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Newspaper Clippings for
July, 1874

loose obituary, source unknown 30 July 1874
Just before going to press we learn of the death of James G. McCredie, of Millburn. Mr. McCredie was a member of Co. "C." 96th Illinois Regiment, during the war and served with distinction, being severely wounded at Chickamauga but returning to his command in time to serve in all of the engagements of the Atlanta campaign and subsequently in the battles at Franklin and Nashville. The hardships and exposures to which he was subjected, gradually undermined his health, and, although he called himself well for a time after his return at the close of the war, yet disease was at work in his system and after a few months manifested itself in the form of consumption. During several months last past, he has been unable to perform any labor, and in May last it was thought that he could not live many days. He rallied again however, but no permanent relief came to him and on Thursday of the present week he breathed his last. His funeral is to take place at Millburn, at ten o'clock today. The many 96th boys who remember him as a brave soldier and a tried and true friend in every emergency, will learn of his death with regret and will deeply sympathize with the bereaved family in their great affliction.
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