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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1894

from a loose clipping, source unknown 9 October 1894
Fifty Years of Wedded Bliss.
Mr. and Mrs. I. R. Webb, of this Township,
pass the Fiftieth Mile-stone Together.
A brief Sketch of this Amiable Couple
The News takes pleasure in presenting its readers with a very good picture of Mr. and Mrs. Ira R. Webb, two of the early pioneers of Antioch, who, upon October 9th, 1894, had lived together as husband and wife for fifty years. The event was kept quiet, and not until after the day had passed away did the children realize that their parents had passed an event in married life that only a few out of thousands live to enjoy.
Ira R. Webb was born in Herkimer County, New York, June 2nd, 1823, and is therefore in his 72nd year. He was married to Miss Jane Potter, October 9th, 1844, being at that time in his 22nd year.
Jane Potter, wife of Ira R. Webb, is a native of York state, having been born in Herkimer County, New York, May 3rd, 1823, and is therefore nearly one month the senior of her husband.
May 5, 1845 Mr. and Mrs. Webb bid good bye to the familiar scenes of their childhood's home, and following the advice of Horace Greely, started to the West, arriving in Kenosha, Wis., May 15th, 1845, where they remained over night and then moved to Lake county and settled on a farm near their present home, which Mr. Webb purchased the same season, and have resided continuously thereon ever since.
Seven children, four boys and three girls, were born of the union, all living and among the best citizens of the country, Named as follows, in the order of birth: Mary P., wife of E. Boyland; Bernard E., who resides at home; Ruby A., wife of A. H. Stevens; R. B., now employed in the hardware business at Crystal Falls, Michigan; George E., a member of the firm of Webb Bros. & Perkins, of this village, Emma M. wife of Will Hodge; Ira Chase, also a member of the firm of Webb Bros. & Perkins.
Mr. Webb has filled various township offices, being a member of the board of School Trustees nearly forty years, and has held the office of Collector and Road Commissioner for a number of years. He is perhaps one of the oldest and best known auctioneers in the county and has been closely identified with the growth and development of Lake county, and being of a social, genial disposition, his friends are legion and few indeed live to enjoy the perfect confidence and respect of the people as fully as Mr. Webb has done during the entire term of his long residence in Antioch township.
Coming here in the early days and being endowed with a robust constitution and considerable natural ability he has succeeded in acquiring a fair share of worldly wealth and that he and his esteemable wife may live to celebrate their Diamond Wedding is the wish of the News.
from a loose clipping, source unknown 19 October 1894
Friday, October 19, '94, at 3 p.m. Gilbert Frazier passed to his long rest.
Mr. Frazier was born in Jefferson county, New York, fifty-four years and six months ago. He had lived in Lake County many years. Two years ago he removed to Grays Lake where he had built a handsome home and in which he hoped to regain his already declining health. These hopes proved vain and he gradually grew weaker from day to day until his final release. His last words were "I am going Home." He was a christian man who had many friends and he was thoroughly respected by those who knew him best. He leaves a wife, two daughters and one son to mourn his loss. The funeral was held at the Grays Lake church Sunday Oct. 21. Rev. S. A. Harris, of Millburn, officiated. The interment was at the Grays Lake cemetery. A very large concourse of relatives and friends assembled to pay a last tribute to their departed neighbor and friend.
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