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November, 1892

loose obituary, probably from a Waukegan paper 29 November 1892

Lydia Brooks Dearborne Stewart
After a long and painful illness, Lydia Brooks Stewart passed quietly to rest at her home in this city, November 29th. She was the only surviving child of the late John E. and Lydia L. Dearborne, and the wife of George L. Stewart. Born in Millburn, Dec. 5th 1844, she had not quite completed her Forty-ninth year; but if we count time by deeds, not years, we can truly say that her life was longer than many of three-score years and ten, so active and useful was it.

Losing her mother in early life, she found a home with her grandfather, the late Rev. William B. Dodge, and was cared for with a mother's love and tenderness by her aunt, Miss Judith D. Dodge, who survives her.

She united with the Congregational church at Millburn in the Spring of 1865, and was an active an consistent member until her removal to this city some three years ago. A member of the Millburn choir for nearly thirty years, her voice was seldom missed from church service, Sunday school or prayer meeting; and there are few persons around Millburn who do not remember with gratitude the solace they derived from hearing her sweet voice singing of the Home Above, and the Resurrection, beside the graves of their loved one gone before.

She was married Oct. 17th, 1865 to George L. Stewart, who with one daughter, Florence D., mourn a true and loving wife and mother.

The life and light of her home, she was also a leader in church and society; interested in every good work, and always ready to assist with voice, hands and means. Given to hospitality, her home was ever open and many will recall with pleasure the happy hours they spent in it. Her hands were never idle. The artist soul within her manifested itself through brush and needle, even during her long battle with disease, which she fought with such indomitable courage, wrought many dainty articles. Music, birds, flowers and beauty in all its forms, had such a charm for her that we love to think of her singing the song of the Lamb in that Beautiful City, where pain, death and parting never come.

Funeral services were held at the family residence, 430 Genesee St., on Friday, Dec., 1st, and the worn body was laid to rest beside her father, mother and sister in the family lot in the Millburn Cemetery. C.S.N.

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