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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1890

from Antioch News18 December 1890
Teachers Meeting
The Northern section of Lake County Teachers will meet at the school house in Antioch, Saturday December 20th. A full attendance is desired
Homer Jamison, Sec.
E. C. Sabin, Pres.

from Antioch News25 December 1890
Mrs. James Bounce is getting better.

See the little cherubs at the entertainment!

Mrs. Jamieson went to Chicago this week.

Johnnie Jamieson is expected home next week.

Miss Bruce has returned to her home in Lockport

Miss Lucy Mason is expected home for the holidays.

W. G. Thom was seen driving his fine Judge Hayes colt the other day.

Mr. Richard Trotter is going to Chicago to work in a commission house.

The parsonage has been improved both within and without during the past week.

The Messrs. W. and G. Mason spend a part of the holidays with their grandparents.

Mr. Sumner Spafford sold his race horse, Lady Prince, to Mr. E. C. Sabin last week.

There is to be a Musical and Literary Entertainment in the Millburn Church on Tuesday evening the 30th.

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