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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1897

from a loose clipping, source unknown 19 September 1897
Born—Sunday, Sept. 19, 1897, to Mr. and Mrs. John J. McDougall, of Wilmot, Wis., a ten pound boy.
from a loose clipping, source unknown 26 September 1897
DIED.—Last Sunday morning, Sept. 26, at Evanston, Ill., George S. Smith, formerly of Millburn.
Mr. Smith was a native of Scotland, and came to Lake County soon after his marriage, over fifty years ago, and settled on a farm a mile north of Millburn, where most of his useful life was spent. He endured all the hardships of the early pioneers of the county. Mr. Smith was highly respected by all who knew him, being a kind, generous, obliging neighbor, and a friend that could be depended upon at all times. He was a good representative of the educated, generous, christian Scotchman, such as is set forth in the writings of "Ira McLaren."
Mr. Smith leaves a wife, three sons and three daughters. His oldest daughter, Mrs. Thomas Mason, died many years ago, leaving her three little children orphans. They were taken into their grand-father's family and tenderly reared and highly educated, the boys, William and George, finishing their education at Yale College.
Mr. Smith was a cousin to George Smith, the great London banker, who was also a resident of Chicago in the forties and fifties. The worthy pioneers of the county will soon all be gone; only one of Mr. Smith's near neighbors survive him, Mr. Henry Rose.
The burial was at Millburn Tuesday afternoon. The bearers were Capt. and Hon. James Pollock, Mr. Pantall and Mr. Thom, John Bonner and George Stewart. Mr. Harris gave a short address at the grave, the choir sang and another worthy and much beloved citizen was laid to rest in the beautiful Millburn Cemetery. The floral offerings were beautiful and the quantity immense.
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