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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1898

from Gazette3 January 1898
Mr. and Mrs. Boise celebrated the seventh anniversary of their marriage Monday the 27th. All had a very enjoyable time of course.

Edna Stewart, of Chicago, is home for the holidays.

Miss Irene Stewart's school is closed for a week.

The Dodge and Hockaday schools are having a weeks vacation.

Miss Keihle is spending a week at home in Waukegan.

Alice Jamieson is visiting in Chicago for a few days.

Fred, Richard and Mamie Trotter were home for Christmas

Mr. Roberts was out for Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. James Jamieson and family took Christmas dinner with their daughter, Mrs. Geo. Duncan.

Libbie Jamieson has gone to Charlston, Ill. to visit her school friend, Miss Oliver.

Mrs. Mary Wright was not able to go to Millburn last Sunday as was expected.

Ed Taylor is out from the city for a few days visit.

Mrs. Mathews, Wm. Whites, Mrs. Yule and son Frank dined with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Dodge Christmas day.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stewart expect a large company from the city to spend New Years with them, when Lyburn and Ross will be at home.

Edwin Jamieson, of Lake Forest, is at home for a week's vacation.

Died Monday, Dec. 27th 1897, Mrs. Anna Chope aged 91 years and eight months. She was born in England and came to this country sixty-three years ago. She has been a resident of Millburn sixty-one years and has lived on the same farm continuously since the land was sold by the Government to the first settlers. She leaves two sons Thomas and William and one daughter in Minnesota, Mrs. Asa Bullock.

Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Adams and Pearl Whiteny were out for a few days, returning the first of the week to the city.

James J. Swan of Ivanhoe, was a guest at Mrs. Spafford's the first of the week.

Miss Jeanie Thom, of the State Normal school is home for the holidays.

Arthur and Emma Spafford are visiting in the city.

The Rochester Academy students are at home for a few days.

Wm. McCredie, who has been collecting for the Millburn Insurance Co., is about through with his work and has been quite successful.

from Gazette8 January 1898
Seidel & Co. sells clothing cheap.

C. L. VanPatten, of Manning, Iowa, is a guest at Mrs. Lampson's.

Jess Bater is home for a vacation.

Julia Strang, Clarence Bonner and Wm. Rose, all returned to Rochester Academy Monday.

Miss Sara Browe is visiting among friends here. We learn through Miss Browe that Dr. Tombaugh is settled at Three Rivers, Mich., and is highly pleased with the place, and the refined and cultured people of that city.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Bain, of Lake Villa, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Humphery, of Antioch, Miss Hattie Bain and Alfred, of Millburn dined with Dr. and Mrs. Jamieson New Years day.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stewart invited the following persons from the city to spend New Years with them at their home: Mr. Bateo and wife, Ida and Bryon Bates, Miss Margaret Corrin, Mr. DeSwarte and wife, Helen and Raymond, Mr. McGowan and wife and James Corrin, Edna Loyburn, and Rose Stewart were among the number. Miss Jessie and Florence Harris visited at Magnongo, Wis., recently. Their brother Edward is pastor of the Congregational church there.

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