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Newspaper Clippings for
June, 1898

from Waukegan Sun4 June 1898
Robert Jamieson is spending some time in Chicago.

Roy Hughes was home from Chicago over Decoration Day.

James Pollock was a Chicago visitor Tuesday and Wednesday.

John Roberts, of Chicago, spent Sunday and Monday at Jas. Jamieson's.

Miss Cora White is expected home this week from school at Marion, Ind.

E. A. Martin took in the start of the bicycle race at Wheeling on Decoration Day.

Dr. H. E. Jamieson's father and mother have been visiting with him this week.

A. K. Bain, James and Edwin Thom took in the circus in Waukegan Saturday evening.

Rev. S. A. Harris exchanged pulpits last Sabbath with Rev. M. Ruring, of Rochester, Wis.

Miss Lulu Thain, of Waukegan, visited over Sunday with relatives here returning Monday evening.

Chas. Humphrey's new barn was begun this week, Frank Yule, of Somers, having charge of the work.

The 1st Regiment, Illinois, has been ordered to Tampa, Fla. R. G. Trotter is corporal in Company K, of this regiment.

Miss Kiehle had a holiday from school on Wednesday to permit her to attend the wedding of Miss Partridge and Mr. Mandell in Waukegan.

Clarence Bonner was home from school at Rochester, Wis., this week, he will return for commencement and intends spending the summer there.

Ruby Rose, the little daughter of W. H. Rose, has been quite ill with a threatened attack of typhoid fever. She is much improved, however, at this writing.

The social announced for last Friday evening in George Miller's new barn, was postponed until Saturday evening on account of the storm. A goodly number were present Saturday evening in spite of unpleasant weather. After a short program, ice cream and strawberries were served. The receipts were over $16.00.

It was with much regret that we learned that Mr. and Mrs. Starkweather were about to leave Millburn to make their home in Belvidere where they will do much work in music. They have made many friends during their residence here and all are sorry to have them leave us. Mr. Starkweather will be greatly missed in the choir which he has had charge of for some time. We are all selfish enough to hope they will return soon.

Millburn has an attack of the patriotic fever so violent that it must find vent. Consequently there is to be a Patriotic Social here on Friday evening, June 10. War songs, old and new, will be given in a short concert after which ice cream and ices will be served by the young people. The proceeds are to be devoted to the purchase of a flag which shall show to the passers-by that Millburn is not lacking in patriotism. Don't forget the time and place, Millburn, Friday, June 10.

from Waukegan Sun11 June 1898
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cummings spent Monday in Chicago.

Misses Mary and Lottie Wright, of Chicago, spent the week with their cousins, Miss K. L. Smith and Mrs. C. B. Cummings. They leave soon for a visit in Scotland, their old home.

Miss Fannie Van Patten visited with her sister in Chicago this week.

Mrs. Humphrey and daughter Mrs. White, of Nebraska, are visiting at Chas. Humphrey's.

Miss Patterson, of Lake Forest, spent a few days of this week with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Strang Sr., returned on Monday after a prolonged visit in Somers and Chicago.

The base ball club met for practice last Saturday afternoon. They will arrange for some games soon.

The Ladies' Aid Society met last Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Bater.

Leslie Bonner is improving under the care of Dr. Jameson. His complaint was appendicitis, and he has been very sick, undergoing an operation last week.

Eugene Strang and wife spent Sunday with Mrs. E. J. Strang.

Irene Bain, of Somers, visited here this week.

Children's day will be fittingly observed by our Sunday school June 19.

Miss May Cashmore visited with Mrs. J. M. Strang last week.

Roy James, of Chicago, visited last week at Horace Tower's.

Wm. Wedge and wife, of Gages Lake were at Mrs. J. M. Strang's Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rose will attend the graduating exercises at Rochester Academy, Wis., on Friday evening. Their son William is one of class of nine graduates. Some of our young people also anticipate attending the exercises.

Chas. Humphrey's new barn was raised last Tuesday.

Miss Goodhand, who closed her school in the west side district last Friday, has gone to Dixon to attend school.

from Waukegan Sun18 June 1898
E. T. Taylor, of Chicago, spent Sunday at home.

Mr. Neikirk is visiting this week at Wm. Thom's.

John Roberts, of Chicago, was a visitor at Jas. Jamieson's Saturday and Sunday.

A telephone line has been recently put up connecting the Fahrney residence with Millburn.

Cora White has returned from a years' schooling in Marion, Ind. She will return there in the fall.

Willie Bonner and Willie Rose are home from Rochester, Wis., where they have attended school the past year.

Mrs. Pantall is entertaining her brother, Alec Galloway, of La Plata, Mo. His little daughter accompanies him.

Miss Vanduzen, a lady from the East visited a few days with A. K. and Hattie Bain, returning to Lake Villa on Monday.

Do not forget the Children's day services next Sabbath. Special pains are being taken to make the program interesting and profitable.

Rev. S. A. Harris was the victim of an accident last week, resulting in the demolishing of his carriage. He fortunately escaped without injury.

L. B. Starkweather closed his singing class at Wadsworth with a concert at that place on Tuesday night. He was assisted by some of the Millburn singers.

Because of unfavorable weather the patriotic concert and social was not as successful as hoped for. The proceeds, amounting to about $15.00 will be devoted to the purchase and erection of a flag.

Miss Alice Jamieson closed a successful year of school in the Dodge district on Wednesday. This is her second year of service there, and all residents of the district speak highly of her success.

Zella Hardie and Louise Perine, of Waukegan, visited with Miss Jessie Strang last week, and attended the social on Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Stewart, of Waukegan, were in attendance upon the social also.

from Waukegan Sun25 June 1898
Misses Florence Stewart and Harriet Erskine, of Waukegan, were in Millburn last Saturday.

E. A. Martin was in the city Tuesday.

Miss Van Patten returned Monday after spending two week in Chicago.

Miss Carrie Bater is sewing at Edgebrook this week.

Rev. S. A. Harris spent Monday and Tuesday in Chicago.

Mrs. W. White visited relatives in Mill county last week, returning Monday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thom were in Somers last week.

Mr. Yarman, a native of Armenia, occupied the pulpit Sunday evening and Monday evening delivered a lecture on recent Armenian massacres.

The Children's Day exercises last Sabbath called out a large attendance. The recitations and songs of the little people were very well rendered.

A base ball game between the married men and the bachelors last Saturday, resulted in a victory for the married men, score 17 to 12.

Mrs. D. B. Taylor returned Tuesday from a visit with relatives in Michigan.

The C. E. business meeting was held on Friday evening with Mrs. P. L. Strang.

A large delegation of Millburn people attended the annual June meeting of the Congregational churches of this county at Grayslake last Friday.

Miss Jennie Fletcher, of Onalaska, Wis., is visiting with Mrs. N. O. Leroy.

Mr. Cheatam, of Chicago, visited with Mrs. J. M. Strang a few days last week.

A number of Waukegan young people spent Sabbath in Millburn, and church.

The family of Dr. Fahrney, from Chicago, are occupying their summer residence in East Millburn.

The Thayer house in West Millburn has been treated to a new roof.

Miss Helen Trotter is spending the week in Chicago.

A. G. Spafford closed his third successful year of school at Hickory last Friday with a picnic at Loon Lake. He will have charge at the Grub school next year.

from a loose clipping, source unknown 30 June 1898
Died—Thursday June 30th, 1898, Mrs. Daniel Sorter, aged 95 years one month and 15 days. Mrs. Sorter's maiden name was Luna Willard. She was born in Paris Cayuga county, N. Y. May 15, 1805. Her first husband, Mr. Calavah died at New Orleans on his way to Cal. in the early days of the gold fever. She was married to Daniel Sorter in 1856. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. He died in 1864.

Mrs. Sorter came west when a young woman and lived most of her long life here in the west. There were many things very remarkable about her. She was always cheerful and hopeful and would say encouraging words at all times, indeed it was an inspiration to talk with her in her extreme old age. She never uttered any complaints, she was from good old Presbyterian stock, her father being a deacon in the church. She was in sympathy with the new improvements and inventions of the latter years of the nineteenth century, she was a woman of industrious habits and could turn her hand to almost any kind of work. Girls were taught to spin and weave when she was young, she could do both beautifully. It is only a few years since she gave up household cares. Since the death of Mr. Sorter she has lived with her daughter Mary who has given her the most devoted and tender care. Mrs. Sorter was a great reader during her life, and was very intelligent, she could give you a remedy for almost any ailment. Her eyesight and hearing were good for her 95 years. Her eyesight was like most people at 50 and her hearing was very acurate to the last. She suffered greatly from weakness the last few months and often expressed a wish to depart and be at rest.

She leaves three daughters, Miss Mary Calavah, of Millburn, Mrs. Maria Monton, of Neb. and Josephine who is married and lives in California. The funeral was held at the home Saturday morning Rev. Mr. Harris officiating. The burial was at Kenosha beside her daughter Louisa and her only son who both died years ago.

Miss Mary Calavah and Mrs. Geo. Strang wish to express their heart felt thanks to all who have so kindly assisted them during their mother's sickness and death.

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