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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1894

from a loose clipping, source unknown 5 May 1894
During the raging thunder-storm which swept over this locality last Saturday evening, much damage was done by the lightning. A barn belonging to J. B. Story, situated near Pikeville, was struck early in the evening and totally destroyed. The fire was plainly visible from Antioch, but the flames began to recede so soon that no one from here visited the scene of the conflagration. The barn contained about forty tons of hay and four calves, all of which went to the flames. John Williamson, living near Millburn suffered the loss of his barn and its contents during the same evening. The telephone wires at this place were struck several times and some of the instruments were so badly damaged that they were not in working order the next day. The residence of John Welch on Lake Avenue was also struck, but beyond shattering a few shingles and jarring the chimney, no damage was done. The rain fell in torrents flooding the streets. The storm continued until about midnight. We were favored with a heavy shower Sunday morning, Much more rain just at present will seriously interfere with the farmer's spring work.
from a loose clipping, source unknown 15 May 1894
Death has claimed another victim in our little village. Mr. Henry Humphrey died Tuesday evening, May 15th, 1894, after a brief illness. The deceased was well known in this part of the country, and all who knew him will be grieved to hear of his death. The funeral was held Thursday morning at half past ten.
from Antioch News17 May 1894
Fred Heddler is at Somers, Wis.

Mrs. W. B. Stevens spent Monday in the city.

W. G. Thom paid Racine a business visit last week.

Miss M. Cashmore is visiting Mrs. J. M. Strang.

The C. E. business meeting was held at Mrs. Bater's.

Miss E. Blood, of Chicago visited Sunday with Miss K. L. Smith.

Mrs. J. Jamieson is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. Roberts, in Chicago.

The lumber for the new sidewalk to the cemetery is here and is partly laid.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Perkins and daughter spent Sunday at J. A. Thain's.

Some of our young people attended the Fair at Sand Lake last Friday night.

A goodly number of our young people contemplate attending the Y.P.S.C.E.

convention to be held at Gurnee, May 26th.

Coxey's Army, in the form of the M. S. and L. Club, tendered Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stuart a surprise party on Tuesday evening of last week. An elegant lunch was served by the Club, and a jolly good time was reported.

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