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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1890

from Antioch News6 November 1890
Mortgage Sale
D. B. Taylor, mortgagee, will sell at Public Auction, to the highest bidder for cash, on the tenement farm of David Van Patten, 1 mile south of Cribb's school house, on Thursday November 13th 1890 at 10 o'clock A.M. the following personal property to wit:
1 iron gray mare, seven years old, 1 bay roan gelding horse 8 years old, 1 speckled gray mare 15 years old, 1 dark iron gray mare colt, 8 years old, 1 dark roan mare colt, 3 years old, 2 dark red cows, 5 years old, 1 white milch cow, 13 years old, 2 dark red cows 4 years, 2 gray cows, 4 years old, 6 steers, two years old, 3 heifers two years old.
D. B. Taylor, Mortgage
By virtue of a second mortgage bearing date the 7th day of March 1890, the Warden, Bushnell & Glessner Company, by their Attorney will sell the residue of said property sufficient to cover their accounts for cash or on time as they may elect, on the same day and at the same place, immediately after satisfying the claim of the said D. B. Taylor.
Warden Bushnell Glessner, Co.
Per J. J. Burke, Atty. for Mortgagee.

from Antioch News13 November 1890
Auction Sale
The undersigned will sell at Public Auction at his residence in the town of Antioch and 2 1/2 miles north-west of Millburn, on
Tuesday Nov. 18, 1890.
at 10 o'clock, A M. the following property to-wit:
1 set driving harness, 2 sets work harness, 2 sets single harness, 1 lumber wagon, 1 pair trucks, 20 two-year-old heifers, 15 yearling heifers, 2 three-year-old heifers, 1 Jersey cow, 2 dry cows, 1 bull, 3 weanling colts, 1 double buggy, 1 single buggy, 1 road cart, 17 two-year-old weathers, 4 brood sows, about 20 shoats, 1 poland china boar, 16 young pigs, 1 draft mare 6 years old, 1 black gelding horse 4 years old, 1 mare 3 years old, 2 yearling colts, 1 bay driver, 6 years old, 2 choice mares, coming 2 years old, and other articles too numerous to mention.
Terms of Sale:
All sums of $10 or under cash, on all sums over $10 12 months time will be given on good approved notes with interest at six per-cent.
H. Doolittle
JAS. Moran, Auctioneer

Millburn Mutual Ins. Co.
Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors of the Millburn Mutual Ins. Co. has laid eight assessments to pay the obligations of said Company for the loss on this year of Frank Deely of Grant, Martin Konieska of Libertyville, James Barnstable of Avon, G. B Stephens and Mason estate of Newport, John Kelly of Libertyville, J. and J. Ingrish of Fremont, C. and D. B. Webb of Antioch and C. B. Harrison of Antioch.. Total assessment of the $1000.00 insured $1.83. These assessments will be due and called for 30 days from date, and members will please remember that by the 8th section of the Charter the neglect to pay the assessment when asked for suspends the benefits of the Policy till the assessments are paid.
E. P. Dodge, Sec'y.
Millburn, Ill. Nov. 6th 1890.

from Antioch News20 November 1890
On last Thursday, Mr. Geo. L. Stewart received an appointment in the United States Sub. Treasury at Chicago, under Gen. Dustin. The position is a responsible one and the appointment is a good one. -Gazette

The concert given at the Congregational Church last Friday evening was a decided success. The singing by the Millburn Quartette was one of the pleasant features of the evening. The recitation by Miss Florence Thacker deserves special mention.

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