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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1865

from the Waukegan Gazette30 September 1865
Two religious societies are well supported here. The Congregationalists, Rev. Mr. Bross pastor, and the Methodists, who hold meetings twice a month in Hughes Hall, Rev. Mr. Needham, pastor.

Capt. Walter Hastings the republican candidate for County Treasurer, is a resident of this vicinity.

There is strong talk of establishing a cheese factory here capable of working up the milk of from 500 to 1,000 cows.

Rev. Wm. B. Dodge is 82 years of age, and just as genial, hale and hearty, apparently as he has been for many years. Time has long since silvered his locks, but age deals gently with him as his remembrances of the great good he has wrought in this section, by public teaching and exemplary life.

The Prince Albert and Peach Blow potatoes are but little injured by rot in this section.

Question for debate at the next meeting of the Millburn Literary Association, Thursday evening, Oct. 5th: "Resolved that capital punishment should be abolished in the State of Illinois."

The American Larch or Tamarack is one of the most beautiful ornamental trees that can be grown in our yards. A fine grove of these trees is found near Hickory on the farm of Mr. Webb, where they have grown wild for a great many years. Parties wishing to get these trees can get them here free of charge.

Millburn will have no public fair this year.

Father Strang, the father of the celebrated Strang family, is now about 88 years of age. He walks several miles each pleasant day and is yet in the enjoyment of very good health.

Wheat was almost a total failure in this section this year, owing to the ravages of the clinch bug.

There are many miles of osage orange hedge in this second, which answers its purpose perfectly as a fence, indicating the success with which this hedge can be grown in Northern Illinois.

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