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Newspaper Clippings for

December, 1865

from the Waukegan Gazette30 December 1865

Mr. Cory.-It has been some time since we have seen any "Millburn Items" in your paper; so, perhaps, you think we are all dead or asleep, but such is not the case. We are all alive and awake,--yes and doing too. For the last ten days there has been an immense quantity of pork sent to your market from this place, and it was good pork, too-we had corn here this year. People generally are laying in ample supplies of beef also. In fact, they are prepared to give all their guests a hearty welcome and spread before them a table well ladened with all the fruits of earth.

The people are not asleep to the intellectual interest of the community either. The schools are all under able instructors of the young, and all are progressing finely.

The "Literary Association" is still alive and doing its work. We spend one evening of each week very pleasantly in attending its meetings. We often have very interesting debates in which the leading men of the place take part.

Prof. Lee, of the Waukegan Academy is engaged to deliver a lecture to us on Friday evening, the 5th of January.

Prof. Leeland who is well known about here is lecturing at Antioch. He give the proceeds towards the completion of the Christian meeting house in that place.

There has been a great rush of immigration to the State of Matrimony, from this part of the country; if is is not soon stopped there will not be a young man left in the community.

There are two lots in the village valued at about four hundred dollars each.

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