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Newspaper Clippings for

January, 1867

Waukegan Gazette5 January 1867

Religious Notice-Renting of Pews. "There will be a meeting of the first Religious Society of Millburn, in the new church, on Monday the 14th inst. The Trustees will be present for the purpose of renting the pews. All persons desiring pews are requested to be present.

G. L. Stewart, Clerk.
Waukegan Gazette19 January 1867

Church Dedication at Millburn
The new Congregational Church of Millburn will be dedicated on Sunday the 20th inst. Rev. J. C. Roy will preach the dedication sermon. Rev. C. C. Cadwell and others expected to be present and to take part in the exercises. Services to commence at 10 a.m. There will be service in the evening, and a general invitation is extended to all to be present on the occasion. Our friends in Millburn deserve much credit for their energy in erecting this place of worship, and we have no doubt its capacity will be tested tomorrow by a large congregation.
Waukegan Gazette27 January 1867

Dedication of the New Church at Millburn.
Pursuant to notice, the dedication of the new church at Millburn, was participated in by a very large congregation. The dimensions of the edifice are 37x50 feet. The height of the interior is 22 feet. Ten feet are taken off the length of the building which gives a lobby, and over it is a session room so constructed with sliding doors that it can be either used for prayer meetings and Sunday school or when occasion requires as a portion of the church proper. The edifice faces the east, and has a belfry of comely appearance. The wood work was done by the Porter Brothers, builders of this city, and the painting by W. A. Johnson, also of Waukegan. The total cost of the building is about $________.

Farewell services were held in the old church at 10 a. m., Rev. C. C. Cadwell, of Genoa, Wis., formerly of this city, made some appropriate remarks to the dense congregation which filled the entire building. Rev. W. B. Dodge, the father of the church, and for nearly 20 years its pastor, uttered a most impressive prayer.

At the conclusion of the services in the old church, Father Dodge taking the Bible from the building and followed by the clergy and congregation, proceeded to the new edifice. It seemed, as Rev. Mr. Roy remarked, as if he bore "the Ark of the Covenant." The old Bible being placed upon the desk was used until the new one was dedicated.

After some introductory services by the Rev. Mr. Cadwell, the sermon was preached by the Rev. J. E. Roy, agent of the Home Mission Society in Chicago, who took, his text from ____ 2d Chapter 9th verse. "The glory of this latter house shall be greater than that of the former." The sermon was an earnest and eloquent discourse, which was eminently appropriate to the occasion.

After the sermon a collection was taken up which amounted to $883, and will, it is stated cancel the entire indebtedness. The old church will be sold and the proceeds turned towards a bell. The sum of $90 was subscribed for that purpose on Sunday.

The music was of a superior character, being under the direction of Mr. W. F. Heath, assisted by Miss Emma Marr and Fannie Partridge of this city, together with the members of the Millburn Choir. Miss Marr's voice was a source of great pleasure to all who were within sound of it on that occasion, and Miss Partridge rendered valuable instrumental assistance. Mr. Heath had composed an opening and closing anthem for the occasion which were much admired. The words of the closing anthem were very suitable:
"Lord is mercy, oh protect us,

Keep, Oh! Keep us thro' the night-

Thou alone canst only save us

Save us till the dawn of light."
The congregation after uniting in a formal consecration of the church, to God, after a form prepared by Rev. H. Bross, the pastor, all standing, the dedicatory prayers were offered by Father Dodge, and the benediction pronounced. In the afternoon there was Sunday School and in the evening Mr. Cadwell delivered an excellent sermon. Our Millburn friends have every reason to be proud of their new church. Long may it endure for good to its communicants.
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