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Newspaper Clippings for
March, 1899

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 24 March 1899
Mrs. William Wandell.

Jessie Stewart Bater was born September 21st, 1870 in Millburn, and was one of five daughters. Her girlhood days were spent in Millburn where she resided until six years ago when she accepted a position in Wheeler's book store.
Jan. 19th, 1893 her father James Bater, a Lake county pioneer, died and she returned to Millburn, returning here shortly after and again entering Mr. Wheeler's employ. Later she accepted the position of sales-lady in the store of R. D. Wynn where she remained three and one- half years and was then employed at the Enterprise until September 1898.

October 19th, 1898, she married Mr. Wm. Wandel, one of the city's best known young men, who had a beautiful home prepared for his bride at 119 Hickory street.

A member of the Baptist church, pure and beautiful in character ever sympathizing with others needs Mrs. Wandel is universally mourned and her demise has called forth sincerest sympathy of all to the stricken husband.

Of her immediate family Mrs. Bater's mother, and two sisters, Mrs. Elmer Cannon and Miss Carrie Bater, of Millburn, are left to mourn her, two sisters, Elizabeth and Anna, having preceded her to " that home from whence no traveler returneth".

The funeral will be held from the residence tomorrow morning at 11:30 o'clock, Rev. Mr. Andereck will officiate and interment will be made in Millburn cemetery.

Among those from here that attended the R. N. A. supper at Lake Villa last Wednesday night were: W. Palmer and wife, E. P. Dodge and daughter Helen, Lizzie Martin, Nellie Trotter, Hattie and A. K. Bain.

Mrs. Howard, John Perkins and wife and daughter, from Antioch, visited over Sunday with J. L. Thain.

Mrs. V. F. Clark from Lawrence, Montana, is visiting her mother Mrs. C. A. Mathews.

Ross and Lyburn Stewart were out from the city over Sunday and attended church at Millburn.

Miss Jane Mathews, from Chicago is visiting her brother H. R. Mathews and wife.

Ralph Harris has a friend visiting him from Rochester, Wis.

E. A. Martin spent Sunday in the city.

Mrs. Elsie Lawrence returned from a stay of a week in the city.

Y.P.S.C.E. business meeting was held with Mrs. S. J. Levoy Friday night.

L. B. Starkweather has returned to Belvidere after a few days visit with his daughter Mrs. E. Ingalls.

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