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Newspaper Clippings for
April, 1894

from a loose clipping, source unknown 28 April 1894
Last Thursday morning we came near having a tragedy in Millburn. On the way to the butter factory the team driven by Smith Hughes became unmanagable, caused by something about the harness breaking and let the wagon run on to the horses' heels which so frightened them that they broke into a wild run and dashed into a team just ahead of them, owned by James King and driven by his man, Charley Maitland. Both wagons were upset and broken more or less, both young men severely injured, Maitland having his shoulder broken, and Hughes being picked up in an unconscious state and did not recover for two hours. After getting loose from the wagon, the Hughes horses dashed wildly down the hill to the factory and jumped into Mrs. Heddles carriage entirely demolishing it. The Heddle horse and the other two all fell in a mixed up heap together. Drs. Tombaugh and Taylor attended to the two injured boys. John A. Strang drove with all speed to the owners of the teams informing them of the accident. Mr. King and Mr. Hughes were soon on the ground to look after the teams and the two injured boys who are both recovering.
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