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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1896

from a loose clipping, source unknown 10 November 1896
Mrs. Robert Strang, Sr., passed another mile stone on the journey of life, last Tuesday, Nov. 10th, being her 77th birthday. Mrs. Strang was born in Scotland and lived there twenty six years. Mr. Strang after having been in the country eight years returned to Scotland and claimed his bride. They were married and took a little wedding trip across the Atlantic, and came to Millburn which has been her home ever since. She still maintains a strong prediliction for the musical Scotch tongue and character, being a great admirer of Ira McLaren, Robert Burns and other Scotch writers.
from a loose clipping, source unknown 25 November 1896
Another Old Settler Passed Away.
The death of Mrs. Sarah Alvord Stafford, which occurred quite suddenly Friday morning, Nov. 25th, removed from the county one of its earlier settlers. She arrived in what afterward became the town of Warren, in 1840, coming from the east by way of the lakes, landing at Southport, now Kenosha, and came by wagon to this place, where two of her brothers had previously located.
March 13, 1844, she was united in marriage to Levi Stafford, who came to this locality in 1836. Together they toiled and reared themselves a home and soon the then unbroken prairie was converted into a fertile farm, upon which they resided until the death of Mr. Stafford which occurred June 21, 1878. For 65 years Mrs. Stafford was a devoted member of the Methodist church.
She was born in Chatauqua, Franklin, Co., N. Y., Nov. 9, 1811, and was at the time of her death, 85 years and 11 days old. She was married to Nathaniel Hickok in 1829; he died in 1832. Three children were born to them, only one of whom is now living, his home being in New York. To Mr. and Mrs. Stafford was born one son, Gleason H., with whom she lived at the time of her death.
On Sunday, the 22nd, she was laid to rest in the Benton cemetery, the funeral being held from the Warren M. E. church, which she was instrumental in building.
from a loose clipping, source unknown 30 November 1896
We are sorry to report the death of George Stevens' little son William McKinley, one of the twin babies. He died Monday, Nov. 30th, with something like pneumonia—aged about six weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Stevens have lost three children, two sons and one daughter, namely George, Belle and Willie. Their many friends sympathize with them in their bereavement.
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