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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1899

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 7 October 1899
Mrs. Lawrence starts Thursday for Iowa, to spend the winter with her daughter.

Bradford Tukey and family were out from the city for a few days' visit with George Jamison's family.

The Harris family were all in the city over Sunday. Mr. Pratt gave a very interesting talk on Christian workers that he had known in his life in New York, Cleveland and other cities.

Dr. Ralph Taylor, of Lilly Lake, Ill., was here last week a few days.

J. M. Strang and E. A. Martin were in the city Monday.

Mrs. George Strang visited her son Eugene at Lake Villa the first of the week.

The ladies' aid society will meet with Mrs. J. M. Strang this week Thursday.

Wm. Thom visited at Somers the first of the week.

Horace Tower is said to be seriously sick.

Alderman and Mrs. Mavor were out to Robert Strang's over Sunday.

Mrs. R. L. Strang returned Saturday from a three weeks' visit in Iowa City.

George Jamieson has the lumber on the ground and the workmen have already commenced on the new house.

Word comes from Kansas City that Dr. and Mrs. Leonard, formerly of this place, have a little daughter about a month old.

G. L. Stewart and wife, of Waukegan, attended church here Sunday and heard Mr. Pratt.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 13 October 1899
The Maccabees will hold an oyster supper in Foresters Hall, Thursday Oct. 19th. All are invited.

Mr. and Mrs. Millenship, of Ravenswood, made their annual visit with Mr. and Mrs. John Rose. They returned to the city last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang, E. A. Martin, John M. Strang and wife went to the city Saturday to attend the festival.

Edward Harris preached here morning and evening for his father last Sunday. His address is now Humbolt, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls came out last week and moved their household goods to Oak Park.

Mrs. Henry Rose, of Oak Park, is visiting friends here.

The Bain house is now vacant. Hattie makes her home with her sister, Mrs. Brewer, at Druce's Lake.

Walter Lucas and his brothers, Frank and Wilson, are now running the old Scotch Smith farm, now owned by Mr. Ingalls of Oak Park. We very much regret to lose such musical people as the Starkweathers and Ingalls.

James Anderson and daughter Annie, of Lake Forest, and Mr. Geo. Findley and little son spent a day or two at W. B. Stewart's the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fisher of Kenosha visited at John Thain's Saturday last.

Mr. and Mrs. John Perkins and little daughter Brosia and Mrs. Howard returned to Kenosha Monday, after a short visit at John Thain's.

Mr. Harris was sent as a delegate from this church to a Congregational Association held at Pullman Tuesday.

Wm. Strang, of Antioch, is at his mother's, father on the sick list but improving.

from a loose clipping, source unknown 15 October 1899
A quiet wedding occurred in the Episcopal chapel Sunday evening at six o'clock. The principals in the affair were Miss Addie Pollock, of Millburn, and John Fulton, of this city. The ceremony was performed the Rev. Wm. E. Toll.
The young people were attended by Miss Jessie Strang and Mr. Alfred Spafford, both of Millburn. Nobody else except a few relatives witnessed the ceremony.
The announcement of the marriage of Miss Pollock to Mr. Fulton was a general surprise. Their engagement had been known for some time but it was not thought even by their most intimate friends that the event was to occur so soon and in such a quiet manner.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Fulton are well known not only in the city but throughout the county. The latter is the daughter of Hon. James Pollock, of Millburn, and has resided in the vicinity all her life, where she is popular and holds a prominent place in social and religious work. She had taught school in various parts of the county during the past few years.
Mr. Fulton is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fulton, of Belvidere street. He holds a responsible position in the First National Bank, in which capacity he has worked for a number of years. He graduated from Waukegan High School in 1892. He is a popular young man in the city and has numerous friends, all of whom extend hearty congratulations.
Mr. and Mrs. Fulton will immediately begin housekeeping at 912 Belvidere street.
from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 16 October 1899
Well Known Young People Married Sunday.
Pollock-Fulton Nuptials.
The wedding of Miss Addie Pollock, of Millburn, and Mr. John Fulton, of this city, was solemnized at 6 o'clock last night at Christ church. Rev. W. E. Toll performed the ceremony.
The wedding was a quiet one, only the relatives and intimate friends of the contracting parties were present. The young couple were attended by Miss Jessie Strang and Mr. Alfred Spafford, both of Millburn.
After the ceremony the party adjourned to Mr. and Mrs. Fulton's home at 912 Belvidere street, where they will reside, the groom having furnished the house in anticipation of the event, and a wedding supper was served.
Mrs. Fulton is a daughter of Hon. James Pollock, of Millburn, and is well known here. She is prominent in the social affairs of the county and for some time was teacher in the Lake Bluff school. A young lady of many accomplishments, Mr. Fulton is to be congratulated upon his choice.
Mr. Fulton has resided in Waukegan for years. He holds a responsible position at the First National Bank and is widely known and popular.
To Mr. and Mrs. Fulton the congratulations of their host of friends are extended.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 21 October 1899
Mrs. Mathews came home Saturday after a three weeks' visit in the city.

Mrs. Andrew White and Mrs. Wm. White went to Waukegan last Saturday morning to visit Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Stewart.

Mr. Pantall spent a few days in the city this week, returning Saturday morning.

Carrie Bater is sewing in Antioch at present, and will be there two weeks.

Dr. Taylor's two sisters, Mrs. Carney and Mrs. Remley started for their home in Michigan last Friday, after a week's visit with the doctor and Mrs. Taylor.

A number of people from this place went to Waukegan Tuesday to see our noble president.

The carpenters seem to be rushing the new houses. Frank Yule and Fred Heddle have Mr. Jamieson's all enclosed, while Mr. Smith, of Antioch, and his man have John Chope's good-sized house up and getting along fine with it. Both houses will be finished and occupied this fall.

Mr. Harris gave an interesting report of the meeting at Pullman. He met two former pastors of Millburn church, who made diligent inquiry concerning the people here, Revs. J. M. Campbell and N. A. Millard.

Mr. Wentworth expects to move into the Wedge house, opposite Robt. Strang's, very soon.

Mr. and Mrs. C. L. VanPatten, of Manning, Iowa, are visiting around among friends here.

Mrs. Samuel Taylor, of San Diego, Cal., is visiting Mrs. Bater. Mr. Taylor is Mrs. Bater's nephew.

Mrs. Parsons spent a few days recently with her sister, Mrs. Dr. Taylor. Mrs. Parsons has gone to Milwaukee to keep home for her brothers.

John Crawford is having his barns painted. Trotter's and White's barns are improved by a fresh coat of paint.

Word comes from Mrs. Lawrence Tabor, Iowa, that she is feeling quite well since going west.

Miss Jeanie Thom and her father visited in Racine the first of the week.

Every one was pleasantly surprised Monday to read the announcement of Miss Addie Pollock's marriage to Mr. Robert Fulton, of Waukegan. Miss Addie is a charming young lady and a favorite with every one here. Congratulations and sincere good wishes are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Fulton for a long and happy life.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cannon visited in Chicago a few days, returning home Monday evening.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 27 October 1899
Mr. John Bonner visited his sister, Mrs. Webster Dodge, at Peoria recently.

J. Cambell Cory and Mrs. Cory and Robert Cory and wife, are visiting at James Pollock's and Rob McDougall's.

There was an old fashioned "husking bee" at Philip Dietmeyer's last Monday night. There was good work done, lots of fun and fine refreshments.

Zella Hardie, Louise Perine and Herbert Amet called on Miss Jessie Strang last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chris VanPatten started for their home at Manning, Iowa, Wednesday. Mr. VanPatten has bought the Joseph Saddler farm and contemplates making large improvements on it in the spring.

Mrs. Bater, Mrs. Mathews, Mrs. Taylor and many others are planning to go to Highland Park on the electric cars by way of Waukegan to attend the convention..

James King has sold his farm to Walter Palmer. The farm was formerly the property of Gardiner Hastings, and is beautifully situated on the banks of Hastings Lake. Mr. Palmer has been on the Thayer farm the last six years.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller, of Sand Lake, visited at Mrs. W. B. Stewart's Monday

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