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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1860

Waukegan Gazette13 October 1860
The Millburn Fair.
We availed ourself of the pleasure of visiting the Fair at Millburn on Wednesday last. What we saw there we fully expected to have published in full this week, but being some what unwell on Thursday from shouting over the glorious news from Pennsylvania and Indiana, we did not feel able to write out such an account as we would like. We have therefore concluded to defer it until next week when we shall also publish the list of premiums awarded, which was not received in time for this week's paper.

Millburn Wide-Awakes.
We learn that a fine Company of Wide-Awakes has been formed at Millburn, of which Mr. B. F. Stedman is the Captain. The Company numbers about thirty members and will be increased as soon has additional uniforms can be obtained.
Good for old Millburn, she is always right.
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