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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1887

from a loose clipping, source unknown 7 November 1887
STEWART-THAIN: At Millburn, Monday, November 7, 1887, at the residence of J. L. Thain, Esq., the bride's father, by Rev. Norman Millard, John T. Stewart, and Miss Margaret Keith Thain.
from a loose clipping, source unknown 7 November 1887
On last Monday the home of Mr. J. L. Thain of Millburn was the scene of a happy gathering. The occasion of it was the marriage of his daughter Margaret Keith Thain and Mr. John T. Stewart, of Millburn but lately of Deerfield. The marriage ceremony was performed at noon, by Rev. Norman Millard, and was witnessed only by the members of the families and intimate relations and friends of the young couple. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart are Millburn bred, and have a very large circle of friends and relatives who wish them all good fortune in their future. After a wedding dinner and a brief inspection of the many presents that attested kind wishes to the couple, they took the 5:28 p.m. train for Chicago, and on Tuesday evening started for Kansas and other western points. They will return in about two weeks to Deerfield, their future home.
from a loose clipping, source unknown 23 November 1887
Eliza McClure Strang, widow of Peter Strang Sr., died at her home in Warren Township on Tuesday 23 Nov. 1887, just after midnight, in the sixty-second year of her life. She was born near Belfast, Ireland 12 Sept. 1826 and came to this country with her parents when 15 years old. She was the sister of Thomas McClure of Gurnee. In 1847 she married Peter Strang Sr., who died a year ago last June. Of her eleven children ten are living, all in this county, nine of whom attended their mother's funeral, Her death was the result of injuries received on Nov. 11th from falling on a board walk at her home. Her leg was broken in two places and internal injuries resulted in her death. She was a most worthy woman, beloved in her family and held in high esteem by her neighbors. The funeral was held on Thursday, the Rev. James Frothingham officiating. Although it was Thanksgiving Day with its large family gatherings every where, and in spite of the rain and mud, a large number of neighbors and friends in carriages, accompanied the remains from the home to the church at Millburn and thence to their last resting place in the Millburn Cemetary.
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