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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1893

from a loose clipping, source unknown 23 February 1893
Mrs. Jeannette G. Knight.
Mrs. Jeanette G. Knight departed this life at her home in Ravenswood, Ill., Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 1893, aged 48 years, 4 months, and 23 days. She was the youngest of a large family, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Galloway, long since deceased. Mrs. Knight was married to Capt. Hale Knight in Chicago, June 5th, 1872, and soon after went to live in Ravenswood, which has since been her home. While living in the city before her marriage she became a Christian and united with Dr. Goodwin's church. She and her husband have been members of the Congregational Church during their entire residence at Ravenswood, he being one of the deacons of the church. Mrs. Knight was known as an active energetic Christian worker. She gave her time and money willingly for the building up of the church and the spread of the Gospel. Her influence in her own home and community was always on the side of religion and right doing.
By her amiable and loving disposition she had drawn around her a large circle of loving friends why deeply mourn her sudden death. She leaves a husband and one daughter and two step-children who keenly feel their irreparable loss.
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