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Newspaper Clippings for
April, 1899

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 3 April 1899
The contractor that has the mail route to let between Millburn and Wadsworth is looking for a mail carrier for next four years. A. K. Bain's time expires next July. It is to be hoped that Mr. Bain will get the contract again as he makes an excellent stage driver.

There was no preaching at Millburn last Sunday in the morning Rev. Harris being absent to attend the funeral of Fred Potter who was burned to death at Grayslake last Thursday. Miss Una Minto read a sermon in his place.

The Hockaday school closed Friday for a two week's vacation. One of Frank Hauser's boys has the scarlet fever and the directors thought best to close the school.

Mrs. W. J. White, Allie Cunningham and Carrie Bater spent Monday in Chicago.

Mr. F. Royer and wife spent Sunday in Chicago.

Jessie Strang spent Saturday in Chicago.

W. Rose is home from Beloit for a week.

Mr. Roddels who has been spending the winter with his daughter Mrs. Beightman in Chicago, has returned here.

The Dodge school closed Tuesday for the rest of the week as the teacher Miss Jameson, was going to Chicago for a few days.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 8 April 1899
A Lady Maccabee from Waukegan will speak to the ladies of Millburn and vicinity on Wednesday afternoon, April 12, at the Foresters Hall. Every lady is cordially invited to be present whether they have Maccabee relatives or not.

Mr. Bairstow and family, from Sand Lake, attended Easter service in Millburn, Sunday.

The mail route is let for the next four years to W. G. Thom.

S. J. Levoy and Wm. Mitchell were at Antioch Monday evening.

The young people of Millburn had a social party in the Forester's hall last Friday evening and all report a jolly time.

A. K. Bain was at Lake Villa Monday.

Stella and Florence Rowling have the measles.

On April 1st the creamery commenced to run every day.

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 14 April 1899
On Tuesday of this week there was a shingle bee at the church sheds. A nice crowd was out and the sheds were finished and are now ready for use. The Millburn ladies kindly furnished the shinglers with a dinner. The men did a good days work and had a good time also.

Mrs. J. M. Fowler, of Troy Center, Wis., has been visiting her brother, C. B. Cummings and wife.

Mrs. C. A. Mathews has gone to Chicago for a week's visit.

J. A. Thain drove through to Chicago this week.

Miss K. L. Smith spent two days in the city this week.

W. B. Stewart and wife visited in Somers, Wis., last week.

Miss Alexander of Chicago, is visiting Carrie Bater.

On last Saturday six loads of Gypsies passed through here on their way to Waukegan. The young folks were very much excited over a large black bear that they had with them.

G. Salisbury has moved onto the Joshua Wedge farm.

Fred Heddle, of Somers, was in Millburn, Tuesday.

D. O. Douglas and wife, of Waukegan, spent Sunday with her parents, Al McCredie and wife.

The public library of Millburn, has just received a new consignment of books. It is the section on Scotland and contains some fine reading matter. Some of our members have as yet drawn no books, and have neglected to pay the membership fee of ten cents a quarter, or forty cents a year which is necessary to keep up the current expenses of the library. Heretofore the money paid in has been insufficient to allow the Librarian any compensation for the time and labor expended in that capacity. R. S. Strang is the Librarian for the coming three months, and will harbor the books and do the work without compensation. If any money comes in, over the running of expenses, it will be kept to start the new year, July 1, and pay someone to keep and care for the books.
We would suggest that the members pay their forty cent fee at one time, instead of ten cents every three months, thereby saving themselves and the Librarian much trouble. This library is a good thing and we are sorry to see it neglected for lack of interest. The directors are doing their part, and we thing the members should be more prompt in responding to the privileges and requirements of their membership.

from a loose clipping, source unknown 19 April 1899
In memory of Clarence Gilbert, who died April 19th, 1899.
from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 21 April 1899
Maggie Watson is visiting her sister Mrs. J. K. Pollock, in Waukegan.

L. B. Starkweather, of Belvidere, is spending a few days with his daughter, Mrs. Emerson Ingalls.

Mr. Yule and Fred Heddle are doing some carpenter work this week for H. B. Tower

Mamie Trotter was out from the city a few days last week visiting her mother.

The farmers in this vicinity are very busy getting in their oats, they are very backward this spring on account of not having done any fall plowing.

Mrs. Conners, of Waukegan, did not succeed in starting an L. O. T. M. lodge in Millburn. Could not get members enough to secure a charter.

Mr. Shepardson and wife, of Lake Villa, attended church in Millburn last Sunday.

Bernard Cling, wife and son Archie drove up from Barrington last Sunday and spent the day with their sister-in-law Mrs. Wienecke.

Lucy Trotter has returned from a visit in the city.

Victor Strang and Nettie King are sick with the measles.

Celia Clark returned to work at J. McCormick's Monday, after a two week's visit at home, she has also been having the measles.

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