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Newspaper Clippings for
June, 1895

from a loose clipping, source unknown 1 June 1895
They Caned Him.
Last Saturday the numerous friends of Dr. D. B. Taylor, of Millburn, to the number of about seventy-five assembled at the pleasant home of Dr. and Mrs. Taylor to commemorate the thirty- second anniversary of their marriage. The event was planned as a surprise upon the Doctor, and so well executed that he was taken completely by surprise, but soon recovered sufficiently to make the guests feel at home. The Doctor is sixty-eight years of age and has practiced medicine thirty-three years in this county, first engaging in practice in Michigan for a short time and then coming to this village, soon moving to Millburn where he has since resided.
The Doctor was presented with a gold-headed cane on which was the following inscription: "Presented to D. B. Taylor, by his Friends, June 1st, 1895." The presentation speech was made by the Rev. S. A. Harris, in his own happy style. During the melee H. D. Hughes got off the following original poem, which we publish in full for the benefit of those not present:
(text of poem)
from a loose clipping, source unknown 5 June 1895
According to previous arrangements, Mr. Clark, of Holdrege, Neb., preached very acceptably to a full house last Sunday morning. Mr. Clark is a graceful, eloquent speaker. His subject was well chosen and he had the entire sympathy and interest of his audience while speaking. The shadow of death is still hovering over his own home in the loss of his only daughter, yet he is able to say many things to comfort and sustain others in like bereavement. Many of his former charge had not seen him since he left us eight years ago, and were delighted to hear his voice and look into his face once more. Three couples were in the church whom he married years ago, Mr. and Mrs. John Thain, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Strang and Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Adams. Our big generous warm hearted pastor did all he could to give him a right royal welcome to his former pulpit.
from a loose clipping, source unknown 11 June 1895
William D. Kennedy, of Waukegan, and Miss Susie White, of Hickory, were married at the home of the bride, June 11, and have started housekeeping in Waukegan. The numerous friends of the bride and groom join The News in wishing them a prosperous and happy life.
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