunday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock occurred the death of William Hockaday, a resident of Lake County for fifty years.
Death came after a ten days' illness, Mr. Hockaday's advanced age combined with the shock occasioned by the death of his daughter, (Mrs. Cynthia Babcock) which occurred at Asheville, N. C., about two weeks ago, bringing on his last illness which from the first was of the severest nature.
William Hockaday was born in England about seventy years ago and came to Lake county in the early '40's, residing near Millburn. Here he was married and lived for thirty years. His widow survives him, their five children preceding their father to the grave.
For the past twelve years Mr. and Mrs. Hockaday have resided in Waukegan, where they made a host of friends, who are saddened to learn of Mr. Hockaday's death. In her double bereavement, his widow has the sympathy of the community.
The funeral will be held Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock from the residence, 319 Franklin street. Rev. H. G. Leonard will officiate, and the body will be laid to rest in Millburn cemetery beside his daughters.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 27 November 1899
Mrs. Dr. Jamieson visited in Antioch Wednesday.

Mr. Wentworth and E. A. Martin went to Waukegan Monday on business.

Richard Griggs, of Baraboo, Wis., was here Monday, making arrangements for Mr. Hockaday's funeral, which was held here Wednesday. Mrs. Griggs accompanied him. The funeral was largely attended by old friends and neighbors of years ago.

Mr. Pratt came up Saturday to the concert rehearsal and remained to church Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Westworth will go to the city to spend Thanksgiving with their children, Messrs. and Mesdames Brown and Frank Westworth.

Preparations are going forward for the concert on Thanksgiving evening. Nothing in this world is so tenacious as habit. We have been in the habit of going to a fine entertainment on Thanksgiving, so let us continue to keep up the habit of a pleasant evening after a hearty dinner.

Robert Jamieson has gone to work in Chicago.

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