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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1885

from Gazette1 August 1885
Rev. V. F. Clark and family will go to Escanaba, Mich, to spend their vacation.

Mrs. George Strang's, boarders have gone in search of cooler resorts.

Mr. Rose has sold two Esterly binders since the trial last week.

The ladies of the A.M. society here have organized on a new base, including foreign mission work.

There will be no Sabbath evening service in the Congregational church for the next three or four Sabbaths. Rev. A. R. Thain well supply the pulpit in the morning.

We saw a field about a mile and a half south of Millburn, on the west side of the road, that is nearly all grown up to Canada thistles. If these are not cut at once the field should be named to the public.

Mrs. Simmons, of Kansas, is visiting at Mrs. Mathews.

Mrs. Alice Kerr and Miss Jennie Mathews are at Western Union, Wis., for a short visit.

from Gazette22 August 1885
The Rev. Mr. Miner, of Madison, Wis., is expected to speak in the Congregational church next Sunday.

A native of Japan, who is being educated in this country, will speak here Tuesday evening, dressed in his native costume.

Mrs. Wm. Kerr has returned from her visit to Scotland and Wales, bringing with her a friend's son.

Rev. Mr. Campbell and family, returned to Watertown on Thursday of last week, having recently, returned from Scotland.

Mrs. Gorham returned from a visit in Champaign county, on Saturday.

Miss Lottie Strang is spending a short, vacation in Baraboo, Wis.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Taylor have been visiting in Missouri and Iowa

Miss Lula Thaine, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Dr. Leonard, at Kansas City.

Robert Strang, Sr., who is traveling, is expected to visit Iowa and Dakota before his return.

Hon. James Pollock, is in Nebraska.

There is to be a game of baseball on the Millburn grounds next Saturday.

Mrs. Hill passed her eightieth birthday last Saturday, and was moved home from her granddaughter's Sunday. She has been in poor health for some time, but stood the journey remarkably well.

Mrs. Tower is home form the East. A niece accompanied her. V.

from Gazette5 August 1885
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Stewart have gone to Nebraska on a visit.

Dr. Taylor has improved his residence very much by putting up a platform and street lamp by his front gate and laying a fine walk out to it.

There is some sickness among the little ones of the community. Dick Craig's baby has been under the doctor's care a few days.

Mr. Mamer, of Chicago, took a little recreation out here with his family last week.

George Kerr is quite ill, with something like pneumonia.

Miss Clara Stedman returned last week from her visit to Dakota. She teaches the Hockaday school this term.

The yield of oats is said to be very good about here. They are getting out of the sheaf rapidly now.

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