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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1867

from Gazette21 December 1867
On Thursday, Dec. 12th. Rev. Thos. Lightbody lectured on "Good Health, and How to Enjoy It."

After showing the importance of health and the duty of taking care of it, he recommended pure air, proper attention to diet, frequent bathing, regard to the temperature of the body, exercise, repose and recreation.

He closed with the following advice about medicines and medical advice. "Do not take it from those who are incompetent to judge of the cause of your debility, and of the nature of the remedies they recommend. Call in a physician at an early stage of your disorder, tell him the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. While you have a physician attending you, unless with his approval, follow the advice of no one else. Do not neglect to compensate your physician for this service-remember it does not take one tenth of the brains, or education, or labor, or honesty to make a successful quack that it does to make a good physician. But whilst the former makes his fortune in a few years, the latter has to cause to congratulate himself if he earns a comfortable living. The reason is obvious. Wise persons consult competent physicians, while fools go to quacks; and there are many more foolish than wise persons in the world."

from Gazette28 December 1867
On Thursday the 19th, a lecture was delivered by the Rev. Thomas Lightbody on the Christian Commission.

The lecturer referred to our origin, its design, its ethnology, its agents, its facilities, its work and its usefulness. having labored as a delegate in Virginia at the time Richmond was taken, he was able to illustrate his remarks by numerous facts, of which he had been an eye witness. L

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