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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1870

loose obituary, source unknown 13 February 1870
died at her residence in Millburn on Feby 13th, 1870 -- aged 88 years and two months. The funeral services of this venerable lady were held on the 16th inst and were attended by a large concourse of people, Rev. Thomas Lightbody of Millburn officiated. Extreme old age had prevented the deceased for some time past from attending public worship, and feeling the privation most keenly, her pastor, by her request, would frequently visit her upon Saturday afternoon and read to her the sermon prepared for the following day.
Mrs. Dodge, with her family, was among the early settlers of Lake County. She was a native of Massachusetts and removed to the west in 1844. She resided here for better than a quarter of a century, and had the affection of a wide circle of friends.
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