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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1882

from Gazette11 November 1882
Anson Hastings and family left the first of the week for their Nebraska home. A somewhat sad feature in the time of removal, was the death of Mrs. Hastings father, Mr. Aldrich Smith, of Sand Lake, which occurred only two days after they left.

Mrs. Heddle has lately put up a handsome granite monument at the grave of her late husband.

John Rose, our mail carrier, experienced quite a loss this week, one of his horses breaking his leg and so being obliged to have it killed.

A lecture course is talked of for the Winter, in connection with the Literary Association.

Will Minto and Katie Murrie were married on Wednesday, quite a company of relatives being present to witness the ceremony which took place at the residence of the bride's father. They intend remaining here and will go to farming soon.

Thomas Minto and family leave for California in a short time, intending to make that their future home.

Mr. Foster the "Sunday school man" is located at Dr. Leonard's for the Winter.

Mrs. Cass and children from Chicago are the guests of Mrs. George Strang.

A disease among the hogs is causing serious trouble, some farmers losing a number of fat ones.

from Gazette11 November 1882
Market - Waukegan

Hay $5.00 @7.00

Oats, 30@35c per bu.

Corn, old, 65c for 70 pounds.

Corn, new, 30c. per bushel ears.

Potatoes, 45@50c.

Apples, 50@75c

Butter, 29@30c.

Eggs, 25c

Cheese, 11@12c

Beets, 30c

Onions, 50@55c.

Turnips, 25c

Cabbages, 45@60c, per doz.

Squash, 50@75c per doz.

Chickens, dressed, 10c

Turkeys dressed, 11@11 1/2c.

from Gazette18 November 1882
At the residence of the bride's parents, in the town of Avon, on Wednesday evening a pleasant gathering took place and Miss Kitty Murrie was led to the altar and became Mrs. Will Minto, the ceremony being performed by Rev. Mr. Campbell, of Millburn. After receiving the congratulations, and good wishes of all, the company retired to the dining-room where a grand repast was spread, which did great credit to that estimable lady, the bride's mother. The following valuable presents received much attention.

Elegant silver butter dish, and cake stand, Groom to Bride; a beautiful writing desk, Bride to Groom; a set of dishes, Groom's father; large family bible, Bride's mother; a beautiful rocking-chair and looking glass, Bride's father; a beautiful lamp, Mr. D. Murrie; bed spread Mrs. John Murrie; beautiful silver tea-pot, Mrs. Jane Minto; silver sugar-shell, Mrs. T. Webb; beautiful clock, Mr. and Mrs. D. Minto; three silver table spoons, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Webb; silver butter knife and mustard spoon, Mr. and Mrs. J. Savage; silver castor, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Webb; glass water pitcher and large fruit dish, one doz. small sauce dishes, Miss Nellie Murrie; bouquets of flowers, Miss Laurie Murrie; beautiful camp chair, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Murrie; elegant silver pickle castor and silver cup, Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Minto; linen table cloth and one doz. napkins, Mr. J. McGuire and Miss Maggie Minto; set of Silver knives and forks, Sugar shell and butter knife, Mr. J. R. Murrie; beautiful silver castor, Misses Ida and Fannie Minto; set of glass ware, Mr. Allen Murrie; set of silver knives and forks, Mr. Alex Murrie; set of silver tea spoons and butter knife, Miss Eliza Murrie; glass cake stand, Miss Jannie Minto; pair of vases, John Minto, Jr.; one doz. individual salt sellars, Miss Josie Druce; glass butter dish, Master Robert Minto; glass salt dish, Master Roy Murrie; glass pickle dish, Miss Mable Minto; syrup cup, Mr. W. P. Higley.

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