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Newspaper Clippings for
June, 1899

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 2 June 1899
Mr. and Mrs. James Long, of Spokane Falls, started Monday morning for Pennsylvania, after having spent a few days at Mrs. George Strang's.

Norman Adams came up from the city on Saturday and spent Sunday with his family at Mr. Pantall's.

Belle Watson has been in Waukegan the last two weeks, visiting her sister, Mrs. Capt. Pollock.

Miss Jennie Fowler, of Burlington, Wis., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Cummings.

Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland have a pair of twin boys about a week old.

Miss Anderson is at her brother James Anderson's, of Lake Forest, on a visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang, Sr., returned Tuesday from a four weeks visit at Chicago and Somers.

There was a very small attendance at church Sunday morning, on account of the heavy rain storm.

The Hockaday and Grub schools closed last Friday. The Dodge school closes this week.

Mrs. Ellen Tillottson, of Pikeville, and Mrs. Emma Bazee, of Kenosha, visited at Mrs. Matthews' Tuesday.

Mrs. Albert Sorter is visiting at Mrs. George Strang's.

E. A. Martin was in the city Decoration Day.

Peter Strang attended Decoration Day services in Waukegan and met a number of his old army comrades.

Georganna Hobbs, who was boarded at Mrs. Mathews' the last three years, went to the city Saturday to live.

Mrs. Isabella Thain came home Saturday from an extended visit in the city.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 10 June 1899
John Roberts, of Chicago, came out to see his little son Alfred over Sunday.

Florence Stewart, of Waukegan, attended church here last Sunday and called on her Uncle Will.

Mrs. Henry Rose, of Oak Park, is here attending the settling of the estate of the late Henry Rose.

Mrs. Henry Smith Bain, of Lake Villa, has gone to Somers after visiting Alfred and Hattie a few days. She will return here again before starting on an extended visit to New York.

Ralph Harris is home from School at Rochester and Clarence Bonner is expected Saturday.

The latest improvement is the removal of the fence around the church lot.

Mrs. John M. Strang made a business trip to the city Wednesday.

The Trotters and Thos. and E. A. Martin attended the sociable at the Hickory M. E. church Wednesday.

Miss Sorter of Spokane, Washington, who is visiting relatives here, is spending the week with Mrs. Miller at Sand Lake.

Jessie Strang was in the city Saturday.

Miss Elsie Lawrence and Mrs. W. B. Stewart were appointed a committee of arrangements and empowered to call in all the help needed for the church association dinner. All who are at church next Sunday morning will hear the names read off, of each one will know what their work is to be.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wedge were in Waukegan Monday. Mr. Wedge is administrator of his father's estate.

The Wrights, of Sand Lake, and the Roses went to Waukegan to attend the reading of their father's will.

Roy Hughes was out from the city over Sunday to see her sister Maud.

Vivian Bonner and Maud Hughes, who have been attending school at Marion, Indiana, came home last week, and received a warm welcome.

Alfred Spafford visited in Chicago Friday and Saturday.

The annual association of the Congregational churches meets at Millburn Tuesday, June 13th. The association was first started by Rev. Thos. Lightbody of Millburn thirty-one years ago. Mr. Colburn was minister in Waukegan at that time and Mr. Fox was the minister at Ivanhoe, or Fremont as it was then called. The first meeting was held at Millburn in 1868, now it is always held the second Tuesday in June with the different churches.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 17 June 1899
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Gerry, of Waukegan, came out Saturday and staid over Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Yule.

Helen Trotter has gone to New Cambria, Missouri, to visit her aunt, Mrs. Wm. Hughes.

Dr. Jamison is now extending his telephone from Grange Hall to Druce's Lake.

Warren Wentworth Brown, of Chicago, is Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth's new grandson.

The president of the Millburn Insurance company has a young son about two weeks old. In time he may succeed his father as president.

Walter Palmer has lately returned from Arkansas and is greatly pleased with that country and climate.

The Dutch measles seem to be getting all through this Scotch settlement. Jessie Strang is sick with it.

Dr. Taylor is wearing a smile. He is the happy grandfather of a little one. His daughter, Mrs. H. A. Jameson, has a little son a week old.

Mrs. Lawrence is on the sick list.

W. B. Stewart, having given up his weekly trips to Evanston, has sold his fine span of black horses to Philip Bensinger.

Mrs. John Bonner went to Rochester last week, where her son Clarence graduated from Rochester Academy.

Prof. and Mrs. Farnum, of Rochester, are calling on the families of the students from this place.

Hon. Anson Hastings, of North Bend, Neb., is visiting here among his old friends. His early home was on the banks of Hastings Lake, which bears his father's name.

from a loose clipping, source unknown 20 June 1899
Married, at the parsonage, Tuesday, June 20th, 1899, Miss Inez Jamieson and Paul Ames, both of Antioch.
from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 28 June 1899
John Clark has a fine new Hibbard wheel bought of E. A. Martin.

Mrs. Chancey Cummings visited in Racine Monday.

Edna Stewart came out Saturday evening with her friend Miss Isabel. They returned to the city Sunday evening.

Wm. Wandel and his mother, of Waukegan, spent Sunday at Mrs. Bater's.

There will be a lawn social held on the church lawn Thursday evening, given by the C. E. society.

Herbert Mognon, of St. Louis, is visiting among his friends here.

Mrs. Miller, of Chicago, is visiting at the parsonage, and renewing old friendships.

There was a large attendance at Mrs. Bonners' society Thursday, and all had a pleasant time.

Mrs. John Stewart and her daughter Edith, of St. Anthony's Park, Minn., are visiting their numerous friends here.

Mrs. W. F. Wentworth has gone to Buzzard's Bay to see her sister, Mrs. Joseph Jefferson, who is reported sick.

Aggie Bundy and Jennie McCreadie, of Chicago, are visiting their cousin, Irene Stewart.

George Strang and wife, of Marshfield, Wis., are expected here next Saturday.

Mary Calavah, of Ypsilanti, Mich., is at Mrs. George Strang's.

There were two fine solos sang at the church last Sunday evening, one by Mr. Harris and one by Alfred Bain. It is expected Mr. Harris will sing another next Sunday evening.

Miss Jessie Harris will give a musicale at the parsonage Friday afternoon. She has a class of thirty-four pupils and hopes to have them all present. Miss Harris has been a faithful church organist for several years, and is said to be one of the finest teachers in Lake county.

Mrs. Mathews expects her brother, Dewitt Huntley, to visit her Thursday. Mr. Huntley was for many years associated with Dan Higley in business in Muskegan, Michigan. He and his sons are now in business in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kohler and child and Frank Wanck, of Chicago, are guests at the parsonage. All are cousins of Ralph Harris.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 30 June 1899

Mrs. Albert Sorter, of Spokane Falls, started for Minneapolis Monday morning, after having spent four weeks here with friends.

Mrs. Mathews has gone to Wisconsin for a weeks visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Hunt, on the Rowland farm, have a new baby about a week old.

Miss Jessie Strang met with the Alumni in Waukegan Saturday evening.

Mary and Lottie Wright, returned to the city last Saturday, after visiting Hattie Smith and Aggie Cummings a week and bringing news from their own people in Scotland.

Mrs. Margaret Lawrence, of Tabor College, arrived home last Friday. Her mother is still confined to her bed.

Died, little Frank Yule, Sunday morning, June 25th, aged twelve years. The funeral was held Tuesday in the church and was very largely attended. Mr. Harris officiated. The sympathy of every one goes out to his grandmother, who is left alone by his death.

The Ladies Aid Society, which always assumes huge proportions at its annual meeting, sometimes as many as eighty-five being at supper, will meet with Mrs. Bater on Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Bater's spacious home and large lawn and generous welcome makes all feel free to go.

The Children's Day exercises in church were especially good. Beautiful decorations.

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