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Newspaper Clippings for
July, 1854

from the Freeman's Advocate 1 July 1854
Dr. R. L. Cooper.--The friends of the Anti-Slavery movement in this co., will observe that this gentleman is about entering on a general tour of lecturing in Lake and McHenry during the present month. His first round will be seen by advertisement in another column.-We heartily commend the Doctor to the kind attention of the friends of this cause at points named.

Anti Slavery Lectures!!
Dr. R. L. Cooper (A colored gentleman.) will lecture on SLAVERY and the NEBRASKA MEASURE, at the following points and days named.
Libertyville and neighborhood, Sunday, July 2.
Swan’s, town of Freemont, Monday, July 3.
Wauconda, Tuesday July 4.
McHenry, Wednesday July 5.
Antioch, Thursday July 6.
Millburn, (Strang’s Corners) Friday July 7.
Wilmot, Wis. Monday July 9.
Friends of the cause will provide a room and lights at points named.
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