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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1899

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 5 August 1899
Mrs. J. M. Strang visited in the city a week, returning Tuesday, accompanied by the Mavor girls, Misses Belle and Jessie.

Lulu Thain went back to Waukegan Wednesday, after a visit of three weeks at the old home.

Mrs. R. L. Strang and Leone spent Wednesday in Waukegan with Mrs. Hardie and Mrs. Stewart.

Mrs. Lawrence is so far recovered as to be able to come out to church again.

Mrs. John Stewart and Miss Edith have gone to Waukegan and Kenosha to visit friends before starting on their return to St. Anthony Fall, Minn.

Scott Levoy, having closed his engagement at the butter factory, has gone to Jo Davis county, Ill., where he will engage with a new factory. If all proves satisfactory he will remove to that place in a few weeks.

Mrs. Scott Levoy is visiting her sister, Mrs. Hardie, at Waukegan.

Mrs. Smith and Miss Kittie and Mr. Cummings visited friends in Antioch Wednesday.

Irene Stewart went Thursday to visit in Chicago.

Janie Mathews returned from Racine Tuesday.

Libbie Jamieson went to the picnic at Burlington Park Monday.

Bert Trotter is out from the city for a couple of weeks.

May Dodge, of Peoria, is visiting at her uncle's, John Bonner's.

Mrs. John Bonner has gone to Rosecrans to spend a few days with her mother, who is reported quite sick.

Herbert Maquon returned to St. Louis Tuesday.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 12 August 1899
Mrs. Lampson is reported quite sick.

Mrs. Allen Jamieson's baby has been quite sick.

E. A. Martin was in the city Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs. Janette Mathews has gone to Kenosha for a long visit.

Miss King is out from the city, visiting her friend Libbie Jamison.

Miss Emily Wynn, of Waukegan, is spending a week with Mrs. Bater.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mathews have gone to Iowa to visit relatives.

A good many young people went to Hickory, to the harvest home picnic.

The C. E. society will hold its next business meeting with Vivian Bonner.

The Ladies' Aid society will meet with Mrs. Peter Stewart Thursday afternoon.

Jessie Strang and Alice Jamison visited at Somers, Wis., a few days the first of the week.

Mrs. William White has gone to celebrated Johnstown, Pa., to visit her cousin, John Roberts.

Charles Barrett of Chicago returned to the city Monday, after a few days visit at J. M. Strang's.

The ladies' thank-offering tea will be held the 17th of August--next Thursday afternoon--in the church.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pollock and son Fay, of Iowa, have been at the old home the last two weeks. They started for home Tuesday morning.

All of Mrs. Geo. Strang's children took dinner with her last Sunday. There were present Wm. Strang of Antioch, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Strang and son George; Mr. and Mrs. George I. Strang of Marshfield, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart, John A. Strang and Mrs. Thomas Anderson and children of Kansas; also Frank Strang of Marshfield.

Tuesday, August 8th Robert Strang's 84 birthday, all of his children came home to celebrate the occasion. Mr. and Mrs. William Mavor of Chicago (Mr. Mavor the alderman), Mr. and Mrs. John Monteith Strang, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hughes; Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Strang, Mrs. Bain and Mrs. Yule, of Somers, Wis.; Misses Jessie and Belle Mavor made up the happy company. Mr. Strang lives in peace and plenty, and enjoys the accumulations of his long life. He is a cheery Scotchman, and bids fair to see a good many birthdays yet. The family comes from a long-lived ancestry.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 26 August 1899
E. A. Martin was in the city on business Monday.

Mrs. Harris has a sister from the city visiting her.

Mrs. Robert Strang is recovering from a recent illness.

Mr. Starkweather was here Wednesday from Belvidere.

H. A. Jamieson, from St. Louis, was at Dr. Taylor's over Sunday.

Miss May Dodge of Peoria, is a visitor at her uncle John Bonner's.

Jeanie Thom attended the teachers' meeting in Waukegan this week.

Dr. Taylor has been quite sick the last few days, but seems to be gaining now.

Richard Trotter, Julia Smith and Miss Case were out from the city over Sunday.

Miss King went back to the city Monday, after a three weeks' visit at Libbie Jamieson's.

The ladies' thank offering tea was the largest ever held. Over eighty took supper. Forty-five dollars were taken in.

Our news letter went astray last week, we suppose, as there was no Millburn news in the GAZZETE, much to our astonishment.

Mrs. Isabella Thain will start Monday for a four months' trip with Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rossbach and their little daughter Beatrice.

Katie Vandevere, of Chicago, visited Mrs. Wm. Mitchell and Emma and Lucy Spafford a few days, returning to the city Wednesday.

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