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Newspaper Clippings for

November, 1891

from a loose clipping, source unknown 26 November 1891

Death of Mrs. Dodge.
Our people were very much startled at the news received on Thursday of last week of the sudden death of Mrs. E. P. Dodge, of Millburn. The sad part of it was that she had shot herself with a revolver. The cause of her death was despondency arising from an invalid life of several years. For some months past she had seemed a little better and more cheerful, and there was no thought that she would or could do what she did. The revolver belonged to Mr. Dodge and he had taken it from his office to his house, and had concealed it, and supposed she was ignorant of where it was.

It being Thanksgiving day, the girl went home early that morning, and Mr. Dodge arose about six o'clock leaving his wife asleep, and attended to part of his chores. He then went to the house to see if everything was all right and his little girl told him her mamma was still asleep, and he returned to the barn and finished the morning work.

Upon coming in about 8 o'clock he went to their room and found his wife apparently sleeping, but upon looking closely she was found to be dead. Turning down the bed clothing he found that her life had been taken by a shot from the revolver. The ball passed through her heart, and she lay there at rest having died without a struggle. The revolver had evidently been discharged under the bed clothes closely drawn around her, and hence the report was muffled and unheard.

The deceased was a lady of bright cheerful disposition, of a lovely Christian character. She was raised in the neighborhood, her maiden name being Miss Ruby Barry. She was a sister of Miss Doctor Barry, formerly of this city and now of La Crosse, Wis., and who is highly esteemed here. The funeral was held on Saturday forenoon, Nov. 28, from the family residence, and was very largely attended by friends and relatives, all of whom so deeply sympathize with the bereaved family.

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