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The Past and Present of
Lake County, Illinois,
A History of the County
Its Cities, Towns, &c.,
A Biographical Directory
of Its Citizens,
War Record of Its Volunteers
in the Late Rebellion,
Portraits of Early Settlers
and Prominent Men,
General and Local Statistics,
Map of Lake County,
History of Illinois, Illustrated,
History of the Northwest, Illustrated,
Constitution of the United States,
Miscellaneous Matters, Etc., Etc.
Chicago: Wm. Le Baron & Co.,
186 Dearborn Street, 1877

This is a 500 page volume that contains quite a lot of historical information, from an 1877 perspective.

There are a few copies of this book in local libraries, but they are under lock and key. It is our hope that you will find the information that we have transcribed useful in your quest for knowledge.

We have transcribed:

The volume also contains a great deal of history about the Northwest Territory, how it became divided into the states, and a history of Illinois.

A chapter is included which details Lake County Civil War history and lists rosters of units.