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December, 1862

Waukegan Gazette13 December 1862

Retirement from the Ministry.
Mr. Cory: Please publish in the Gazette the following notice:

In accordance with letters missive, an ecclesiastical council assembled at the Congregational meeting house, Millburn, Nov. 25th 1862, to advise with the Church as to the dismission of the Pastor, Rev. Wm. B. Dodge, according to his request in view of the increasing infirmities of age. Council advised that he be dismissed.

C. C. Adams.

Deans' Corners, Ill, Dec 1st., 1862

[In connection with the above, we would state that "Father Dodge," for a long period, the beloved Pastor of the Congregational Church at Millburn, preached his farewell sermon on Sunday last to a large and attentive audience.

Eighteen years ago Mr. Dodge came from Salem Mass., and settled upon the place he now occupies, and soon after his arrival was installed as Pastor of the Church at Millburn, where he has since preached and labored successfully and acceptably up to the present time - going in and out before his flock as a true shepherd of the sheep, breaking unto them the bread of life, and caring for his people as a father for his children - from whom he now retires, owing to the infirmities of age.

Few men, in any relation of life, have made themselves a better record, or attached to themselves so generally the confidence and affection of the people among whom they have lived.

The work of his life is accomplished. Father Dodge now retires to enjoy the quiet evening of a long, faithful and laborious day, given to the best interests of his fellow men and to serenely wait that summons from his Master whom he has so faithfully served, which shall call him to his great and ample reward of "well done ______ and faithful servant thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make ______ ruler over many things, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. - Editor Gazette.

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